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HIPS (Hidden In Plain Sight)

Novel By: Secret Solace
Young adult

How many times can love KNOCK before you finally OPEN the door? Well this dorky couple took 4 years to figure it out and still couldn’t get it right. Follow their tale of comedy, romance, tragedy, and mild erotica.

I’ve kept their names out of the summary on purpose. Can you figure out who they will be?

If anyone is wondering, the text in the dead cupid pic says, "No, I Won't Be Your Valentine." I thought that was pretty funny! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 29, 2011    Reads: 224    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

This story was requested by Chelseaaa


STARRING... ... ...


MARC (Age 18, Height 6'1", 140 lbs)


MEY (Age 16, Height 5'3", 105 lbs)


DAVE (Age 17, Height 5'8", 145 lbs)


JENNIFER (Age 15, Height 5'4", 100 lbs)



This tale begins at a child daycare center. It's a small shabby 1-story building run by the Italian Atonne family. It can service up to 24 kids ranging from infants to 9 year olds. They provide preschool training and standard babysitting based on the customer's needs and time of stay. There are 5 rooms total: baby room, community playroom, toddler room, school room, and office. They also provide a small playground in the fenced backyard.

Inside the reception area a boy and girl are busy flirting with each other.

"Hahahahaha!" Marc laughed at Mey. The White-Italian boy snuck kisses at his agitated voluptuous Asian girlfriend. She wore a cute blue and white stripped dress that hugged her curvy hips and accentuated her full bust.

"Stop it." Mey pretended to hate his perverted affection. She turned her head but didn't move away as Marc continued to grope her playfully. "My mom is gonna see and we'll both be in trouble."

"It's okay. My mom is the owner of the daycare." Marc looked around, waiting for any staff to protest his naughty behavior. There was actually no one in the reception area, but that is not the point.

Everyone knew the boss's son was dating the manager's daughter. They just ignored anything was going on. In fact, it was expected the two would eventually get married someday. Their future was already written. Or was it?

"Hey Dave, this is Mey. Isn't she beautiful?" Marc almost forgot he brought his friend with him.

"Dude, that's a weird thing to ask your friend." Dave tried to hide his embarrassment as Mey was introduced. He didn't know how to answer a trick question, knowing Marc would accuse him of hitting on his girl. It must be a trophy thing.

Both boys just came from their private high school, wearing their white polo shirt and gray pant uniforms. Marc, a senior, already had his license and a second-hand car. It was rusty and beat up but it ran.

Dave, a junior, stared at the wall, trying to act inconspicuous. He felt a little uncomfortable because he never had a real girlfriend. The kissy couple was basically live-porn to his eyes.

"Aey you two, behabe!" Mey's mother echoed with her Asian accent from the other room. She couldn't see what they were doing but didn't need to. The giggling sounds were evident enough.

Mey wiggled herself out of Marc's hold. "Go talk to your mom, I think she wants you to do the deposit."

"Aww." Marc whined. "Hey I think someone's at the door!"

Mey looked away only to realize there was no one there. Just as she turned her head back, Marc snuck a quick smooch and chuckled. She instantly slapped his arm and scowled at him, adjusting her nerdy glasses. Marc walked to his mother's office in the backroom.

"So Marc tells me you're his best friend. I've heard a lot about you." Mey turned her attention to Dave. She was assigned to greet the parents and check guest ID's when they pick up children, like a receptionist.

"Yeah, I guess we are pretty close. Marc is a good guy."

"Uh yeah, he's a perve." Mey stated directly.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were into perves."

Mey gasped at Dave's bold remark. He looked so serious but she detected at tiny smile from his lips.

"Now I know why you're Marc's best friend!"

"Wait, no that's not what I meant." Dave looked embarrassed as his joke backfired. His eyebrows cringed in apology.

"Haha!" Mey laughed at Dave, slapping his muscular arm. "Relax, I was just kidding." She acted like a tomboy but loved boys attentions. Her C-Cups demanded it.

Marc came back eyeing the two, just in time to see the arm slap. "Ah HA! Hitting on my girl already???"

Dave shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Let's go before the entire town finds out she works here."

"Heyyyyyy, what's that supposed to mean?" Marc looked at Dave incredulously.

"Hahaha!" Mey laughed at Dave's flattering joke. "I think I like your friend."

"Hands off baby, I found him first!" Marc pulled Dave into a headlock and pretended to give him gay kisses.

"Don't make me hurt you, pretty boy!" Dave threatened within the headlock.

"How did you know I like it rough?" Marc started grasping at Dave's butt.

Dave quickly caught Marc's wrist and twisted his arm so he was subdued.

"OW, OW, uncle!" Marc chuckled as Dave held him by his twisted wrist.

Dave finally released Marc, anticipating another sad attempt to play his man-game. "That's some grip you got there, Dave."

"Yeah, I work out."

"Maybe you can work on me sometime?" Marc grinned so big it made Dave's serious face break out in red-laughter.

"Oh my god, will you two get out of here?! I swear it feels like I'm babysitting kids in grown up bodies." Mey shuffled the two raging-hormone boys out the door. She always helped her mother afterschool. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Marc, loved distracting her while she worked.

Marc and Dave entered the beat-up white Nissan, waving back to Mey as she closed the door. Their tone changed dramatically without the presence of a girl. It's as if they no longer needed to showboat and could talk normally.

"Thanks for coming along, Dave. I really wanted you to meet her."

"It's cool. Your girlfriend seems nice."

"Yeah I think… I love her."

"Dude, that's pretty serious."

"I know, I know… Hey! Let's drop by Jennifer's house!"

"No way! Marc. I swear I'll kick your ass if you go there."

"Why not? She gave you her address which means she WANTS you to stop by."

"Yeah but she doesn't know we're coming. I haven't called her yet."

"Mayyyyyybe, you're afraid we might drop in and she is having full blown ORGY with 10 guys at the same time! Isn't she a Light Speed Teen Model?"

"MaaaaaARC!" Dave eyed his friend threateningly.

Marc gave the same mischievous grin when he was about to do something naughty.

The white rust-bucket peeled out of the parking lot with two boys laugh-fighting over the wheel!


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