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Raven a girl with a no ordinary life. The daughter of a puppet maker, the eyes that look like a puppet. Everybody was afraid of her because of her eyes.
One day, her brother Elijah came for a visit. She always hated her brother for leaving her and Mom. But who knew the revenge leads to blood?


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Chapter 1: The daughter of a puppet maker

Raven looked up at her father amazed. Her eyes followed each movement he did. Her tiny hands picked up another puppet and gave it to her father, she smiled. It was rare for her to smile, but this time was the first time she ever seen her father mending puppets.

"Ah look Raven!" Her father picked her up. She giggled under his arm, and snuggled to make herself more comfortable.

"Father you're done, so that means you can go and perform!" Raven exclaimed.

"Mmmm yes Raven, yes." Her father replied as he carried Raven down to the living room, "Now go out and play with your friends!" Father ordered. Raven nodded and her smile was gone, for she had no friends. Her feet when into the sandels as she made her way through the gate. She looked around, but people stared at her shivering. Raven didn't mind, she was quite use to this.

"Eeeee! Tha--that girl is scary, why does she keep sta--aring at us!?" A girl from her kindergarden asked to her friend.

"I know! Look her eyes are like a puppet's. Looking only one direction," Her friend whispered. Raven turned and faced a few older boys, possibly in secondary.

"What's wrong with that kid," The boy with blonde hair asked to his brown hair friend.

"Dude who knows? Does she have like mental problems or something?"

"If that is the case she seriously have problems!" The blonde boy replied with a snicker. Raven frowned, scaring the teenagers even more. It wasn't that Raven wanted to have eyes like that, after all she is the daughter of a Puppet maker. Such idiots, scared of a 6 year old girl, psh idiots. She smirked. Soon the day gotten darker, her green eyes darken. She yawned and stretch as she made her way back home.

"FATHER!" She yelled, but no reply.

"Mommy where is Father?"Raven asked her sobbing mother sitting on the couch.

"Raven honey," Her mother hugged her, "Your Father and I," She muttered still crying, "Divorced." Raven widened her eyes unable to speak. She couldn't cry and don't know why. Her eyes turned red, hot red, her hand turned into a fist. Suddenly she was out of control and started to kick the furnitures. Her mother was trying to hold her back, but Raven struggled and struggled.

"FATHER!!!!!!!!!" She moaned as she ran outside, her arms were wide open as it rained with thunder. "FATHER!!!!!" She yelled and yelled. The thunder crashed even louder. All of a sudden she fell down on her knees, she still didn't cry no matter how sad she was.

____________________AFTER 10 YEARS_____________________

"RAVEN GET UP!" Her mother cried. Raven yawned as usual rubbing her eyes as she got out of her puffy yellow bed. It was winter, the worst season of the year for Raven. Her hair was never messy always strait even though she never combs it. "Raven honey you're going to be late," Her mother kissed her head, but she said nothing.

After eating some breakfast and dressed in her uniform she began to exit the house. The birds on the trees tweeted a sweet tune, it was a beautiful day indeed, to Raven it was normal. Her hair was tied into a long pony tail until her knees.

"It's puppet eyes again," Groaned one of her classmated walking by. But she glared at him, he shrieked and ran away. Raven countinued to walk to school.

"RAVEN!" Her friend Jade cried. Raven stared at her as she came running towards. Jade, her cousin and also a great friend. Jade was unlike Raven, blue marble eyes, blonde short hair and is more acttive.

"Jade," Raven said waving with no expression what so ever. Jade relized she wasn't in a mood then she walked away. Why, why father why. Raven thought as she scared people around her without even doing anything Is it your fault that I have eyes like a Puppet's? Do I belong in this world?! The thought irked her. There must be some sort of reason why she had those eyes, but nobody likes her anyways.



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