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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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Thanksgiving is finally here! On the 18h of December I can hopefully find out the sexes of my babies! I'm wearing a cute dress that doesn't show off my baby bump too bad. I had my hair down and Callie came in and smiled at me as I was brushing it. "Can I brush it for you?" She asked me and I smiled at her "Are you sure? It's mighty long." I said and she smiled "I know, I love your hair." She said and I smiled and handed her the brush. "I hope you have girls." She said "Me too, you will be a great aunt." I said and she smiled at me. "I sure hope so anyways." She said I turned around and saw the old sparkle in her eyes again."You ready to go girls?" Ryan asked us and I realized he was back to normal, he was only ten. Did we expect him to mourn for his big sister forever? "Yeah." I said wrapping my arms around both of their shoulders.
It's the 18th and I'm up early due to the babies kicking me. "Soccer players, aren't ya?" I asked giggling and smiled that not only do I find out the sex of my babies but today is the last day of school for this year! Because of the Christmas break! We go back January 3rd. I'm wearing maternity clothes, but I'm enjoying the pregnancy, I'm happy and not a pain to many people. I walked downstairs and saw my dad back to his normal self, my mom was slowly getting there but perked up when she saw me. "So. Today is the day, huh?" She asked me and I nodded "Yes ma'am. After school." I said and she smiled at me.
Another brutal day, they are back on me about Allie and especially about being pregnant. But it was Christmas time, and I find out the sexes today so I just focused on the final midterm and then walked with Blake out of the school's building and into his car. "You ready baby?" He asked me and I smiled "Sure am." I said and he smiled at me, she took my weight and blood pressure. "How are you?" She asked me "Wonderful, best experience!" I said and she smiled at me "I'm sure it is." She said "You two ready to see if they will let us find out?" She asked us "Yes ma'am." I said and she placed the blue liquid gel on my stomach and rubbed the thing over my belly and zoomed in "It looks like both of them are girls." She said and Blake smiled at me "Best Christmas present." I said and she smiled "Congratulations. Next month we will do another sonogram since it will be your halfway mark." She said and I nodded "Stay healthy, don't stress over school or the drama they are giving you." She said and I smiled at her "Yes ma'am."
I kept what I'm having secret until today, it's Christmas Eve and we're opening one gift. They all picked my name out of the hat so I gave them each a little box. Which I scribbled Strom Hope and Starlet Lynn. When they all opened it momma had a huge grin on her face and she hugged me. "I knew it! So on the 26th we're going baby girl shopping!" She said and I smiled at her "thank you mom." I said everyone else was happy. Blake knocked and asked if he could take me somewhere and I looked at my parents who nodded. "Lexie, I love you." He said we were on the beach "I love you too." I said and he smiled at me, "is that Selena Gomez?" He asked and I turned around to look and then turned back around and he was on one knee with a beautiful box. "Alexis will you marry me?" He asked me and I couldn't speak, I couldn't even think. Alexis Nicole you better say yes. Allie's voice was back in my head and I smiled at that but then smiled at Blake "Yes I will." I said and he smiled at me. I told him when we were twelve when they were doing tests on Allie that I wanted a Christmas wedding. "Do you still want a Christmas wedding?" He asked me and I smiled "Yeah but it's a day away." I said "Consider it done." He said and I smiled at him, I was clueless on how he was going to pull it off. But I knew Blake would because he loves me and our daughters!
I can't believe it but I was awoken at six by my mom saying that it was time to get up so we can go to my wedding. He asked them about a month ago and they secretly set it up with all of my dreams from when I was five to in July. I slowly got up and mom said that I was going to love my dress but I didn't want to listen. I took a long and relaxing shower and then got dressed in sweats and threw my hair into a ponytail as I was directed. We celebrated Christmas and then at eight we were on the way to Church, our old pastor was willing too since all of his kids were grown and his wife was with his getting ready for the huge Christmas dinner.
I fell in love with my dress, it was my dream dress, floor length white, with little crystal likes beads on the waist it was fitted for my side, it was strapless like I wanted and it went good with my tan. My hair was made into super curly and part of it was put into a twisted ponytail thingy and then they added the last few items and my mom looked at me and smiled "You're beautiful." She said and I smiled "thank you." I said I looked in the mirror and I looked at least eighteen not like I was sixteen but I was beautiful. Lexie is Gorgeous! Allie's voice said and I smiled at that, daddy came in. "Lex you ready?" He asked me and I nodded.
We walked down the aisle, of course there wasn't that many people here but it was enough to count for me. We exchanged our vows and then he we kissed and we were now Mr. and Mrs. Blevins. The reception went great and I couldn't believe that not only was I having twin girls but I was married. It is hard to believe how much your life can change within a year. First it was Allie's death, then being raped, finding out I'm pregnant, my junior year began, admitting my feelings to Blake, finding out the sexes and now I'm married. A lot has happened and I'm glad some of it has but I just wish Allie would have been here in person although I know she was here in heart it isn't the same.
