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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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"Lexie you did it!" Hope said as I was walking up to where everybody was gathered up to see who made the Football team, Volleyball team, Soccer team, and cheerleading squad. Only six seniors were going to be on both seasons and I'm one of them! "Did you?" I asked and she was bubbly so that answered my question. "I can't believe it! I have something to put on my college application!" She said and I rolled my eyes in our English class we're working on our applications for the colleges we want to apply to. Brown, Community college of Providence Liston campus and down city. I looked at my Brown's application. I had everything filled out but my essay questions on all of them. I have one hundred hours of community service, my sophomore year.
The question was staring at me daring me to make myself look like a fool. "What make you difference from all of the other thousands of people applying for a spot in our school?" "Begin on your essay portion now." Mr. Bryan said and we all slowly began.
Well, what makes me difference is probably that I am a very determined, well trained to focus, smart teenage girl. I know everybody probably says that but I have a lot of bad past, enough to be amazed at how I'm a Straight A student yet I am. My sister had Leukemia and died of it my Junior year, I was raped and got pregnant so now only did my sister die I found out I was having twins. Down the tube my dreams went, but I knew college is important so I kept focusing on good grades and I did that. No matter what happens in my life I'm going to focus on my education. I know I have to work on my schedule with everything that has gone on but I know I can make it through with no problem. I need a dare, a challenge and Brown is just the school to do that to me. I know school should be my number priority and in a way it is but my girls comes before that, I'm not saying I would blow off classes but they still come first. School is important to me, this school is equally important to me. My sister and I have always dreamed of attending this school since we were young. This would mean the world to me, like I'm sure it would mean the world to many other students.
I finished all of my applications and handed it to Mr. Bryan after class and he nodded at us. We would find out in Spring for early admissions. Noah, Steph, Hope and Blake all meet me at the normal spot for lunch. "That essay was tough." Steph said "yeah it was." I said and Blake nodded in agreement. "You three needs a boyfriend." He said "why?" Steph asked him "I'm tired of being the only boy." He said and I laughed "Aw baby." I said and they all smiled at that. "Blevins, come on! Leave those girls! Your wife will understand!" A football player nodded and he looked at me "Go. You need boy time." I said and he laughed. I saw Callie head my way and I nodded at her "What's up?" I asked her "Grandma." She said and I looked at her weird "is dying." She said "Oh my." I said "We need to go home now." She said and it hit me cheerleading practice. "Forget it. I'll cover for you." Hope said reading my mind and I just blew off Blake and ran to my locker and ran to the office to sign myself out and they understood.
We made it to the middle school and droved as fast as I legally could and make it to the house. My mom had all of our bags packed and crammed it in the car. She got the girls in their spot and looked at me. "Drive to the airport. We have to be there in half an hour." She said and I did as I was directed not really caring about Blake being clueless because I knew Hope would fill him in and he would stay with his mom more than likely. We met up with my dad at the gate as they checked our tickets and my mom and dad sat together, Callie sat with me and Ryan was on the other side of me. I had both girls in my arms. Momma reached across the isle for Stormy and I handed her over.
Aunt Dana was at the airport to pick us up, her plane left earlier so she had the rental van ready. We droved straight to the hospital, nobody saying a word. My Grandma lives in North Carolina so we droved to the Duke Hospital and my mom went in first and Aunt Dana followed her. Daddy waited out when it was my turn with the twins and I walked in there and smiled at my grandma. Allie was the closest to her for some reason but I was pretty close to her. "I love you Grandma. Tell Allie I love her." I said and I saw her eyes sparkle. "I love you too Lexie. I love your girls." She said and I hugged her good-bye.
She died that night and we were all at her house with our Grandpa who was silent but he held Starry without giving her up unless she cried for food or to be changed. They were four months old now and are still as beautiful as ever. "Grandpa?" I asked and he looked up at me it was getting near their bedtime. "It's almost their bedtime." I said "Lexie-boo?" He asked me "Yes sir." I said and I looked at my Iphone Blake was calling me. "Hey Baby." I said "How is everything?" He asked me "She died." I said "I'm so sorry Lex." He said "It's alright, she's with Allie." I said "Yeah, I will get your schoolwork. Coach Riley understands and knows you will work harder." He said and I rolled my eyes at that.
Starry ended up sleeping with my grandpa so I slept in the living room with him with Stormy between me and the couch so she wouldn't fall off. I hardly slept keeping my eye on Starry so he wouldn't drop her. He woke up at six and saw she was staring at him "Hey beautiful. You remind me of your Grandma, and your momma. You are well loved." He said and she did her baby giggle at him and I smiled at that. "You up?" He asked me "yes sir, I'm used to it." I said "Go to Bo jangles and get some breakfast." He said and daddy came out "It's three blocks going to your right. You can walk." He said and I nodded Callie came in "Can I go?" She asked and I nodded. Stormy was still asleep so daddy sat beside her.
On our walk Callie looked at me "What sissy?" I asked her "Why is this happening to our family?" She asked me finally "I don't know sissy." I said I didn't have the heart to tell her that we will be back before the end of the year. We made it to the store and the cashier looked at me "You one of the Wakefield?" She asked me and I nodded "He's my Grandpa." I said "You're Karen's girls aren't you?" She asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "One of her twins." She said and I nodded "News got up here about her other one." She said and I nodded "how's Ann?" She asked me "She died last night." I said and she nodded "She was a good lady. All of your family is." She said not even asking what I wanted but she knew. We paid and then walked back home. I had my arm around her waist bringing her closer to me and then had my arm around her shoulder.
Grandpa smiled at us when we made it in with the food and he took his and we smiled as he ate it. Starry started crying so I picked her up, changed her diaper and fed her. My mom had Stormy and wouldn't let go of her, as soon as Grandpa finished eating he took her again so I was without my girls. I called Blake "Morning, making sure you're getting ready. " I said "uh huh. I'm going don't worry. Football practice." He said and I laughed I had forgotten all about those. "Uh huh. Enjoy it." He mumbled, he sounded half awake to me and knowing him he probably was only half awake. I hung up soon after promising him I would call when we were on our way home. Grandma's wake was today and her funeral will be tomorrow and then we're going home that night and back at school the next day. The next two days Grandma wouldn't let go of Starry for anything.


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