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I was a dreamer before I met you and then you let me down

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie Summerland is 14 years old; her dad gets a job offer; her mom is pregnant with her 7th child. Her older sister is moving out for college. Then right when the baby is born a terrible accident happens. It shakes up her life really bad, will she be able to handle it? & after the baby is born something else happes, will her and her family stay together or pull apart? Plus going to high school without knowing anybody at all? Read on to find out......
As of chapter 59 it will be in Stormy's and everyone else's pov's. a new twist to the story hope ya'll like it!
Okay for some of you guys who are just now starting it would it be best to wait until I'm done? I'm not saying don't read it but my goal is to do 100 chapters on this story and I'm really close! Chapter 89 will be in Lexie's and everyone elses Pov's
Chapters 103- whenever is in Kelsey's Pov's Lexie's daughter. A lot happens in her life that shouldn't happen. Death comes a lot in the family that's for sure. But read on to see how she handles her life! & everything else View table of contents...

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"Kids come down here please." My momma yelled from I'm guessing in the living room. I pulled my knee length strawberry blonde hair into a sloppy pony-tail and threw on my brown short shorts. My icy blue eyes were even more beautiful right now than they always are. I'm not tall or short I'm 5'4. I'm skinny and very tan. Of course you would think that you would be tan if you live in Spring Hill, Florida. I'm Nicole Hope Summerland, who's 14 years old, I go by Colie though. I live with my parents and siblings; yes they are both still together. I have two older siblings and two younger siblings. And my parents aren't that old. Daddy got momma pregnant when she was 14, she had my older sister Megan who is now 17, and she will be 18 in two weeks. Then Bryan was born who just turned 16, and then it was me. My younger brother Luke is 11 years old, and then my little sister Colleen is 7 years old. My parents don't really regret having Megan so young, and they raised her up to be a good young adult. Of course because of it we don't really have an income that much so we live in a three bedroom house; Megan, me, and Colleen shares a room; Bryan and Luke shares a room.
We walked out of our room and into the living room where we knew a family meeting was waiting for us. "Yes ma'am and sir?" we all asked, "First off we are so proud of y'all." Momma said, "I was offered a job promotion." Daddy said we all smiled; "We will be getting a lot more money in." we were getting happy but Megan looked at them weird, "What is the catch daddy?" "The job offer is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma." We all looked at each other, "I understand school is out in two weeks for all of you guys. And Megan since you're going to college in the fall do you know where yet?" she looked out the window; "Oklahoma CityUniversity." She was smiling, "it was going to kill me having to move so far away for you guys." I looked at momma, "There is something else isn't there?" I asked, she nodded. Everyone but Colleen is aware of this part. "We're expecting another baby." She said, I looked at Bryan who looked at Megan , Luke looked at me, and Colleen looked at him. "Congratulation mom! How far along are you?" Megan asked, "One month." We nodded; it's May now so January the new baby will be born and hopefully it's the last one. We don't need anymore little kids running around the house.
"Now go get boxes from the hallway closet and start working on your rooms and after that is done then you can help with every other room in the house." Momma said, we nodded and went to work. I packed my 1/3 of the room. And helped Colleen with hers, then we helped Megan pack her part. "I'm still going to miss you even if we're in the same state Megan." I said, "Colie, I love you too and I will miss sharing my room with you and Colleen." We smiled; some people might think of us as twins but I don't see it most of the time. We left our already packed room but two weeks of clothes and helped the boys in their room. Then we worked hard all weekend on packing up the house. Daddy was going out and taking some boxes with him, he hasn't found a house yet but him and momma are looking online. Where Bryan will have one room, I would have my own room, Luke would, Colleen would, and the baby would. But they found the perfect eight bedroom five bath house. In a fancy community that I'm sure we won't fit in.
I got up the next morning and put my contacts in then wore my A&F baby tee with brown shorts then the shirt was pink and my rainbow flip-flops. Momma always takes us to school when it's the last two weeks of school. First stop: SpringHillElementary school: Colleen is in 1st grade and Luke is in the 5th grade. Second stop: SpringHillMiddle school: Me I'm in the 8th grade. Last stop: SpringHillHigh school: Bryan who is in the 10th grade, and Megan who is in 12th. I smiled at them and got out of the van and walked toward the group of my friends they don't know that we're moving yet. "Hey Colie, are we still on for the last day of middle school party at your house?" one of my best friend Stacy asked me. I nodded the last party we will ever have. My other best friend Casey looked at me, "Something is wrong what it is?" they sat down on the wall and I faced them, "Two days after graduation we're moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma." I said, my third best friend Lindsay stared at me, "Is this a joke?" I shook my head no. "You can't move!!! We need you next year!!!!" I didn't think about that my freshman year in a new state nobody I know will be there. "I have to move." I said I was choking back tears so I walked to homeroom where my favorite teacher Mrs. Lyons was I wasn't the only student in there so I was safe from being asked anything. Caitlyn Adams my best friend since 4th grade came in, "You're moving?!" she said, I nodded. "Why?!" "Daddy got a job offer, and he's taking it." We both rolled our eyes at that and she sat down. "Class will begin shortly. Please get ready for the exam. Study."
