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Silent Spirit

Novel By: Silent Sword
Young adult

Do you believe that spirits existed? No i don't. But have you ever wondered if spirits ever wandered around you just to get your attention because 'it' has a dangerous request for you to accomplish? I don't too! Unfortunately life wasn't that easy to me, 'it' requires me to help him solve his suicide case and 'it' reveals a shocking secret that could totally change my life.... what should i do? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 24, 2012    Reads: 31    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   


With the bulgy red luggage by my side, I can't help but to admit I'm really, really, pissed off.

I sat in my sister's car and started smoldering. What on earth is their problem right now? Do they really think I'm incapable of taking care of myself? Or they still think I will break their 'precious' flower pot again?

Okay, I admit I do break their flower pot once, but what's the fussing about? It's just a FLOWER POT! But that's not the point, point is, my mom and my grandma, passed away yesterday because of an accident, and THEY, which were my dad and my sister, decided to let a babysitter to take care of me! I mean! That's absurd! I'm 14 now, and I can handle myself!

"14 doesn't represent anything Valerie, you haven't reach 18 yet, which, you're still a ki-"

"Teenager." I corrected my sister, Victoria, who is driving and she's too lame to remember that I'm 14 not 4 years old.

"Whatever Valerie, mom had passed away, no one is home when we are out working, plus, it's the summer's holiday! Think about the bright side, at least you have company with your babysitter; you won't be at home pacing around, thinking about mom and eventually, you'll fill yourself with a bucket of tears."

But I really don't want to! We just had a funeral yesterday! I want to stay at home, not to a stupid babysitter's house!

"Me and dad have work to do with the FBI, you know what a detective is like, right Valerie?" my 26-year-old-sis-who-thought-i-was-4 exclaimed.

"You have to move out because of work…I know." I rolled my eyes, how pathetic is this! Oh Lord! Why can't I have a more understanding sister! I mean when they're out, I can cook for myself, I can clean and do house chores myself and I can shop groceries for myself!!!

"Valerie, we're sorry, we can't leave you alone at home. We're doing this for your own sake" She explained.

Unfortunately, it's no good for me. I know she's trying to put my mind at rest, but it only provokes me more.

Victoria's car stopped in front of a condo. She parked her car at the parking lot and dragged my luggage to an entrance, a women was already waiting there, beaming mildly at me and my sister.

"Hey Wendy!" said my sis, and she continued "Here's Valerie and I hope that you can take good care of her! Me and Robert (my dad) will be out for a time."

"I will." said that woman with that feigned smile twisting on her face. I'm starting to hate her right now.

Holly cow…. It's going to be a LONG summer.


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