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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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Saturday finally came and we all made it to the room with boxes. It took all morning but we packed up Allie's stuff and carried it to the Attic, we kept her dresser for the baby clothes, we brought down the old crib and changing table, and rocking chair and rearranged my room so everything looked right. They knew that I kept her stuffed animals but nobody said anything. Afterwards Blake came over and I showed him the room and he smiled at me. He looked down and smiled at my small baby bump. "You're showing it off." He said and I smiled "Am I really?" I asked and he smiled and kissed my lips. My shirts were getting too tight, so it did show off my baby bump. Everybody at school knows anyways and Blake is taking the blame. I smiled at him "I can't believe I'm six weeks pregnant in three days." I said and realized that Allie has been dead for going on six weeks. I will be due May 18th, and I hope that I do have a girl.
It's now October 18th, so Allie has been dead for two months. It's hardest on my mom but she is so excited for the new baby that is arriving she isn't focusing just on Allie's death. My Facebook Status is: It's been two months without you Allie. I miss you. Plus side is second month appointment today! Blake smiled at me after school today, you could tell that I was pregnant. I did research and it is proven that if you are a twin then you have a chance of having twins. "Miss Summerland everything is okay, you are healthy. Your first sonogram is now." She said and we nodded and she zoomed in. "You are having twins Miss Summerland." She said and Blake smiled at me, I knew I had room for the other crib we just had to rearrange the room some more but that doesn't bother me.
"So how did it go?" My mom asked me, I sat down on the couch rubbing my small bump. I then felt the urge to puke so I ran to the bathroom and let it all out and then my mom smiled at me when I walked back in. "Morning sickness." She said and I rolled my eyes at that "I'm having twins." I said and she smiled at me "Amazing." She said and I smiled "What do you want?" She asked me "Girls." I said and she smiled at me "You will do good with girls." She said and I smiled at her because I knew she was right.
Blake and I were in my room the following week. Morning sickness was kicking my butt but I didn't really care. "Want to think of baby names?" He asked me and I smiled at him. "I think I do." I said and he laughed at me. "Alexis Nicole Summerland." He said and I nodded "Allison Hope Summerland." I said and he smiled at me "Starlet Lynn?" He asked me and I smiled "Storm Hope." I said and he smiled at me, "Connor Richard and Austin Jacob." I said and he smiled at me, he held my hand as we walked downstairs to tell my mom and dad. "Starry and Storm. Connor and Austin." I said and they smiled at me.
School that following Monday was brutal. "Pregnant Lexie!" A kid yelled when I walked by in the hall. I didn't care though, I knew kids were going to be cruel, so I just went to my locker and tore down another "Put this on your back: Wide Load." Sign and placed my books in my locker. Blake and Hope came up and smiled at me. "How are you?" He asked me and I smiled "Good, morning sickness seems to come during lunch or break. That's a good thing." I said and he smiled at me, "You're ten weeks right?" Hope asked me and I nodded she smiled at me. Blake smiled at me and hugged me "You ready to go home?" He asked "Yup. I just can't wait for six more weeks." I said and she looked at me "I can find out the sexes and then go shopping!" I said and they smiled at me, they have been my friends long enough to know that I love to shop. Blake dropped me off then went back to practice and I decided to go take a nap, I was tired all the time, my back hurts now, and my feet are hurting and swollen and my boobs are finally bigger.
I'm feeling dizzy so I sit up and I look around my surroundings, I'm in a beautiful place that I wasn't sure of where it is. There is a water fall over to the left into a beautiful river. The most beautiful fish are swimming in it, I see beautiful trees around me. Then I finally see a person, it looks like a girl with long hair flying behind her. "Hello?" I said finally gaining my voice back and able to speak. "Hi." The voice said sounding confidence and sounds familiar. The girls slowly walks towards me and I recognize those icy blue eyes and that knee length strawberry blonde hair anywhere. "Allie?" I asked her and she smiled at me, her famous smile. "The one and only." She said "Where am I?" I asked her "A part of Heaven." She said "It's beautiful." I said "I know." She said sitting next to me wrapping her arm around my shoulder. "Things haven't been the same without you sissy." I said "I know sissy, trust me I know. But I'm not in pain anymore sissy. I'm proud of what you're doing. I'm so glad that you told Blakey how you feels! I'm glad momma and daddy are getting stronger, I'm glad Ryan is and Callie is too. Life is moving on for you guys and that is wonderful." She said "But we all miss you deep down." I said "I know that, why do you think I'm not mad? Lexie, you did the greatest thing. Two new babies will be born in May, mom is going to be so happy. You will hear her normal laugh, not her fake laugh. Around Thanksgiving Callie and Ryan are getting back to normal. Daddy will be back to normal around Christmas. Momma not so much but as soon as she holds her first grandchild she will be." Allie said "I don't know if I can wait that long." I said and she laughed at me "Always impatience sissy." She said "Wait you know what I'm having don't you?" I asked and she looked away "I can't tell you sissy. I know you will be a great mommy to your two wonderful children." She said and I smiled "I love you sissy." I said "I love you too." She said and then she vanished and so did the beautiful place I was in.
"Honey, dinner is ready." Daddy said and I slowly got up and hugged him. In two more weeks it will be November 18th, and then Thanksgiving will be right around the corner so they will be back to normal if my dream comes true. I was thinking about that throughout dinner and momma looked at me "What happened?" She asked me "A dream." I said "Go on." Daddy said and I told them everything and momma only nodded she couldn't even speak of anything else. "Wonderful." She said and I nodded at her and we went back to eating in silent but nobody complained about it. Until Callie looked over at Allie's spot and we all did and momma had tears in her eyes and so did Callie. I just stared at it regretting that I said anything.
I went over to Blake's after the dishes and he comforted me as Itold him all that happened. "Everything will be okay Lexie." He said and I only nodded at him hoping he was right about this. I ended up falling asleep in his arms and woke up it was morning. "I'm so sorry." I said but he was half awake, "It's okay my mom came in around eleven and saw and called your parents." He said and I nodded "I gotta go get ready." I said and he smiled at me "I know." He said and I smiled at him as I walkedhome and got dressed and smiled at my daddy who was sipping coffee and day dreaming I guess about Allie. "Daddy, things will get better." I said and he only smiled at me "I know. Just think next month we could find out if you're having girls or boys or both." He said and I smiled at him. "I know daddy. Allie is happy for us." I said "I believe you sweetie. It's hard though. A parent isn't supposed to out live a child. It's supposed to be the other way." He said "Daddy, everything happens for a reason. We just have to keep on living our lives."


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