Ah, crap I forgot this week is exams week. And then next week is fun! We took the exam for the day and while we wait for lunch we can talk. So it's me, Caitlyn, Stacy, Casey, and Lindsay in a group. "Every day until you move we're hanging out!" they ordered I smiled; I'm gonna be missed! My crush of the yeah Jake Klutz walked over toward me, "Colie can we talk?" I smiled at my friends. "Yeah?" "You want to be my girlfriend?" He asked me, my heart shank, "I want to. But I can't." "Why is there another guy?" "No, we're moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in two weeks." "Ah bummer." I nodded; he looked at me. "One date this Saturday?" I nodded; "Fine one date."
Saturday came: I'm wearing my black short shorts, pink cami and my hair was in a pony-tail; everybody was off with their friends. Momma was even off with her group of friends. Daddy is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma now so it's just me waiting for Jake. He showed up and smiled; "You home alone?" I nodded; he had the look that every boy would but then took my hand and we walked away. "Too bad you're moving." I nodded; "I really like you and it took me all year to get up the nerves and ask you." I smiled; "I liked you all year too." At the end of the day he leaned down and kissed my lips softly. "I'm gonna miss you." "I will miss you too." I said, he smiled and walked away. I walked in the house, nobody was home yet; there was a note: Megan: Kelly wants you to spend the night you can. Bryan: Kevin and Mike wants you to go to the lake until tomorrow night, you can. Colie: C, S, C, & L are spending the night until Monday I'm picking them up on my way home. Luke: Uncle Bobby is coming to pick you up at five for the weekend until Monday morning. Colleen: have fun with Aunt Laura, and your cousins she will be here at three to pick you up.
Momma has always done something like that; the phone rang and I answered it "Hello?" "Colie, is your mom around?" "No daddy, she is still out." "Well we got the house!" "Awesome." "I will call her later." "Okay bye daddy. I love you." "Love you to Colie" He hung up and I got me a soda and sat down and drank it. The door open and the girls came running toward me, "How did it go?!" "Awesome! He kissed me good-night!" Momma rolled her eyes and went over to her room. "Wanna go to the movies?" They asked I nodded. "Momma, daddy called he will call back. And can we go to the movies?" she smiled and handed me a $50 bill. "Go shopping afterwards. Movies is on Mrs. Lyons." They smiled when I walked out, I'm gonna miss them like crazy. Stacy and Lindsay have been my friends since birth, Casey since we were two. And Caitlyn since we were in 4th grade. We went to the movies and now we're at the mall shopping. Let's see $50 will get three shorts and two shirts from A&F and a new bag. We got done shopping and made it home. It us and momma and that is it! "I'm gonna miss Abby when she goes to OKCU." Lindsay said, Abby is her older sister. Megan's best friend. "I know, I'm gonna miss Britt." Britt is Stacy's sister, all Megan's best friend. Casey older sister Emily is going to the same college been best friends. And Caitlyn has an older brother who is dating Emily.
"Jake sent you an IM Colie!" Caitlyn said smiling, she was checking her email. She scooted over so I could type back:
Jake: had fun today, didn't you?
Colie: Yup.
Jake: too bad your moving
Colie: Ya, I hear Casey liked you too.
Jake: really? But I like you more
Colie: it's fine with me
Jake: really?
Colie: yup, by the way here's Casey
Casey looked at me, "You sure it's fine with you?" I smiled and nodded.
Jake: Casey?
Colie: yeah it me
Jake: hi me!
Colie: you knew what I meant.
Jake: wanna be my girlfriend?
Colie: sure, well with Colie and them so g2g, I'll text ya
Jake: bye!
Colie: Bye
Colie: Bye from us!
We all looked at Casey who was so happy right now. "I can't believe you have a boyfriend!" we all said, she smiled at us. "Anybody want to watch Ghost Whisperer?" Momma said bringing in all the seasons we own it on DVD, we nodded. "You got the notebook?" I asked, momma put that DVD on top. Mega & I love watching it. "Ugh! You always watch the notebook!" "And you know you love it." "True!" they said, we looked at each other and busted out laughing. Momma rolled her eyes and went back to her room I guess so when daddy calls she can hear it. But who cares? I'm spending time with my four best friends in the whole wide world. They won't be replaced!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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