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I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

This is the sequel to I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down. To start off with it is in Lexie's Pov. She is almost sixteen years old, doesn't believe in love. This summer a guy visiting from Oklahoma City is around, will she fall heads over heels for him? Or will she stay hopeless about love and everything? She has a big family and a big heart, will that get in the way of things. Drama is bound to happen and it kicks her butt does she get back on her feet? Read on if you're willing to find out. View table of contents...


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I'm sitting on the couch folding clothes so I can help out around the house because I feel like I'm not doing enough. My phone rings and I see the caller ID and rolled my eyes. "Hello?" I asked "Hey, I was wondering how you and the girls are doing?" Ethan asked he has been calling weekly to check up on me since the accident. "We are good. They are healthy and I am getting there." I said I hear him sigh "that is good. Look I'm coming for Spring Break and can we actually talk this time?" He asked me "I guess so. But remember I can't be stressed." I said "I know, I will see you in March then bye." He said hanging up and I rolled my eyes. In July I really need to apply for a job so I can help support myself and my kids. "Lexie can we talk?" Momma asked daddy was right behind her, I was still on the couch I had just gotten done folding my fourth and final load of clothes. "Yes ma'am it's your house." I said and they sat down in between me. "You want a job in July right?" She asked me "yes ma'am I do." I said "you love cheerleading right?" Daddy asked me and I nodded. "Your grandma's Daddy's Dream is hiring and we could get you a job there." Daddy said "but that is on the West Coast." I said "Actually they have been a big hit for over fifty years so they are now opening up in Port St. Lucie." Momma said and I nodded. "You will be able to be one of the cheer teachers. Right now I'm the manager of the place. It will be open in April so right before you are due. And then in July you can work there instead of some place else." Momma said "Really?" I asked "Yeah, Colleen, Savannah, and Lyndsey will be working there." She said I smiled. "Maddie will be watching Bailey, Riley and if you trust her occasionally the girls. Your Aunt Emma and Nicole volunteered to watch them too." She said and I smiled. March 8th is here today and I am not on bed rest anymore! I am just told to stay un-stressed and not to get all worked up over anything. My craving has been weird, peanut butter hotdogs? But they are really good. I got a text from Ethan: My plane flies in March 18th, can we meet at the creek on the 20th around noon? I talked to Savannah, Lyndsey, Colleen, and momma about this before I replied back: Yes but I wont be alone. Will you have a problem with that? I went back to walking around the house and my phone went off: Nope, not at all. Thanks I will see you then! Hope you and the girls are okay! I rolled my eyes and replied back: Okay good, your welcome and alright. We are fine. I'm not on bed rest anymore and that is a good thing. I will Talk to you then! I knew would happen, I didn't want it to happen but the 20th approached way to quick for me. I was hoping the date would come slowly but did it? Nope it came in no time so here I am at the creek by myself because my sisters all had dates or a family fun day to attend. He walked up in shorts and polo and he smiled at me. "Hey Lexie." He said I felt tingly inside again, not sure if it is from the babies or what. "Hey Ethan" I said and he smiled at me. "I wanted to talk to you about the girls." He said and I nodded knowing that it would have come up in the future anyways. "What about them?" I asked "They can have your last name, I'm fine with that. But when they are two months old I want to start having them every other weekend? You can have them on Christmases and Thanksgivings. I just want them on every other weekend unless Christmas is that weekend and I want them on Father's day." He said "Okay that seems fair enough." I said "Under one condition and this will be done by a lawyer." I said "Okay." He said "that you do not take them out of state. They stay in Florida." I said "okay fine." He said. We got a lawyer to do the contract and everything and it's legal. July 10th is a Friday and that is when he gets them at 8 am until Sunday at 8 pm. I'm just glad that he is taking actions for what he did and wants to have them in his life. He will be moving in with his dad June 20th so he will be settled in by the time he gets to have them with him. I'm in my room on my bed rubbing my stomach and Lyndsey comes in. "He gets them twice a month all weekend, he pays child support right?" I asked "$250 per a kid a month." I said so I will be getting $500 on child support and then what I bring in so I should be able to support my kids. I want to save up for an apartment of my own in town so I would be closer to work. I know I'm going to need to buy a car so I can take them to and from doctor's appointment and every other weekend. "Will you be moving out when you save up money?" Lyndsey asked me "I believe so. I don't want to make momma and daddy deal with me and the girls more than I have to." I said "Lex, you are only sixteen." Lyndsey said "well I'm forced to grow up quicker than I should have to when I'm having twins in a month." I said and she nodded "I know but I just wish you didn't have to." She said "I know you do but I want to raise them off right instead of living with my mommy and daddy until they're two and by then they will be walking and talking. I don't want to wait that long just long enough for help."


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