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Pain, Misery, and Love

Novel By: Smiling with Peace
Young adult

Annie has been separated from her mom since she was twelve. From age eight to age eleven she kept her mouth shut about the abuse from her mom. At the age of twelve she finally got the courage to tell her sixth grade teacher that her mom was abusing her. She has lived with her grandparents ever since that day. She has not been able to see her mom for six years. No matter how much pain her mom had caused her, she missed her mom like crazy. Annie is eighteen now and NO ONE can keep her from seeing her mom. Join Annie on her journey to reconnect with her mom. Throughout Annie's journey she finds more abuse, love, God, and peace within herself. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1

I am sitting here thinking about what might happen over Summer break. I'm sitting in a bus that will take me from Miami, Florida to No-Where-Land, Ohio. I am visiting my mom, who I haven't seen in six years. I am eighteen years old. Oh, by the way, my name is Sarah-Anne Olivia Sutton, but I go by Annie.

As I sit here, I feel lonely. I reach into the pocket where I keep my iPod in my pink carryon bag. As I pull my iPod out, I realize, there is a note taped to it.

My Sweetest Annie,

I am going to miss you so much. Please say hi to your mother for me. If she does anything to hurt you, call me immediately and I will come and get you. Please call every night. Your grandfather and I miss you; even though you haven't left yet. I love you so much.


Your Grandmother

I start to cry as I put the headphones in my ears. It has only been an hour since I got on this bus. I decide I should take a nap. The time goes by faster.

"Sarah-Anne? Sarah-Anne? Please don't be dead. Sarah-Anne wake up!" my eyes flash open and they see a teenage boy. He jumps back startled.

"Sorry. Who are you exactly?" I ask him.

"Your mother sent me. You are Sarah-Anne, right?" he asks terrified that he might have the wrong person.

"Yeah, but please call me Annie." I say very sweetly. He smiles. Then I take in his features. He has a heart-shaped face, crystal blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and plump, perfect lips. "So… my mom didn't even come to pick me up?" I say sarcastically. His smile quickly fades.

"Umm… she had a prior engagement." He said scratching his head.

"And this 'prior engagement' is more important than her daughter?" I ask snottily.

"YE-… I mean, I guess so."

"Whatever. See if I care." I say very hurt. How can something be more important than me? I am her only daughter. Does she even want me here?

"So… you wanna take me to her place?" I say after a minute or so.

"Sure, if you want? I was thinking about getting a bite to eat first. I know they don't serve food or have rest stops on that bus ride." He says thoughtfully.

"I just wanna get my stuff unpacked, so could you please take me to her place?" I say even more snottily.

"Oh. Okay. Umm… my truck is over here." He leads the way to a beat up, old Chevy truck.

"Ewww…. Gross! It's so… old. It won't break down on us will it? These sandals aren't made for walking on dirt roads." I say just to be a brat. Take that Mom. Not coming to get me from that stupid bus ride was a big mistake!

"Uhh… no." he replies sheepishly.

"Good." I throw my bags into the bed of the truck. This better be a short ride.

He started up the old Chevy truck. He drives down the road. "How long is this ride?" I ask as soon as we start to turn on the highway.

"Are you sure you aren't hungry?"

"I am sure." Maybe I should tone it down a little. He has been really nice. No, what if he tells her I'm nice.

"I am going to get me something to eat."

"Whatever." Wow! I am being such a jerk.

"Are you okay?"

"Why? Do I not look okay?"

"No. No. you look like you… can't decide something."

Wow! He can read me like an open book. He pulls into McDonalds and before I know what I am doing, I hug him.

"What was that for?" he asks.

"I don't know. Just forget it ever happened." I say.

"No. Why did you hug me?"

"I don't know."

"Why?" WOW! He can be so annoying.

"Just drop it, okay?"

"Why do you act like this?"

"Act like what?"

"You act just like your mom said you would."

"What did she say I was like? I'm curious."

"She said you would be a brat and that you don't care about anyone but yourself."

"You're wrong. Can we just get some food?"


He pulls into McDonalds and parks. Just then his phone beeps. He pulls it out. He takes a couple of seconds to read the text and reply.

"Sorry but we are gonna have to do the drive thru. Okay?"

"Okay."We jump back into the truck. He drives up to the menu board. "I'll have a chocolate milkshake, a parfait, and a McDouble." I hand him a ten dollar bill. Mine only comes up to $4.98 but he did pick me up from the bus stop.

"No. It's on me."

"No. I insist."

"No, it's on me."

"Just take the money." I throw it into his lap.


"Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?"

"I'll have 2 chocolate milkshakes, 2 parfaits, and 2 McDoubles."

"Your total is $9.96. Please pull up to the first window please." The box says. It sounds like a girl's voice. He pulls up to the first window and sure enough it is a girl and she knows him. I wonder what his name is.

"Hey, Nick! That'll be $9.96." a tall blonde girl says. So his name is Nick! I like it!


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