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I was a believer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

This is the sequel to I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down. To start off with it is in Lexie's Pov. She is almost sixteen years old, doesn't believe in love. This summer a guy visiting from Oklahoma City is around, will she fall heads over heels for him? Or will she stay hopeless about love and everything? She has a big family and a big heart, will that get in the way of things. Drama is bound to happen and it kicks her butt does she get back on her feet? Read on if you're willing to find out. View table of contents...


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"Momma and daddy Lexie has something to ask you!" Savannah said we were walking in from our showers from after the pool. Momma and daddy looked at me "Lexie sit down, girls go." Momma said and they walked into the living room where they could still hear everything that went on and momma rolled her eyes. "Lexie is this dealing with the guy you were talking to at the beach?" Momma asked me and daddy looked at momma "Lexie was talking to a guy at the beach? My sweet little Lexie?" Daddy asked and I rolled my eyes. "Daddy, I'm almost sixteen. And yes momma it does." I said "Before you ask anything. Name, age, where he lives?" Momma asked "Ethan Hart, 16, Oklahoma City his mom lives there and then his dad lives here." I said "Okay what do you want to ask?" daddy said "He invited me to a baseball game this Saturday can I go?" I asked "Yankees Vs Indians?" Daddy asked and I nodded. Momma and daddy looked at each other "Yeah you can go." They said and I smiled at them. "Thank you!" I said and she smiled "your welcome." I walked away and heard daddy going on about how I'm going to be like my sisters and go boys crazy when I'm the only one who isn't. Even Maddie is boy crazy and she's 14! Alexa, Bailey, and Riley aren't old enough yet. You gotta be thirteen to date, that's the rule the set and that is only because they are looking out for us. The girls looked at me "So?" Maddie asked me and the others looked at me with questioning eyes. "They said yes. And I'm saying I do not need help getting ready." I said and they rolled their eyes. "It's a baseball game, no need to get all girly. And beside it's not a date." I said "Oh yes it is." Colleen said and I rolled my eyes at them and walked into my room and shut my door. I can't believe this! I have my first date in two days! While I'm thinking this my phone rings with a different area code so I answered it "hello?" I asked "Is this Lexie?" A male voice asked. I got the tingly feeling again "Yes it is." I said "Lexie, it's Ethan. Did you ask your parents yet?" He asked "Yeah I did. And they said I could come." I said "That's awesome! Remember it's a baseball game so don't get all girly like some girls." He said "Trust me I won't." I said and he laughed at me. "What is your address?" He asked "It's 7720 West Dream world Street, Daytona beach, FL" I said "Okay, be ready by three thirty. The game starts at four thirty." He said "Okay I will be." I said "Alright I will see if you Saturday if not before." He said "Okay bye." I said "Later." He said hanging up and I laid on my bed smiling to myself. I should not become boy crazy, this isn't me though. It's Saturday morning, I'm up and jogging around the land and I see Aunt Emma again and she smiles at me. "Lexie, I hear that you have your first date!" She said "Yes ma'am I do." I said "Good luck! And have fun!" She said "Okay I will and thanks!" I said jogging back to the house. When I walked in everybody was up and eating breakfast. "When are you getting ready?" Savannah asked me "Around one." I said and they smiled "So pool time?" Riley asked and I nodded. "We're coming too!" Momma and daddy said and we smiled. So until twelve thirty we were all in the pool enjoying ourselves. "I'm going to make lunch now." Momma said and we nodded and got out to dry off by tanning. We ate lunch outside and then I saw the time so I walked into the shower and let the water wash away the chemicals from the pool. I had no clue what I was wearing and I need to figure it out quick. When I got out of the shower it was one o'clock so I walked into my room. I knew it was too hot for jeans so I found my short denim shorts, a white colored denim they weren't too short but they were short alright. I found my baby blue tank top and then my Yankees hat and pulled my hair through it and I found my rainbows flip-flops and I was ready. I don't wear make up so why start now for a guy? When I walked down-stairs the girls rolled their eyes at me. "You are such a tom boy. It's a date wear something cute." Colleen said "it's a baseball game." I said and they rolled their eyes again. Ethan came at exactly three thirty and daddy answered the door "Hello Mr. Blevins, it's nice to meet you sir." Ethan said, "Nice to meet you too. When do you plan on having Lexie home?" He asked him "Is nine a good time sir?" He asked "Her curfew is ten so yes it is." He said "Okay Sir, she will be home at nine." He said "Thank You." Daddy said, "Bye daddy." I said "You got your phone?" He asked "Yes sir." I said "Okay have fun." Daddy said and we walked to his car. He was borrowing Brent's. "You look cute. Not too girly but enough girly that makes you cute." He sad and I felt all tingly inside again. "Thank you. You look cute too." I said and he smiled at me. He reached for my hand during the baseball game and it felt like magic when our hands touched. "This is your first date isn't it?" he asked me "um kind of. I'm not really boy crazy." I said he smiled at me, flashing his pearly white teeth. "I can tell and it's okay." He said I smiled at him. "Want anything to eat or are you too girly?" He asked "Hot dog?" I asked and he smiled at me, "I will get two." He said I smiled. This is so far a good date, the Yankees are winning!!!!!!


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