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Out of the darkness, into the moonlight

Novel By: Skeamstroke
Young adult

Tags: Hope

Anomi always has been left out, no one really ever notices her.
But when she enters a new school, two mysterious yet popular boys found interest in her!
Read this story to find out the love life and invisible life of Anomi... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 8, 2012    Reads: 29    Comments: 7    Likes: 0   

Chapter #1: A star of darkness

"Um ex--excuse me?" Anomi asked shyly. Her bright green eyes looked at the teacher. "Yes Anomi?" The teacher replied bending down, "Here is the sl--ip for the f--f-field trip," Anomi muttered, "Ah thank you Anomi!" The teacher patted her head. As quick as possible Anomi ran beside her cousin Dakota which they're both in the same class. " Anomi you gave it to the teacher right?" Dakota asked. Anomi nodded with smile.

"Class please take your bags with you! We are going right now," The teacher said loudly. "Oh boy I can't wait! Maybe this time I can fit in, be noticed and maybe even make some friends." Anomi thought. Suddenly as Anomi and Dakota were half way to the buses, a puppy whimper behind a near by bush. As quick as possible both of them ran to the puppy. "Dakota look the puppy is badly injured," Anomi exclaimed.

" It's okay Anomi," Dakota took a bottle of milk from her bag pack. "Here puppy," She poured the milk into a pot. The puppy walked around the pot curious of what it was, finally it was convince it was safe.

"The puppy seems to like it," Anomi grinned, "BEEP BEEP!" Anomi and Dakota looked back at the same time, they stood up and ran at once.

"THE BUS!" Anomi cried.

"WAIT! WAIT FOR US!" Dakota screamed. Luckily the bus stopped at once, "Get in Dakota quick!" The teacher popped out from a window. Dakota quickly ran inside the bus. She sighed as she plopped down onto a seat, then she looked at a empty seat beside her.
"ANOMI!" She shouted.

"WAIT! WAIT FOR ME! PLEASE!" Anomi screamed at the top of her lungs, the ribbons of her hair came off as she chased the bus. But it was too late. "But I'm right here." She said softly, tears started dripping from her eyes, She crouched down where there were bus track prints. The tears did not stop, "I'm all alone." She whispered softly to herself. Just then the puppy walked to her. "At least I still have you," Anomi patted the puppy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Who do you think that seat belongs to?" Sarah said to Lisa, "Who knows!" Lisa shurgged. "Well as I was saying on the teen magazine," Sarah sat down on the table. "Did you know that..." "Um Sarah behind you." Lisa pointed behind her. "AH! Amino!?" Sarah said in shock "Th--is is your seat!?" Sarah murmered. " Ye--s." Anomi replied in fear. "THEN JUST SAY SO!" Lisa cut in. Sarah and Lisa walked away, but they whispered "What's her name again? Amino or Animo I don't know," "She always appears like SUDDENLY!" Anomi frowned as she sat in her seat "I'm not really noticable." She thought "BUT! Since this is the first day of eight grade I CAN CHANGE! I CAN BE A DIFFRENT PERSON!" She smiled.

"CLASS today we have a project on flowers please choose your group." The teacher commanded. "Oh no..." Anomi thought, "TEACHER We chose John, Lucy, Kathy, Nicole and brandon to be on our team!"

"We chose Sam, Dean, Mason, Alice and Christ." The said loudly. "

"But aren't we missing someone?" One of the students asked.

"Oh that's--" Before Anomi could anwser they went out even the teacher. "If only I was more noticable I could shine! I could have friends." She smiled as she looked out of the window. "But I guess," Her smile disapeared "That's just how life is."

~ Chapter 1 end~


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