The next day I was awoken at four thirty to get up and to get ready. We were leaving at five to spend the day shopping. Callie, momma, Aunt Dana, and me. Aunt Dana is my mom older sister by two years they have always been so close. I took a shower and looked down at my beautiful wedding ring and engagement ring. I got dressed in what I could wear and brushed my hair and made it downstairs in time. "You look good." Daddy said hugging me and I smiled, it felt good to have daddy back to his normal self and my mom is getting there slowly. We made it Aunt Dana's and she got in and smiled at us "Congratulations on the babies and the marriage." She said and I smiled at her "thank you." I said we went shopping for clothes for me within my next few stages, clothes for Callie, then we hit the baby store in the mall.
A lady in her early twenties walked up to me and smiled at me, "Hello I am Sara, I will be at your assistant. How may I help you?" She asked me and I looked at my mom "I can't help you. I'm just buying it." She said and I looked at her feeling my confidence boost up a level "I'm looking for everything for twin girls minus the cribs, dresser, and changing table." I said and she smiled at me "You seem nice, follow me." She said and I did as I was told she told me all of the things I needed to know, told me more books to read up on especially since I'm having twins, showed me the top car seat, the top stroller, the breast-feeding pump, and last but not least she pointed at the clothes and we stocked up on that. When we were done she smiled at me and rang it all up. The total wasn't cheap but my mom didn't complain "You need all of this." She said as we loaded everything in the car. We then ate at the food court before we went home where I had rearranged my room yet again. Blake was moving in the next day, since we're married.
"Lexie it's amazing." Blake said as we made the room perfect for all of us. "I think so too." I said sitting next to him on the bed rubbing my not so small belly. I was craving pickles and ice cream but I didn't want to bug him. "You need anything baby?" He asked me "Pickles and ice cream." I said and he laughed at me "I'm on it." He said and I watched him leave and sat in the rocker imagining me in a couple of months with a baby in my arms instead of in my uterus. Kyle did a great thing for me, he is giving me two new lives sure it has changed my life dramatically but for the better I think. I'm married to the boy of my dreams and I'm still finishing out high school. School lets out June 6th so I'm going to miss the end of the school year, the finals but they are letting me take it home and do it. I will finish up the year at home with my newborns but then I will begin my senior year.
That night was strange, my first night with somebody else in my room since Allie's death, and he's in my bed. He had his arms around me it felt so normal although it wasn't. I can't wait until May 18th to be able to hold Stormy and Starry in my arms and to kiss their cheeks. I can't wait for them to grow up, I can't wait for them to get old enough so I can tell them about their Aunt Allie. I ended up having another dream with Allie in it.
It was in a beautiful field with beautiful flowers all around me. I saw the same waterfall a distance away. Allie came bouncing up and smiles at me "I knew you were having girls! I also know they are going to be amazing little girls, then they will make you proud of them. I'm so proud that you're married. I was there, by your side the whole time. I love you sissy." She said and I smiled at her "I wish I could know what they will be when they grow up." I said "It's unpredictable to say. They will struggle throughout life that is for sure. But you will be proud. Just remember your teenage life." She said and I laughed at that "It's wonderful. I'm having two baby girls in May, I'm married to the boy of my dreams. All I'm missing is you." I said "Oh Lex, I'm always here with you. I'm that voice in your head you hate. I'm the flower you see. I'm everywhere you are. I'm part of you, I'm your sister. I love you, I'm always here when you need me the most." She said and again with that she was gone.
I woke up and slowly got out of bed, Blake did look up but I told him to go back to sleep and he listened. I walked into the living room where my mom was looking at old pictures of us, she had a tissue in her hand and tried to hide it when she saw me walk in. "It's okay." I said sitting next to her and smiling at the baby pictures of Allie & me. We were adorable babies, we were happy babies, we never cried for hours on ends. "I hope my girls are like me and Allie." I said "I'm sure they will be, they will be so close." She said "Mom, will there be a chance.." I tried asking but she cut me off "It doesn't always happen. Allie was just one of the victims Lexie."She said and I nodded she got to one picture that I remember faintly. It was Allie, me, and Callie baby Ryan was in mine and Allie's lap Callie was next to Allie. We were all smiling at the camera, Ryan was probably three months old. "I love this one." I said and she smiled "I do too. My favorite is this one." It was a picture of momma, daddy, me and Allie. Aunt Dana must have took the picture. We were at a circus, people in the background but we were near the sign. We were two, momma was pregnant with Callie in this picture. "I loved that day from what you guys told us." I said and she smiled at me "We had some good times, camping as a family and going on road trips. Going to see your grandparents and you girls spending a couple weeks with them, enjoying camp as a preteen and then we found out the news." She said and I only hugged her hoping she would stop and she did. We didn't need to cry.


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