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Stop 'Loving' Me

Novel By: SecretVoice
Young adult

A story about child abuse.

Blue Anderson hates her life. Her mom is a drug addict and beats her senseless. When she was just a child - basically a baby! - her father snatched her from her terrible life and they lived happily for a few weeks...until her mom found them and sent someone to murder Blue's father. Now Blue, at 9 years old, is her mother's servant and chew toy. Blue has nowhere to run and nowone to turn to, her mom makes sure of it by placing moles all over town. Ramona Anderson's (Blue's mom) boyfriend is getting out of jail in a month. Blue is the reason he was sent there and once he returns...she's dead. She must escape! Is there any hope for her?
Enter Tom McPhur. Tom is going through the same thing; his father is a psychotic beast and his mother, too afraid to do anything, just lets her son suffer. Tom wishes he could die...until he meets Blue. When his 'family' moves next door, Tom and Blue instantly bond. The two 9 year olds plan to run way together - anywhere. Just far from here!
Of course, it seems as if the world is against them...
Follow Blue and Tom as they struggle to escape from their abusive parents and finally find freedom. Can they do it?
They better. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 21, 2012    Reads: 244    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

A/N: Hey, guys! This is basically a preview of my upcoming novel Stop 'Loving' Me. But because I originally wrote it as the first chapter, I'll leave it as that (I wrote this all just 2 hours ago although i've planned it for a short while). So tell me what you guys think and if you think I should continue/finish it?:) Enjoy! P.S luckily, i've never experienced this. Xoxo SV

"BLUE!" screamed Mom, as she blew out the majiuna smoke. I ran down the stairs and skidded to a halt outside the kitchen door. Gingerly, I pushed open the door.

"Ye-Yes, M-mommy?" I squeaked. She grimaced as I slowly entered the room.

"Don't just stand there - get your lazy ass moving and make me supper!" she shouted in my face. I nodded and pattered to the fridge. I reached for the eggs and heard Mom grunt. Confused, I retreated my hand and closed the fridge. My green eyes lit up as an idea struck me. Mom smirked as I pulled open the freezer and extracted a pound of beef.

"It's enough for the both of us, but I know I won't be getting any..." I mumbled under my breath.

"Mmm, yes. Spaghetti! Don't you love it?" Mom sang.

I mentally stabbed her as she skipped out of the kitchen, throwing her lit joint on the floor - leaving the cooking and cleaning to me. A tear rolled down my bruised face. It stung as it settled on a deep cut near my lip.
Mom had given me that when I'd 'accidentally' turned her favourite t-shirt brown. I was 'rewarded' bruised cheeks when I'd forgotten to wash my hands before I cooked for her. Mom said she did it out of love, that it was for my own good. I deserved it, she said.

"If Daddy was still alive, I'd be happy, I'd be free," I whimpered as I scrubbed my dirty hands with berry-cented soap. When I was two, Daddy found out Mom had been abusing me, so he snatched me and we fled the country. We lived happily; he loved me, and I him. A couple of weeks later, he was murdered by a friend of Moms'. She dragged me back and from there, my life really became hell. That was seven years ago. My childhood was stolen from me by my own Mother!

The only time I was ever at peace was after my mom had beaten me unconscious, because even in my dreams she was there. Only after I'd been beaten cold could I be happy. Only then could I feel true happiness; pure, pitiful happiness.

Then, I awoke.

Blue Anderson


Ramona Anderson (Mom)/(maiden name is Lauden but kept husband's name)


Frank Donald Anderson (Daddy)


Joel Nicholas (Mom's Boyfriend in Jail)



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