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The B.I.T.C.H Group

Novel By: Shanae
Young adult

Every high school has their cliques. There are the Partiers, the Preppy’s, The Cheerleaders, The Emo’s, and the Jocks. They all stay together in their little groups and it never seems like they break apart. But things are different at Dena High School, because that’s were 5 different girls are all best friends with one another. Bianca, Ivy, Tamara, Chloe and Harmony have been friends since they were born, because of their parent’s friendships. All 5 of them would belong to a certain clique if it weren’t for their parents.

Bianca De La Cruz is a 17 years old hot headed Mexican and the partier of the bunch. She loves spending her nights at different parties and the more alcohol there the better. She doesn’t seem to care much about school, but has the brains if only she tried.

Ivy Winters is a 16 year old ginger who’s a year younger than her friends. She skipped grade 6 because of her grades and only truly cares about school and furthering her education. When it comes to achieving her goals, she has no problem.

Tamara Duncan is a 17 girl from Inuit descent. She is also known as the schools slut and will do anything to get the guy of the week in her arms. She’s not that bright when it comes to school but when it comes to anything boy related she’s your girl.

Chloe Gibson is a French 17 year old who’s known for keeping to herself. She may seem like the cute, quiet sweetheart, but only her friends know that she’s just depressed and always heavily drugged. All this is because of her family.

Harmony Calloway is 17 years old and a bootylicious black. She loves to make people laugh and dreams of doing something sport related in the future. When it comes to competition, she’s the one to beat. But a good thing is she doesn’t let all of it go to her head.

Separated, they become part of the schools population but together they for the B.I.T.C.H group and stay at the top. But when problems start, boys come and go and secrets are kept and told, will this group of friends stay together or not? View table of contents...


