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The year that changed me.

By: StarCrazedXOXO

Chapter 1, I am currently working on this, my grammar may not be correct but please let me know how you like it so far, if I get responses I will continue writing it. It\'s about a girl exploring her sexuality quite honestly that\'s how I can describe it, in the end she realizes what she was looking for all along. Hope you like it XOXO.


I heard that voice everynight. The voice that haunted my every being, the voice that told me how things should be and are or were. The voice that told me all the wrong things i could do and have done. Well Hi im Kate Lovett. Straight C highschool student, weirdest girl in the class oh and don't forget this one i'm also the skank, or was for that matter. When i stared at that question do you regret anything for the year book i thought ah hell where do i even start i don't even want to think about it,I never got good grades, studying always got in the way or other stuff like working out or boys. I'm the weird girl i've always got my nose in a book and i'm alone most of the time. I make odd comments and always end up at the wrong place at the wrong time or say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Oh yeah and the skank part, well let's just say skank is the understatement of the year. Like if they made up a word that surpassed skank or another word it's for me, kate. Most guys won't have anything to do with me anymore, they think i've got some disease or atleast they act like i carry the plague, news flash people i may carry somethin but it ain't the plague. No really im totally joking no diseases here. Remember that voice i told you about?  The one that wouldn't ever leave me alone. Yeah it knows all about my junior year at Lakesdale High, everything that happened, everyone i met and oh yeah everything i did,  that alone could take up atleast sixty pages. Did i regret anything this year? where do i begin? 
We're going back a few months before things got a lot better so here we go,It was monday of course the best day of the week, you come in off your weekend high and look forward to sitting in a wooden, hard gum infested seat for eight hours with some kids who smell like  Bo. Oh yeah sounds fantastic, and to make it better Miss Bender who usually tells us all about her weekends had a rather awful one and was bawling her eyes out at her desk all slumped over. The class was so silent you could hear Casey Wright tapping away at her sidekick telling about the latest and greatest gossip. As the bell rang i scanned the room everyone was staring at Miss bender waiting for her to share but she never did. So first hour was gonna suck balls i thought but then my pocket buzzed, oh my phone i unlocked my screen and it was a text from Jason my best friend. K meet us behind the portables ditching for bridge jumping, You in? Bridge jumping i thought what the hell I'm scared of heights but if Jason was going then that meant Tamra was going and Beth and Lauren and Chris and if chris was in then that meant that Parker was going in which case i responded a big fat YES! and headed out of first hour. Bender didn't even notice she was too busy sobbing and popping her happy pills she takes to get through the day that chick should seriously try match . com or rehab, she's got some issues. My shoes squeaked as i kind of sprinted down the hallway past the lunch room, the gym and i pushed through the double doors towards freedom. oh shit i need to call in sick i could almost beat a squirrel im so stupid. Like i said i say some dumb odd comments. i called the office and Larry answered hello lakedale high how may i help you? I cleared my throat show time i thought uh yes Hello this is Shelly Lovett I'm calling in for Kate she has a terrible stomach flu and isn't going to be there, Miss Lovett i'll make sure she's marked absent. Thank you i said and hung up. My fist shot up in the air this was going to be awesome! As i made my way toward the portables i heard laughter and only that could belong to Tamra. Tamra was the class A lister, drop dead gorgeous, you know one of those girls everyone hates since she's pretty close to perfect. Chris gave me a big bear hug Hey Kay he said with a huge grin on his face. He looked good that day the blue made his eyes pop but we were just friends nothing more. Hey Chris i smiled and glanced around the bridge jumping party I gave a wave Hey guys i said. Beth and Jason stopped flirting long enough to say a quick hello, Parker and Lauren were silently watching everyone else and i figured this was about to be an awesome day. We all piled in Jason's jeep and headed up to spring creek bridge. Jason was blaring Kesha's tiktok and i couldn't help laughing till i cried, Lauren and Beth joined me while Jason and Parker were belting the words like middle school girls. Chris was busy on his camera making sure all of it was up to date to capture what was sure to be history in the making. Ha, not really but this would make a hilarious senior video someday. 
