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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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February went the same way, her biting my head off for no reason, her complaining that she wants me out of the house how she can't waits for me to graduate and go off and to never come back. "Mom, I think she's pregnant." I said "No Lexie." She said and I just rolled my eyes and picked up Starry who giggled at her mommy. School work was getting easier, since we all earned most of the final credits we needed. I needed one more and that is my English four class, the rest we just go to different classes enjoying it all. Our Senior pictures finally came in and we all looked good, I have been biting my tongue with Allie since January and I don't know how much longer I can.
Alright so I met my match in April when she was screaming at me. I had just put the girls down for their nap and she just started on me. "Callie, shut up." I snapped back and she looked at me about to protest. "I have put up with your childish drama for the past couple of months. I either do this or I kick your ass. I prefer this. You have to grow up and get over it. Noah is not replacing Allie in this family, nobody is. Allie is gone, she wouldn't get upset. You need to stop bitching at me for every little problem that you have. I will find out in a month if you get your wish or not. I don't care the day I turn eighteen if I don't get into one of those colleges. I'm gone and I won't come back because of you. You're pushing me away more and more, every time you treat me like crap. Oh and next time you decide to scream at me don't do it when it's their nap time or I will kick your ass." I said walking away to comfort Starry and Stormy again but it was too late.
May 16th is here, and we're planning the girls birthday party and getting everything set up. School ends June 8th and our graduation is June 10th, the prom got canceled last weekend but it is tomorrow. Blake, Noah, and I have been checking the mail daily to see if we got anything. I'm sitting on the couch with the girls playing on the floor and my cell phone started going off. "Hello?" I asked "Get the mail now! My letter came in. I'm on my way." Hope said and I looked at momma who was knitting. "What?" She asked but I took off running to the mail box and sure enough four for me, four for Blake and Noah as well. I dialed Noah's number "they came!!!" I said and she hung up and Blake was walking in. Noah ran down the stairs, with that though Hope was pulling up and she ran in.
I had Stormy on my lap bouncing her and Hope had Starry on hers. "Open SFU first." Hope said and we all did and all read the words. "Hope you begin." I said "Dear Miss Wakefield I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted!" She said Noah looked at hers and read it "Miss Summers I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted!" She said, Blake said the same and so did my. I bounced Stormy and she giggled at that. We read both of the Community of Providence and we all got in those schools and now we're staring at the Brown letter. Lexie open it. Don't be scared. Allie's voice was back in my head again. "Miss Wakefield I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted." She said and she stood up and spun around with Starry. "Miss Summers I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted!" Noah said who kissed Autumn and Summer, Blake read his and I slowly opened mine. "Mrs. Blevins I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted." I read aloud and my head started spinning. Congratulations sissy. Which school? Um Brown of course! You want your girls to be five when you graduate? Um no. Well it will happen if you go to Brown. Ugh, you're right. When am I not? True. Community College of Providence it is. Blake looked at me "you did it baby." He said and I smiled I looked down at Starry who was looking up at me "Mommy is going to the community college." I said and she clapped her hands and I just stared out the window.
The next afternoon I had Starry and Stormy on my hip pulling out my prom dress with one free finger and set it on my bed. "Tonight is mommy's day and tomorrow is yours." I said and they giggled. "Can you say mama?" I asked and they stared at me blankly and I laughed. Noah and Hope came in with their prom dress and one baby on each side of them. My mom came in and helped us get ready, my hair was down and super curly, it was back to knee length and I decided to leave it like that because it looked prettier. I was wearing a white floor length dress, my nails and make up was nicely done, it was a low cut dress, it was strapless and looked amazing. "How do I look?" I asked spinning around and they all smiled, I picked up the girls for my picture taken with them.
Blake, Jacob who is Hope's date, Jack who is Noah's date came over and of course we got a ton of pictures thanks to my mom and dad. My daddy was about in tears but he smiled at me anyways, I know why my mom had a sad look in her eye, Allie was supposed to be getting ready for prom, she was supposed to be about to graduate, about to go off to Brown this fall but she isn't. We all left and went out to act like actual teenagers even though we aren't regular teenagers we're mothers and Blake is a father.
Prom Queen and King was handed out and we ended up leaving and going to the beach instead. Blake wrapped his arms around me and was kissing my lips, but knew I wasn't in it. "Allie would have been here, we would be planning the dorm room, joking about graduation." I said "it's okay Lexie." He said and I nodded knowing everybody is going to say that even though it isn't true. "I'm not going to Brown." I said and he nodded "I know honey, it's a four year school." He said "You're going." I said and he rolled his eyes "Fine, I'll go with Hope." He said "go with me where?" She asked "to Brown, Lexie isn't going." He said "I'm not either." Noah said and I smiled at her.
Things are not how I pictured they would be two years ago. I didn't picture that I would be sitting out at the beach on my Senior prom. If they said that Allie wouldn't have made it I would have said they were crazy, that she would make it through it. Or that Callie wasn't speaking to me I would have laughed in their faces because Callie and I were close. That I would be married to Blake I would have laughed and said we were just friends and always would be. If they would have said that I would have gotten pregnant with twins I would have said they were crazier than crazy. Or that I would pick a community college over Brown I would have laughed in their faces.
Yet all of this is true, I will be graduating on the tenth of June, my twin daughters Starlet and Storm will be a year old tomorrow, Allie never made it to her junior year, Callie hasn't talked to me since I stood up for myself, Blake and I are married for a year now and I am not going to Browns. "I need to go somewhere." I said suddenly not realizing that we haven't spoke in about five minutes so they all jumped. "I know." Blake and Hope said, Hope's and Noah's dates has already left and Noah was at home with her girls it was just the three of us now.
We pulled up to the cemetery and I made my way up to her grave and sat down on the ground. "So sissy, it's our prom night. I bet you would have looked so beautiful. I miss you sissy. Stormy and Starry are a year old in exactly a minute." I said and with that I just left I couldn't handle any more of this and Blake held me tight as I cried my eyes out. Steph is graduating June 9th, so Noah and the girls are flying out of the 8th and will be back on the 9th in the evening for her graduation on the 10th. We made it home and my mom looked worried but I just hugged her and then she held me tight. "You're okay Lexie. I promise you that you are." She said and I only nodded and went to my room.


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