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Chapter One - Problems are a Pain
Bianca's POV:
I hate when we fight - and now that I think about it - is almost every day.
Alec and I have been together for about 5 months now and I was completely head over heels for him. I know it sounds stereo typical coming from a rebellious teenager but it's the truth. I would have no idea what I would be without him.
I'm known as a partier and Alec a player, my friends even told me how stupid it was to go out with him. But typical me ignored them and did it anyway. Anything to piss of my parents! But after going out with him to a few parties and a couple actual dates, it seemed like we just clicked. We would be happy when we were together and my friends seemed to approve of him somewhere after the 1st month mark.
Of course that was short lived after we found out he had cheated on me with Shelby O'Conner - his ex girlfriend and future gold digger. Then my friends told me I was stupid for staying with him and at that moment I agreed. I dumped him and lasted a whole week of his begging tan ticks before I finally cracked and let him have a second shot. Which he took seriously, he even would drive me to and from school every day with flowers and chocolate. Although after about a week I told him to stop unless he wanted an obese girlfriend. He kindly stopped and we started from where we left off.
So now it was the 5 month mark and it was our anniversary. Of course Alec had Soccer practice and didn't think the month anniversary was important enough to skip practise, so we decided on a simple dinner afterwards. I was mad about the fact he chose soccer over me and he was mad because I thought his future could wait. See our dilemma now?
So I'm sitting on my bed in my nice new red dress I bought for tonight waiting for my boyfriend to end with his practise so he could come and pick me up. I looked back down at my phone expecting a text saying on my way, because it was well past the time he said he would be here. Sighing at the lack of response from him I put down my phone and walked towards the mirror, double checking to see everything was in place.
I had my normally curly black hair down and straight tonight. I looked at my makeup quickly before picking up my eye shadow and putting a little more grey on both eyes. The smoky grey looked great with my sparkling green eyes. After finishing with that I stood up straight and looked at the dress, flattening it out against my thin frame and busty chest. I smiled to myself as I looked over myself. Man I look hot!
I know, I know. I sound conceded, but I'm really not. I've just been told all my life I was pretty and when I get dressed up - like tonight - I can truly see what their talking about.
I stepped out of my bathroom and walked around my room, waiting for his call. Just as I was about to call him I heard a faint knock on my door. Groaning I turned around and walked over to it
"Ugh! What do you want?" I asked standing in front of my still closed and locked door. I didn't know who it is so I wasn't going to open it until. If it was my sister I would be fine... but if it were my parents I would ignore them and hope they got the hint.
"Hey, Bee! It's me, open up" my sister said and I smiled as I opened the door. I looked down at my little sister as she stood there in a black mini skirt, tight baby blue tank top and her black heels and designer purse in hand. Her hair was curly and a dark chocolate brown with lighter high lights. Her hazel eyes looked good with her makeup.
"Hey, come in. Shhh!" I said and she dashed in before I shut my door and locked it again. I turned to her and raised an eye brow at her outfit.
"Who are you going to see tonight?" I asked as I sat on my bed again picking up my phone to see NO NEW MESSAGED written on the top of the screen.
"Derek, he's your age and he can drive. How sick is that huh?" she says smiling happily, I can tell she's extremely excited.
"Wait Derek Miller, or Derek Langue?" I asked because there was a big difference between the two. One was hot and a jock and the other one was nerdy and played dungeon and dragons. Ugh! Although the nerdy one was totally loaded.
"Miller for sure, you wouldn't see me caught dead with Langue. I mean even his name sounds disgusting." We both laughed and Blaize (my sister) sat down beside me.
"Well I'm proud of you, Miller a looker and a good guy for the most part. But be careful ok? I mean I don't want to go beat him up unless I have too."
"No, no, don't worry I have a good feeling about him. Anyways I came in here to go out your window. Mom and dad said I'm grounded tonight and your window is the only one that has a tree close enough to climb down on." I laughed a bit before nodding my head.
"Sure thing Blaize, but if you get caught make sure they don't know it was from my room. Then their cut down the tree, I'm surprised they haven't figured it out yet." I said to myself and laughed a bit before standing up and opening the window for her. She got up and hugged me quickly before thanking me and going out the window.
Me and my sister get along great. I mean we do have our moments but mainly were like best friends. The only reason why is because we are almost identical in looks and personality. I mean who couldn't get along with a mini clone of themselves. The only difference was she was a year younger and had lighter hair and darker eyes. But other than that we were the same.
Just then my phone beeped, saying I had a new message, and I walked over and flipped it open.
New message from Alec <3 - k , jus got off practise n on my way. Srry m lat - luv u babe
I smiled and shut my phone, at least he apologized. I mean he never does, He must really mean it if he said sorry. I walked down the stairs going to wait for Alec - but I made sure to shut and lock my door, just in case Blaize needs a way back in. Once I was about to go outside I heard my mom call me into the kitchen.
"Blaize is that you, I said you're not allowed out tonight. Get over here now!" She said - ok so maybe she didn't exactly call me there but you get what I mean. I shut the door and walked into the kitchen, sitting around the table was both my mom and dad drinking a coffee or whatever was in their cups.
"It's not Blaize, I was just going to go with Alec." I said as I sat on my hip and crossed my arms looking at them both.
"Oh, well have fun then. Do you know where Blaize is?" my mom said as if I would give her up, which would never happen. I sickly smiled at her and pointed my finger upstairs.
"Sulking in her room, where else?" and with that I turned around and went straight out the door not even answering my parents 'goodbyes'. God I hated them.
My parents and I don't have the best relationship. They didn't like how I was running my life and I didn't like the life they had planned for me. See Big Problem! Anyways, we just didn't get along and they would always try and force me into staying at home on school nights or doing my homework instead of hanging with Alec. But mainly I ignored them which got me multiple grounding and home arrests - which I figured haven't worked so far so why bother continuing with that method. I would just sneak out of the house and do whatever I wanted because honesty I couldn't handle my parents having control over me. Sometimes I would do things just because they didn't want me to, and not because I actually wanted to do it.
Yeah I know, I sound like a bitch. But you know what, I could give a rats ass what people think.
Just then Alec's new Cadillac Escalade pulled up in front of me. It was going to fast I was scared I was going to be hit. But it stopped and inch away and I slapped the top angrily before going over and getting in the car.
"You're such a jerk when you do that" I said crossing my arms and looking ahead of me.
"Awwe, didn't mean to scare you babe. It wasn't intentional." And with that he placed a small kiss on my collar bone, then neck, moving to my jaw line and then the corner of my mouth. I turned fully to him and kissed him hard, all thoughts of getting run over out of my mind as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands went around my waist and after a bit of making out I pulled back - big goofy smile and all on my face.
"Happy 5 month-aversary" I said and pecked him once more before he turned and started the car once again.
"Same to you babe" and with that said I slid my hand into his free one and turned the music a bit louder. Quietly listening to '21 guns by green day' play on the radio as we sped down the road.


The Character Pictures should be up shortly :D I'll post them after posting this :D


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