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Not My Original Plan

Novel By: Shanae
Young adult

Natasha Carsen was a girl who grew up in many different places seeing as she had a quite weathy family. As she turns 18 her parents force her to go to college so she can make a have a career, not having to relie on them or any future husband. But that very plan could be a dead end when Natasha finds her own way to Canada and ends up on the wrong path. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Natasha had just had the discussion with her parents about heading off to college and she was already not likeing the idea. Natasha thought that her life was perfect so why go and ruin it with school. If her parents wanted her to find her own way in life then she could just find a suitable husband with enough money to support her. Natasha hated responsability, almost as much as she hated everything else in this world. To say the least Natasha had grown up as a spoiled little brat who got whatever she wanted being the only child. With that type of lifestyle Natasha had an outlook on life as she revolved around it, whatever she says goes and if you disagree you can find a new job. But even without her bitchy personality Natasha almost got everything she wanted just because of the way she looked.

Natasha was around 5"8 and slender with a firm but and heavy chest. Her hair was long and a light brown with eyes that pierced, glueing you to the spot. They were a dark violet that looked black unless in direct sunlight. Her lips her plump and the curves of her body sent shrills of lust into anyone visible of her. Yet as she was strikingly beautiful all over the one thing that roase above all others was her smile. Natasha has the most beath taking smile most people have ever seen in their life time. With all this people would usually swarm in to help her is she demanded it.

But there were only two people who she knew of that could control her, her mother and father. Natasha was completely at their call whether she liked it or not. Natasha never wanted to go to college yet when her parents told her she had no choice. they said that they wanted to teach her responcability and life lessons but she didnt care she just wanted to get a year of college out of the way and come back to the way things were and will always be. But first she had to get to Canada and then to UBC.

Yet as she went shopping for some new nice - yet warm - clothes for B.C, since its colder there then in Italy. She walked by a modeling agency in one of the stores in the mall. She decided to go in and see what they had to say, maybe she could have a little fun before going away to school. Once she walked through the doors she noticed how it was packed with some what pretty girls as well and beautiful ones. Stepping up to the front counter Natasha took an application and sat back down to fill it out. It was pretty easy questions, like whats your name and age; have you had past experience; are you able to travel; what made you interested in modeling. Natasha took her time snwering the quetions then handed it in to the front clerk with a grin. The lady told her to take a seat and wait because someone would have to personally meet with her. This was because she didn't have a portfolio that usually provides the company with a picture and more detail on that specific girl.

After waiting for about 20 minutes Natasha was called into the room. As she walked with her head high she could see the other girls staring at her. Natasha being as naive as she was, thinking it was because of her beauty they were gaucking at her. When truly it was because all those girl could tell she was a stuck up bitch with her nose to high in the air. Once in the romm she say a petite young women sitting behind the desk, she was pretty with dark black hair and the brightest blue eyes imaginable, but that very contrast in colours made her look ice cold and bitter. Which Natasha found out later was exactly the answer. Sitting beside her was a young man with a smile plastered on his face reaching from eye to eye once laying eye on her. Natasha smiled back knowing this would be easy to weasel her way into. The smiling guy had sandy blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. They looked soo warm and inviting to her.

" Hello Miss. Natasha, please sit this should only take a moment. I am Carol and this - she said pointing to the cute boy - is Trevor" Carol said as Natasha sat on an empty chair across from them both. She crossed her legs and straightened her back, still smiling away. Especially in the direction of the Trevor, who noticed the attention with glee.

"Thankyou" She replied once shaking their hands and taking her seated. Carol looked down at what was most likely to be Natasha's application.

"Well Ms. Carsen it says here that you are just about to turn 18 and go to college is that correct?" she asked making eye contact.

"Yes I am about to turn 18 and about to go to college as well, but who knows what may change in that period of time" Natasha answered .

"Very true Ms. Carsen, who really is to know what may happen" Trevor replied with a knowing smile replacing the one of lust.

"It also says here that you would like to travel is that also correct?" Carol answered before another word was shed.

"That is correct as well. You see I grew up in a.. um... well a very financially confortable home. Because of that I got to travel my whole upbringing and loved it. I still do and would like to continue with it if possible"

"Well it seems you have lived a very charmed life, may I ask what you parents do to live such a financially confortable life?" Carol asked. Natasha looked at her confused, why does she need to know my parents jobs - or well my fathers anyways? Carol sensed the confusion as if reading her mind and tried to cover it up. "I would just need the information so we could see what we are dealing with. Because if you have the money it would be alot easier to get clients." She lied. Natasha just shrugged of the worry.

"My father runs a multi purpose buisness that travels around the globe, both in high up cities and grungy town. He calls himself the miracle worker seeing as who ever has a problem and came to him would have that very same delema yet others eliminated for the right prics suited on the individual. He knows almost everything, but only acts on it if need be or if someone layes down the right price." Natasha finished out of breath. Her fathers story was exhausting. "Yet my mother doesnt work, she usually stays at home or at the mall.... For decor reasons of course." She added trying not to let her mother sound like a useless women ment for only one thing.

"Well seems your father is well know and high up, that may come in handy" Trevor replied still with a grin. Natasha nodded

"You could say that, but at this point he may not be as much help seeing as his plan for me it so gain responsibility on my own." She added and noticed from the looks of their faces that that was a big relief to them. She wondered how that was good wouldnt it be a negative qualitly to have?

"Well Ms. Carsen i think we have enough information we need. It would be a privilege to have you working with us at our modeling agency. We have some clients that are near here as well as far away willing to pay large sum of money for a strikingly beautiful girl like you." Carol finished. while Trevor added "If you are ready for that type of life?" There was a mischevious smile playing on his lips as Natasha agreed to the challenge thinking it was a type of flurtation. When really what was running through Trevors mind was 'BINGO WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER, if you even want to call it that'


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