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As she sits there she wonders, what would happen if her life got more exiting. Little did she know that she would be in for a wild ride.

Sixteen year old Annabell always wished that her life would be more exiting, always wished for adventure. Every time she tried to find something of a thrill she would be stomped. Either that or her fears would get the better of her. Often she would think herself silly for being such a scaredy cat, often she though that she should face her fears and be done with, but she never truly got the chance for she was always waiting for the right time. But that time hadn't really come around...
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As I sat on the roof waiting for the rain to finally stop I couldn't help but feel watched. Not soon after I closed my eyes I heard some screaming and yelling. 'Great, the neighbors are at it again' Was my sole though. I laid down on the roof grateful that the heavy rain muffled the noises. Soon enough the rain turned colder than ever and started to pound so hard it hurt. But still i didn't go inside. Something made me want to stay here. Maybe it was my need to see the moon. Or maybe, just maybe it was something more...

As the rain stopped i opened my eyes to a clear sky. With an incredulous face i realized that i was fully dry. "What the fuck is going on?!?!" I whispered. I was about to jump down when i noticed that a thick mist was covering the floor and slowly crawling up the sides of houses. My heart raced as i looked around finding no exit. Soon the mist would reach me and I would surely die. Ok so maybe i was exaggerating just a little bit or maybe not.

Sooner than what i expected, the mist reached me. I started to hyperventilate and got dizzy. Frantically my eyes searched for a way out but couldn't find one. Surely I must have fallen asleep and all of this is only but a dream. But I knew that that of which was going on wasn't a dream. It was as real as the fact that mist scared the hell out of me. Yes, i know it's stupid to fear mist, but do you really know what's going on when you can't see a thing and your heart pounds so fast that it does not allow you to hear? The answer is a simple no. But still humans plunge into it like if it's nothing. Maybe if I wasn't all alone on a roof i would hold my breath and start walking. But right now i don't have that option. Unless I wish to break some bones from falling off of the roof. Now the mist is as high as my hips and it keeps spreading. It's almost like if the mist had a life of its own and a purpose. What is that purpose you ask... Under other circumstances i would give you a scientifically logical explanation. But right now my brain is undergoing some serious trauma due to my stupid paranoia and isn't allowing me to think straight.

Out of nowhere i hear a noise, a kind of crawling, scratching and sliding noise all at once. But that wasn't all of it. When i looked up to the sky in hopes of seeing the moon so it might help calm me a bit I saw something, or more likely someone fly across the sky. My heart started beating even harder. It was a wonder no one heard it. The noises seemed to be getting closer as i frantically looked around trying but miserably failing to find an exit. Fear froze me into place when I heard ragged breathing behind me. Some sort of arm wrapped around my waist and I screamed when the thing dove straight into the mist. I was sure that we would crash down to the floor. But it seemed like the floor wasn't there and we were falling straight into nothingness, nothingness and mist. I screamed once again when something crashed into my kidnapper and I started falling on my own. Then strong arms wrapped around me. I was placed back onto the roof of my house. Only this time I wasn't surrounded by mist. When i looked behind me a tall boy stood right there. He had midnight black hair that reached a bit below the back of his knees, grey eyes, pale but yet not sickly looking skin. From what i could see through his black skin-tight leather clothes he had well defined muscles, but he wasn't bulky. And my guess was that he measured about 5'9 or so… As I stood there staring my sight started to blur, the edges of mi vision started turning black and before I knew it the ground was rushing up to my face. But I never felt the impact.


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