The whole gang stood about twenty feet over the murky brown water, Lauren and Beth stripped and started hooping and hollering at Jason and Chris trying to get them to go with them.  Now me i was hesitant it was pretty dang high. I glanced at Parker he was grinning but i could see in his eyes he was a bit nervous. Hey Parker i yelled he looked over and i motioned for him to follow me. I heard the rest of the gang making kissy noises as we walked off. Yeah that's right we're about to go make out you know us, have fun bridge jumping i yelled. Parker just laughed and waved the guys off cut it out he said. Once we were far enough in the trees i sat down and he followed. You didn't want to jump in did you? i asked. He chuckled was it that obvious? No but i didn't either so i knew what to look for i said, Well we're stuck here pretty much all day i started to say then i looked him in the eyes so what do you want to do i asked my eyes sparkled in the light. He slid over by me and grabbed my face and kissed me lightly he came up and said is this fine? As a response i grabbed him and we kissed and stayed there for the rest of the day, and friends that's the day i lost my virginity.
Haha, well that last part was a shock wasn't it? Me hooking up with some guy i wasn't even dating. Well that was just the beginning, Now I don't think getting it on so to speak is bad as long as you are with one person, in a relationship or you really like them. But girls when you're banging your way through the eleventh grade there is a problem there. I always made fun of those so called girls, I thought they didn't have any morals and just let boys have their way with them. That was until I got a taste of how some of them felt that year, Some girls have insecurity issues and just want to feel wanted so they do ANYTHING to keep a guy even if it means being treated like crap, looking like a skank or doing lots of skankified things. I will say though there are some girls who just really don't care, they could care less about the "skank" title and are just living life how they want, like a man. You know guys they get praised however many girls they sleep with? Where as girls are like "you slept with how many!" wow she is such a skank. I've never really grasped that concept at all, but cudos to those girls who live their life not caring what the guys think you go! Anyway you're probably wondering how the relationship or flirtationship with Parker is going so i'll get back to right after it happened.
It had to have been atleast two o clock by then i thought as i sat up and the sunlight hit my face. I looked around feeling awkward I wonder what he's thinking right now? I wonder if he really liked me or if he was just bored? Those kinds of questions filled my head for the next fifteen minutes as I redressed myself in the middle of the woods. I glanced over at Parker he had this smirk on his face as he was getting dressed, when he thought I wasn't looking he'd steal little glances this way and then look away quickly. I was pulling  leaves out of my hair whenever he walked over and slipped his hand into mine I looked up at him puzzled when he suggested we go back and make sure everyone is still breathing and not in the creek all mangled. I laughed and agreed atleast the awkward silence is over I thought but wait why was he holding my hand? We were walking over to everyone and he was holding my hand so what does this mean? I'll ask him later I thought and squeezed his hand a little tighter. We were almost to the creek whenever we heard the engine of the jeep start, oh shoot parker said they're about to leave us! We sprinted across the bridge holding hands and making it just in time. Whenever we got there they all let us have it. They were asking what we were doing and if we had fun being lame, the questions went on and on. Normal guys I know would've tried to act all cool like they got some while the girl now feels and looks like a dirty skank. But not Parker he just said we were talking and lost track of time, actually i'm glad I didn't jump off and land in that nasty water ya'll probably all have herpes or something! That made everyone chuckle because they knew the water was repulsive and did it anyway. Hey Lauren how was the jump I asked. Girl it was so exhillarating, I am definitely coming back Hey! Jason we should come back after the Hillsdale game next week. I think everyone is going to Thomas's house next weekend after but we could go this weekend Jason said. I guess that meant more alone time with Parker this weekend I smiled to myself I'm not sure what this is but i'm enjoying it for now.
We drove down the winding road from spring creek bridge, our destination? The best cheesy pizza place in Lakesdale Danny's Pizzeria, they claimed to have the best pizza in all of Alabama and I absoluetly believed it. I could eat my weight in their pizza and would if Parker wasn't there, but since he is I kind of have to act civilized and have appropriate manners. We were all too busy chatting up a storm to notice Jason already pulled into Danny's. All of us piled out of the car except Parker and I were last to get out, he hopped out first then he grabbed my waist and pulled me gently out of the jeep and onto the ground. He is a real gentleman I thought as we walked in together, inside it was so busy and loud the wait looked like it could take an hour. Danny saw all of us and came up to Jason hollering "Jason buddy i've got a table in the back on the patio for you and your friends right this way" he said. Danny was always cool like that doing us favors since Jason was his long lost nephew. Now that is a story for later date, as we winded the stairway up to the patio I could smell the food from the kitchen and my stomach rumbled. Well someone is hungry Chris said teasingly. Hey I kind of eat more than all of you guys combined I shrugged talking for a few hours kind of makes a person hungry I said as i nudged Parker playfully. He smirked that cute smirk and grabbed my hand as we sat down on the picnic tables on the patio. 
Will continue if I get responses. 

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