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Your Not So Perfect...

By: shanel14

Chapter 1, Claire Davis is a smart preppy Know it all who thinks she perfect in tell she meets badboy delinquent Jason Lewis who is going to teach her how being smart is not the only way to have fun....(wink)(wink)

Class does anyone know the answer to question one part B. As usual miss perfect Claire Davis raised her hand and tolled use her long and boring answer. Did anyone besides Claire study last night for Fridays Exam. No one raised their hand besides Claire and she did her famous I smarter then you all smile. Then she got up walked to the front of the class and whispered in Miss.Jones ear and then she looked at Claire and shook her head. Miss perfect started talking about how she is running for school president. OMG no one cares about class president preppy. She yanked her head towards me and said 1 its not class president its school president 2 no one cares what you think and 3 I might be preppy but at least im not a stupid Immature boy. Phhha that's the best come back u got I guess your not as smart as you think. Her face got red and you could swear steam could come out of her ears. Miss.Davis and Mr.Lewis since you to decided to argue during my class you two can stay after class and and pick up the English books and practice test. But but.. Miss.Jones. You two need to learn how to get along. Before she had a chance to complain the bell rang. When you two are done close and lock the door. Ugh I can't believe I have to stay here with a delinquent. Like I wanna spend my afternoon with miss.perfect . There's Nothing wrong with trying to be the best at what you love. Haha gotta be a preppy to love school work,do you even have a social life. Who needs a social life when I have smarts. Hmm your smarts can't talk to you ,go to parties with you,and they definitely can't do what a boyfriend can do to you wink wink. Your so disgusting why would I want any of those things. I licked my lips and got right up behind her and whispered In her ear your boyfriend could do this. Sto..sto..stop.. . Omg I can't believe I'm letting him do this to me. For a smart girl your not sounding to smart I rubbed my hands up and down her sides tell I got to the hem of her skirt. I can feel her breathing getting higher,I rub my hands along her inner thighs. then right when I was about to touch her panties I come close to her ear and say I guess your not so perfect. Then I grab my booksack put the practice tests on miss.Jones desk and I give her my legendary smirk and walk out of the room. Hmmm preppys kinda cute.....

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