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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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We woke up around two on the 15th of July; he loaded up the car while I got the girls ready. He then took the girls and I hugged my mom and dad good-bye. I was kind of glad I wasn't going to be here for tomorrow. It's going to be hard on my mom I could already tell. It was a twenty-two hour car ride up there. We started out making great time until we hit North Carolina when there was traffic. I took pictures of every welcome to signs. I have been all the way to Maine once so I have been to these states. But mainly we stayed in Florida. When we made it to the Virginia's Welcome rest stop the girls were crying so I carried both car seats into the bathroom and changed them and then fed them real quick. I went to the bathroom quickly and came back and they were staring at me with their icy blue eyes. We left at three in the morning and it was four Pm, we knew we couldn't travel too late at night. I ended up talking him into letting me drive so I drove all the way to the middle of Ohio where we ended up getting a motel room. It was late as we made it to the room but I called my parents and let them know that we stopped.
We woke up around for the next morning and headed out again, wanting to make good time. "Happy Birthday." He said kissing my lips as we loaded the girls in the car and started driving. We were in New York by noon and then made it to Rhode Island around ten, we got to the hotel and then crashed we were exhausted. The girls even slept all night, so my birthday was spent driving but I honestly didn't care I was with my husband and girls. He woke me up around four and kissed my lips, I kissed him back and we took it to the next level, he ended up putting a condom on and I was already on the pill after I was told I could get on it when the girls were born.
We woke up at eight and began sight seeing around Rhode Island. We made it to Brown and looked around with the girls in their carrying pouch. We went to the two community colleges and looked around, they were manageable for if I decided to do that instead of a four year college. We loved Rhode Island we didn't want to go home on the 21st but we knew we had to. We went through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and then to Virginia. I droved home from North Carolina to Florida, that trip took longer but we enjoyed ourselves. We spent the night in Savannah, Georgia and went sightseeing the next day before we went home.
Things seems to be easier for everyone now that we're home. The girls are making the house more alive, more peaceful than what it was before and we all appreciate that. My mom ended up made us go out the other night without the girls, sure it was nice but I ended up missing them too much so we came home before ten o'clock.
It's August 14th and we all have all of our school supplies and new school clothes. School begins August 20th this year, so we have six more days of summer left. "I will watch them during the days." My mom said and I smiled "Lexie you're trying out for Cheerleading this year. Blake, football. No buts if you don't make it then that is one thing. But you're tying out." She said and I smiled at her "Alright mom." I said and I quickly called Hope to let her know what I found out and she was more than thrilled to have her best friend back to trying out. Callie is a nervous wreck about high school, Ryan can't wait to begin, I'm a nervous wreck leaving the girls for eight to ten hours a day. Blake is still working his job, and he will be doing school, Football and then working and he has saved up money and I've saved up money all my life for college so I'm ready for if I need to dip into it for anything. But when my mom goes to the store she buys the baby diapers and everything they need. They are going on three months now and it makes me feels so old because they were once in my stomach not too long ago it feels like.
On the 19th I woke up and got tired of my hair being so long so I decided to go get it cut. I had Starry on my hip and Blake had Stormy as we walked into the kitchen. My mom had pancakes on the table. "I'm getting my hair cut today." I said "Alright." She said "I want mine cut." Callie said and momma nodded. "Have fun." She said and I nodded and then it hit me what today was. Allie's one year anniversary, no wonder she is in a mood. Blake handed me Stormy, kissed my lips and went off to work and I smiled at Callie. "Do you want to make a stop on the way?" I asked and she nodded not sure of what I'm talking about. We loaded up the girls and droved to the cemetery where Allie was at. We paid our respects dropping sunflowers at the ground and slowly made our way to the car. "It's hard to believe." Callie said and I smiled "I know it is. I miss her too." I said and she smiled at me as we made it to the car and put the car seats back in and droved to the mall.
Callie had a good view of the stroller as I was called to get my hair cut. "How short do you want it?" She asked me "To the boobs, but in layers please?" I asked and she smiled at me "Alright." She said and after she washed it she looked at my sister "Are those hers or yours?" She asked me "Mine." I said "they're adorable, what are their names?" She asked me "thank you, Starry and Stormy." I said and she smiled "I love those names, how old are they?" She asked me "They will be three months in two days." I said and she smiled "I remember when my little Savannah was that age." She said "How old is she?" I asked her "Two, and boy is she a handful but I love her." She said "it's kind of hard not to." I said and again she smiled at me, and she was done with my hair in no time, it was an inch away from my feet and now it's to my boobs. Callie got hers to the same length and with layers as well.
We went to the baby's stores while we were at the mall, and the same girl that helped me before smiled at me as she saw me and then really smiled when she saw the girls. "They're adorable." She said and I smiled "Thank you." I said and we got them each a new outfits for Church something we're starting to do now. We made to the food court and found something to eat and then made it home and my mom about had a heart attack. "You basically cut it all off." She said and we smiled "We like it." We said and Callie asked if she could go show her best friend, who is Blake's sister Nicole. And she nodded at her and then looked at me. "It's beautiful." She said and I smiled "thank you." I said and she just shook her head at me.
She picked up Stormy as I picked up Starry and we walked into the living room and sat down. "You nervous for tomorrow?" She asked me "Oh yeah, I am now a Senior, this year really counts for if I want to get in any college, I have to leave my girls for eight to ten hours a day." I said "Oh Lex, you can handle it." She said "Can I really? Can they?" I asked her and she smiled "I'm sure they can." She said and I smiled at her "Alright then." I said and she just shook her head at me, I decided to load the girls up and take them to Blake's work. He works at a diner just barely in town and I showed up with the girls and he about fell over. "It's beautiful, it looks good on you." He said and I smiled at him "Thanks." I said and left at that so I could help my mom with dinner. We had tacos and tater tots, Allie's favorite meal. Done the way she loved we all smiled at that especially when my mom was laughing and telling embarrassing stories about Allie and me to Blake. I rolled my eyes and daddy looked over at me "Nice hair cut Lexie-poo." He said and I smiled "Thanks." I said after dinner we got the girls in the stroller and did our nightly family walk something we're always going to do.


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