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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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Between Cheerleading practice, school work, homework, the girls, and my family I have been so busy this month. Thanksgiving is three days away but we're still going to be practicing. Five hours long practices to be exact. I couldn't believe it, we're practicing every day but Thanksgiving during this break. It was brutal but I loved it although the time it took away from Starry and Stormy who were growing up way too fast for me. They are six months old, teething some what, they can hold their own bottles now and is sitting up more than what they used to be able to do.
It's the day before Thanksgiving and we're at practice, while we were taking a break I looked up in the bleachers and saw Steph and Noah, they both had two sets of twins so I ran up the bleachers and sure enough Steph had Starry and Stormy. "Hey babies. You see mommy cheering?" I asked and they giggled at me. Coach Riley walked up and smiled at Noah and Steph. "Which set is yours Blevins?" She asked and I picked up Starry who giggled "This is Starry." I said and she smiled at Starry "And this is Stormy." I said and she smiled at me, after she enjoyed the baby time it was back to another two hours of harsh practice. When they motioned for me to go up to them I just shook my head and they came down to me.
They smiled at me and Steph handed me Starry and Stormy, I balanced them on my hip with my gym bag and we walked to our cars. "Why are ya'll here?" I asked "We're going shopping together with the girls." Noah said "Ugh." I said but Hope jogged up "hey you guys," She said :"Hey wanna go shopping?" Steph asked her "Sure." She said and we got the girls in their car seats and made it to the mall in no time. Stormy loves Hope, so Hope took her in her carrying pouch, I had Starry, Noah had Autumn who loves her the most, and Steph had Summer. We shopped for about three hours and then went to my house into my room and my girls were in their cribs and her girls were in the playpen.
The next day I wore my decent flowery skirt with a white tank top, I had my hair down it was down past my mid-back now close to my butt again. It doesn't take my hair no time before it is back to normal. I got the girls dressed in matching dresses with only socks on their feet since we're having it here this Thanksgiving. Blake and I stayed up in our room until all of the guests has arrived and then we slowly walked down. I had Stormy and he had Starry. Stormy was messing with a piece of my hair and I was smiling at that. Grandpa has proved me wrong; he is still alive and is still kicking. "Starry?" He asked me and Starry looked at him giggling. He sat down and Blake walked over and Starry went to her Great-Grandpa. My mom is thirty-three, and my grandparents were eighteen when they had Aunt Dana who is Thirty-five so they were twenty when they had my mom. So my Grandpa is only fifty-three years old my Grandma just had heart problems and lung cancer so she died of that.
I walked around from person to person and they all had to talk about how last year I was pregnant and now look at me. Aunt Dana smiled at me but motioned to the phone so I slowly walked over to the phone with Stormy on my hip. "Hello?" I asked "Can you come get me? Drama has arrived." She said and I looked at my mom "Mom?" I asked "Sure what is one more mouth to feed." She said "I'll be there." I said handing my mom Stormy and grabbing my keys. It was maybe a three minute drive and she was waiting with her diaper bag, purse, and the girls she didn't have their car seats but I had my girl's car seats in here so they got in that and we droved home. She didn't offer anything and I didn't ask. All I know is drama was there and I wasn't sure about that though.
After the family left and I had both of my girls, my dad went into the attic and brought out Allie's and my double stroller. I got Stormy and Starry in theirs and she got Autumn and Summer in my old one. Blake, Ryan, my dad, and Connor was watching the football game that was on. My mom, Aunt Dana, Carrie, Blake's sister Ashley, and Callie were all playing cards game. So we took this as our chance to go for a long walk and talk. We had our diaper bags just in case we needed anything. We went walking north near Blake's house where there is a park and everything. We sat down at the benches once we made it to the park and turned the girls around so they were facing us but still asleep in their strollers.
"Their father, my ex-boyfriend Chad is at my house. Now is he actually saying that they are his and everything. My dad is taking care of it, my little sisters are crying because they scare him now, Steph is completely silent, my mom is trying to comfort all of them while staring at me blaming me for this. But I see how it's my fault and everything because I get Au and Su. Now I regret it because of all of the pain my family is going through." She said and I looked at her "Never regret it. You are a great mother, things will get back to normal once he leaves." I said and she smiled at me. "You are a truly great friend." She said and I smiled at her "Well I try to be anyways." I said and she laughed at me.
The next day when I was walking out of the gym from practice I saw Noah leaning on my car. She has been crying, I could tell by looking at her. Her eyes were all red, she was trying to hide it though I could tell. I set my bag in my side of the car and put my arms around her and hugged her. "What's wrong?" I asked her "Can we drive somewhere?" She asked and I scooted my bag in the back and she got in and we droved to Downtown Fort Pierce where the Marina is. We sat on the brick wall and she looked out in the waves. "My dad asked his boss if he could be transferred to a different location. His boss asked why and my dad told him and he agreed to it. We're going to Oklahoma. We leave in a week." She said "It's the middle of your senior year! I need you! Our girls needs each other!" I said "I know Lexie. I don't want to leave you guys." She said "anyways I could stay with you guys?" She asked and I thought of that so we headed back home.
"We think it would be possible. My office can be moved into the den." Daddy said but momma looked at him "We will have to check with your parents of course." She said and Noah nodded. "They're coming over anyways." Callie said and we looked at her but right on cue the door bell rang. Noah was handed her girls and we walked into my room and listened to them talk. "Noah and Lexie." My daddy said and we slowly walked down the girls were sleeping. "What is it?" I asked "We have decided you can stay here." His dad said and she smiled at them all "Thank you so much." She said and they all smiled at her.
So we spent the next day moving everything and then the following weekend Noah moved in with her stuff and her girls stuff. She will finish out the year here and then see if she gets into Brown and if she does then she is going back to Rhode Island if not then she doesn't know where she is going to be in her life. I'm still doing amazing in school, I'm trying my best on everything because I want to get into Brown. Noah and I are enjoying this too, it just brings back memories from time to time about Allie and me. I miss her so much but I know she is in Heaven, so she is in a better place with our Grandma right next to her. I can't wait for my time to come, I know it will be awhile.


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