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I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

This is the sequel to I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down. To start off with it is in Lexie's Pov. She is almost sixteen years old, doesn't believe in love. This summer a guy visiting from Oklahoma City is around, will she fall heads over heels for him? Or will she stay hopeless about love and everything? She has a big family and a big heart, will that get in the way of things. Drama is bound to happen and it kicks her butt does she get back on her feet? Read on if you're willing to find out. View table of contents...


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I'm dressed in my sweat pants and a baggy shirt. It's my third month appointment. I'm eating a healthy breakfast and I feel something in my stomach. "Daddy, they're kicking." I said he got up and placed his hand where I told him to. "It's love." He said and I smiled at him. "I know daddy." I said rubbing my belly and doing school work so I can be done by my 6th month and I think I will be and then when they are two months old I can go look for a job to support them. I'm due May 8th and I can't wait! Christmas is only a couple weeks away too! I heard from Brent that Ethan is coming for Christmas and I really don't care. Momma and I drive to the doctor's and she looked at me before we went in. "Keep in mind that you might not get what you want but it doesn't matter." She said I nodded knowing she is right." "Alexis you're getting more sleep which is good! You and the babies are healthy." She said and she showed me them on the screen. "Do you want to know the sex?" She asked me "yes ma'am I do." I said and she looked at the paper work. "I am pleased to tell you that you are having two healthy girls." She said I looked at momma and she smiled at me. "Wait until he's here to tell him." She said on the way home. I nodded and she went to work painting the office, I was told I couldn't have any part in it. She didn't want me to see it, she is more excited about them than I am I believe. I did my assignments for the next three days and then started looking up names online I know they will have my last name. Savannah and Lyndsey came in and smiled at me. "So what are you having?" She asked me "Girls." I said and they smiled at me "good I'm glad!" they said I smiled. "Alicia Hope Blevins." I said "It's a beautiful name Lexie." She said I smiled at her now I need one more name for my other daughter. "Isabella Grace Blevins." I said and they smiled at me. "Izzy for short or Belly or Bella." Momma said I smiled at them. I now have my names for my daughters! Christmas Eve I got a phone call to meet Ethan at the creek so I did. "Hey Lexie. You look good. Pregnancy is doing a good thing for you." He said I nodded. "What are you having?" He asked me "Two daughters. Alicia Hope Blevins and Isabella Grace Blevins." I said and he smiled at that. "Beautiful names. This summer I'm moving in with my dad." He said "Okay." I said "I'm sorry Lex." He said "Don't even start." I said. "What?" He asked "do you think I wanted to get pregnant? Be home schooled? Be in college now so I can get a job to support my two kids? No I didn't. I want to do cheer and track." "You could have abortion them and never told your parents. You decided to keep them." Ethan said "I know that. I couldn't do that and you know that. I love my daughters Ethan. They mean the world to me. You can or can't be a part of their lives that is up to you. But if you start drama don't expect to see them." I said "Okay Lexie. I'm sorry." He said "Damn right you are. Cheating on me and what I wasn't supposed to find out? She's my mother's best friend's daughter, my best friend!" I said "I know and I'm sorry." He said "No you're not and I know that. I can't believe you!" I said yes I was going to tell him off and I did. I was going to walk away but I felt a sharp pain. I fell to my knees he ran over to me. "Lex are you okay?" he asked "No it's the babies." I cried he didn't have time to call my mom so he droved me himself. I was in and out all night. From being stressed with everything and blowing up at him it caused something to happen where I almost lost them. I went home the next day though just on bed rest until I was told other wise. Daddy carried me down stairs so we could open gifts together as a family. "Merry Christmas!" Everybody said and enjoyed our Christmas. With being in bed rest I finished my college before January 8th. I slowly walked to the car for my appointment too. The doctor said that they are doing better but I am still on bed rest and to stay away from any type of drama. That I am doing so I wont have to end up with that again. Momma and the girls are planning a baby shower for me. And by now every high schooler is aware that I am pregnant. It doesn't really bother me any. February 8th I am not on complete bed rest where I can walk a little bit longer. We're all eating dinner and momma smiles at me. "Tonight you can see the nursery." She said and I smiled at her "Really?" I asked and she nodded. I am six months pregnant which means three more months to go! After dinner we all walked into the nursery. It was beautiful the wall were brown with pink dots all around. The cribs were on two different sides. In bubbly letters were Alicia Hope Blevins and Isabella Grace Blevins in lime green. She did a great job on it. There is a rocking chair by the window. "Thank you momma, it's wonderful. I love it and I'm sure the girls will too." I said hugging her and she smiles. "I'm craving a root beer float." I said and Savannah went to go make me one. "Thanks sissy." I said everybody was telling me how they can't wait. Savannah and Lyndsey sure can't. I know I can't because I will be skinny again! I can't wait for that!!


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