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I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

This is the sequel to I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down. To start off with it is in Lexie's Pov. She is almost sixteen years old, doesn't believe in love. This summer a guy visiting from Oklahoma City is around, will she fall heads over heels for him? Or will she stay hopeless about love and everything? She has a big family and a big heart, will that get in the way of things. Drama is bound to happen and it kicks her butt does she get back on her feet? Read on if you're willing to find out. View table of contents...


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On the May 11th I was able to bring Alicia and Bella home from the hospital. And I can wear my old clothes again! I only gained maybe ten pounds from the whole pregnancy and that will be lost in no time. I had Bella and Alicia bundled up in their blankets as momma wheeled me to the car. I got Alicia and Bella in their car seats and momma helped me into the van. We droved home and while the girls were in their car seats I gave them a tour of the house until I made it back to the living room again. I carefully got Bella out of her car seat and then Alicia out of her car seat. They were asleep so I carefully walked to the play pen that is set up in here and placed them in it and clipped the baby monitor to the side of the play pen and with the other baby monitor clipped on my hip I walked into the kitchen where momma was. She showed me how to use the breast pump for when they need to eat this way I don't have to do it all on my own. "Momma unless I can't I will do this on my own." I said she rolled her eyes "Okay baby. I will be in my room reading my books then." She said walking up stairs and I rolled my eyes at her not having faith in me. Around eleven they started crying so I ran into the room and picked Alicia up carefully and then Bella and walked up to the nursery to look to see if they needed changed. Of course they didn't, and I know what they needed. Instead of going back downstairs I carefully placed Bella in the crib and then breast feed Alicia, burped her and then fed Bella and burped her. They fell back asleep and I walked into my room with the girls and placed them in my play pen in my room. I looked at all the posts on my Facebook wall and the comments on my few new pictures. One from Grandma was "Upload more pictures of them!" So while they were sleeping I took ten more and uploaded them and then laid on my bed and drifted into a sleep. Was awoken around one to Bella crying so I walked into the nursery and checked and she needed her diaper changed. I changed her and smiled at her. "Momma's princess." I said kissing her cheek and walking into a room where Alicia was crying. I placed Bella down and picked up Alicia and changed her diaper. We walked back to my room where Bella was crying. I picked her up and because I couldn't calm her down quick enough Alicia started crying. So I had two babies crying and I'm clueless. "MOMMA!" I said and again momma comes and saves the day. She took Alicia and cradled her and started humming and she fell asleep and so did Bella in no time. "Lexie, you can't not have help. You're sixteen baby girl. You need help; you can't take care of two newborns by yourself. When they are two months old then you can. Not until then baby." Momma said and I nodded. "Thanks momma." I said "your welcome baby." She said I smiled at her. We posted a sign on the door: Knock lightly. Ring the door bell and you will regret it. Newborns are sleeping. Of course Aunt Emma and Aunt Nicole had to come and see Alicia and Bella. "Are you healthy?" I asked not wanting to get them sick. "Yes I am, so are my kids." Aunt Emma said "Go on. Aunt Nicole?" I asked "Yes and yes." She said I nodded. "Kels, she is worse than momma and a new born." Aunt Emma said and momma smiled. "I know and that is a good thing you have to admit. She was on this I don't need help kick." Momma said "I remember that. I was like that too." Aunt Emma said I rolled my eyes. "I will go see if they are awake." I said and they smiled at me so I walked into the nursery to see them wide awake. I carried them downstairs and they each took a baby and about ten minutes later they switched babies and smiled at the babies. It is now June 8th making Alicia and Bella a month old. Momma and I are taking them for their first appointment. Within the past month I have had help from everybody with the girls. Everybody had either fed or changed them daily. I can now tell you which cry is for what and I can take care of their needs. "You ready?" Momma asked me I had the girls in a matching dress. "Yes ma'am, they have enough bottles to last for the two hours and enough diapers." I said and she smiled at me. Not only is today their one month, today is the last day of school for everyone. Colleen's graduation is in two days. We droved to the doctor's and I signed them in and we sat down. I was getting scared now, Ethan will be here on the 16th and I'm scared he will want the girls before they are two months old and I don't want to get lawyers involved and then I might have to lose my girls after all. "Alicia and Isabella Blevins?" The nurse called and we went back. They got what they needed and their checkup, they got their first rounds of shots today and that wasn't a good sight to see. I don't really want them to be out more than they have to be so momma dropped me and the girls off and went to go get Colleen a graduation gift. She has been waiting to see what college she is getting into. While the girls were napping I went and got the mail, all the mail was for Colleen from all the colleges she has applied too. I can't wait to give them to her! I hope she got into NY State!


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