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The Moment I Let Go

Novel By: SmilingAppearances
Young adult

Addison Hamilton never gave a care about the popular students of her grade. In fact, she doesn’t like them what-so-ever, but what will happen when she gets put in a situation from her messed up father to the most popular guy at her school....? Will he be just as bad as she thinks or will he surprise her? Will an unexpected friendship blossom or will something else? Any guesses? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 29, 2011    Reads: 105    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

"Can we go home now?" I complain for the millionth time.

"No one's stopping you, Addie, just leave!" Jake snaps. "I have to practice. We have a meet this week!" He throws his hands up in frustration. I purse my lips trying to hold back from laughing at the sight. My little brother with a swim cap, and speedos. Not a very good sight, but still funny.

"Can't you find some other excuse to check out the guys in their speedos?" I tease, with a grin. Before I even see it coming, his towel hits me in the face and knocks me off the bench. I burst out laughing at him. I love picking on him. Scrawny and weak victim he is to me but still with the same blood in our systems it's just irresistible to pick on him.

"You know what just go home! I don't even need you here!" Jake screams. He tries to concentrate on his pose on the board, just as he's about to put his goggles on I ram him off the board and into the pool. I hear a satisfying yell before the splash. I grab my backpack and try to make a mad dash before he can get out of the pool but I suddenly smash into a bare chest. I peer up and see a pair of bright brown eyes smiling at me. Trevor. Shit.

Before I can even turn around Trevor rips off my backpack and grabs my waist from behind and suddenly we're falling. I scream as I try one last time to escape but instead end up switching positions somehow and having my face hit the water with Trevor's chest pushing me in more. The water is cold. NO. It's fucking freezing cold. I break the surface last, hearing Trevor laugh at me. No doubt I have the look of complete shock. Jake laughs too.

"Asshole!" I hit the water with my palm and splash both of them. "Im outta here." I turn to get out of the pool but Trevor grabs my wrist.

"Let go!" I yell at him as he tries to pull me towards the deep end. He knows I can't swim. Don't ask me how I don't know how to swim ok? I just sink like a rock. "Trevor, no!" i try pulling away but Jake gangs up on me and pushes me forward. "NO!" I scream. "Trevor let me go!" I demand. He ignores me as if I won't kick his ass afterwards. "I said- " before I can finish my head goes under and my feet aren't on the floor. Before I begin to panic, Trevor lifts me out of the water, picking me up under the arms as if I'm a little girl. I squirt out the water in my nose and mouth.

"Get me out of the water now Trevor and you might be able to keep your balls, you dick!" I was pissed now. My jeans were soaked and I was wearing a white tee for crying out loud!

"You're such a party pooper Addie, lighten up," He gives me a lopsided grin. "You don't trust me or what?" he asks and something in his eyes light up as he releases me and backs out of my reach.

"You bitch!" I hiss under my breath as I begin peddling hard to stay above the surface.

"Awe, you know you love me Addie." He grins, his dimples showing in the sunlight.

"Well if you love me you'll get me outta here!" I say before my legs give out.

Finally, Trevor helps me to the edge of the pool just in time for Coach Peterson to blow the whistle, signaling all the swimmers it was officially time for practice. And I'm not supposed to be here.

"Addison Hamilton! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY POOL?!" He yells. Ouch, my ears. I can't help but flinch.

"What does it look like I'm doing Peterson?" I snap.

"It looks like your leaving, now get out!" he yells, a vain popping out from his neck. In one swift movement I lift myself out of the pool. I stand and get dog whistles from all the guys. I look down at my shirt that is now transparent and sticking to me.

"Way to go, Hamilton!" I hear guy yell. I feign shock.

"And here I thought all of you were gay!" I scream, and pretend to be appalled by covering up my chest area.

"Ha ha, funny Hamilton." James Sullivan steps forward to pose on his board to dive. "If you thought we were gay why are you here trying to get into somebody's pants for money then?" he smirks at me. His blue eyes are harsh, trying to humiliate me.

"Could've fooled me," I raise my palms in surrender. "I've heard your girl has her own bulging packet since spring break though. You're still with her, no?" I snicker at his face reaction and begin walking away.

I hear him give a bitter laugh. "Maybe I can help you out Addison, a friend of mine just came in with a wad of cash and has nothing to do with it. Maybe if you make him a deal he'll be willing to buy." He scans me up and down with disgust on his face. "That is, if he likes what he sees." I hear the guys go crazy as they laugh at me and pat James on the back.

I see Jake out of the corner of my eye with embarrassment and disappointment. "Though I should warn you," James continues, snapping my attention back. "He likes his girls' rough." He smirks and I glance at Jake one more time, just shaking his head at me.

I turn back to James one more time with a smug look. "Yeah?" I say, pretending to be interested. "Because you would know James." I wink at him and leave as I hear all the guys go, "Ohhhhhhh!".

Hi there:3 soooo I'm just letting you lovely readers know that I am borderlining on if I should continue this novel on Booksie, so if your interested, let me know.

If not, I am sorry to have wasted your time, but thank you for reading all the way down here, if you are reading this:D Thank you for your time:)


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