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I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

This is the sequel to I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down. To start off with it is in Lexie's Pov. She is almost sixteen years old, doesn't believe in love. This summer a guy visiting from Oklahoma City is around, will she fall heads over heels for him? Or will she stay hopeless about love and everything? She has a big family and a big heart, will that get in the way of things. Drama is bound to happen and it kicks her butt does she get back on her feet? Read on if you're willing to find out. View table of contents...


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We make it to the beach and we set up at a spot that we found that looked like a good spot to set up at. Okay I admit I'm not into guys but for a girl there are a ton of cute guys here today. Colleen spots her crush Kevin and he waves at her. I knew three out of four guys that was hanging with him. Lucas is one of them he's in our grade, he's Savannah's crush. And then Kyle is in our grade and he is Lyndsey's crush. Then Brent is another guy and he's in our grade as well. One more guy but I didn't know him. We all walked over to them while our sisters and mom went into the water. Kevin smiled at her "Hey Colleen, Savannah, Lyndsey, and Lexie!" Kevin said and we all smiled at them. We nodded at him and Lucas and Savannah went walking off somewhere to talk. Kyle and Lyndsey went their own way to talk and that left me with Brent, and this other guy. He was tall, tan, well built, he has a six packs, dark brown hair that is curling some and he has green eyes. "Lexie, this is my cousin Ethan he is visiting us from Oklahoma." Brent said I smiled at him and then smiled at Ethan. "Hi." I said "hey." He said and Brent looked at me "Lex, can you keep him company? I want to go flirt with Allie and Brittany." He said he didn't wait for me to answer he just left me. "So…" He said and I nodded and we walked to the pier and sat down dangling our feet over. "Do you want to tell me about yourself?" Ethan asked me "Only if you will tell me about yourself?" I asked and he flashed me a white small. I felt a weird feeling in my stomach that kind of scared me a little. "I'm Lexie, I have seven siblings and my parents are still together. I do cheer in the fall and winter then track in the spring. I prefer to be outside than inside shopping or whatever girls do." I said and he laughed at me about that "you don't shop?" He asked "not like most girls do." I said and he smiled at me. "I'm sixteen as well; I live in Oklahoma City with my mom and her husband. My dad is Brent's brother and he lives here with two sisters and me and another sister lives with my mom. I do football and track, I love the beach, I love four-wheeling, I love fishing. I'm addicted to baseball." He said and I smiled at him and we just talked for awhile. "Ethan, we're at the beach." I said and he looked at me "What is your point?" He asked "can we go swimming?" I asked "Aw come on don't you want to get darker than what you are." He said and I rolled my eyes and ran ahead of him into the water. While we were floating he looked at me "are you into Baseball?" He asked me "I am, I prefer the Yankees." I said he smiled "You're my kind of girl." He said. I laughed at him about that "why?" I asked "You like baseball, Yankees my favorite team!" He said and I laughed. "There is a game this Saturday around three. I have nobody that wants to go with me, do you want to go with me?" He asked me I looked at my mom. "I will have to ask my mom and dad." I said he nodded "Okay, and I understand." He said I pulled out a piece of paper and wrote my cell phone number on it "call me tomorrow and I can tell you my answer." I said and he nodded. "Okay, it was nice talking to you." He said "Nice talking to you too." I said and saw that they were ready to go. "Sorry but my mom and sisters are ready to go." I said and he nodded "I will see you around." He said "yeah." I said walking to the van and Lyndsey, Savannah, Colleen, Maddie, Alexa, Bailey, Riley, and momma were staring at me. "What?" I said getting into the front so I could day dream and not be bugged about Ethan. "Who was he?" Momma asked I just zoned her out day-dreaming about different things. I am not going to like him, I will not date him, I will not fall for him. That was what I was telling me yet another part was saying "You already like him. So you can't say that you won't not like him because you do." I pushed that thought away and laid my head on the window and closed my eyes so I could pretend that I was asleep so nobody would bug me about it. We pulled up to the house and we unloaded the van and everybody went their separate ways. Since I didn't really swim I jumped into the pool and floated on my back until Savannah, Lyndsey, and Colleen came in to join me. Mainly they wanted information about Ethan. "LEXIE!" Savannah yelled which made me go under and then come back up "what?" I asked grabbing onto the side so I wouldn't sink. "Who were you talking to and flirting with?" Colleen asked me "His name is Ethan. He's Brent's cousin. And I wasn't flirting with him." I said trying to win my case. "Oh yes you were. I'm an expert on flirting and you acted like you were too." Colleen said so I rolled my eyes at them. "Did you get a tingly feeling inside your stomach?" Lyndsey asked me and I nodded. "You have your first crush. Our little tom-boy of a sister has a crush on a visitor!" Savannah said and I rolled my eyes. "He asked me if I wanted to go to a baseball game." I said "Oh my God! You should go!" They all said "I have to ask mom first." I said and they rolled their eyes at me. "Come on you know what the answer will be!" Colleen said. "Uh-huh sure I do." I said "yeah you do! Mom is going to say yes!" Lyndsey said "Oh my god! We get to do your make up!" Savannah added. "No you don't!"


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