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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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The month of January for me was really brutal. School was tough, they were prepping us for the SATS which will be in March. My fellow classmates are being little pain in my butts, always teasing me, always picking on me, making fat jokes to me, calling me a slut, a hoe, and a whore. School work was only getting tougher on me and it was hard to maintain my A average but I was doing that I didn't know how but I was. Then at home everybody was still adjusting to Blake living with us, with me being married, and it just brings back more memories of Allie, so when we thought my mom was normal again she crumbled under our eyes. She was a wreck, we had to clean the house and cook dinner because she just couldn't bring herself to do it.
Then with me being pregnant it is worse. I'm more emotional, my mood swings are really kicking in. I feel so huge, my ankle are swollen, I'm having leg cramps. I hate the feeling of being fat, but I'm having more and more craving so I stuff my face when I'm at home so that just makes things worse for me. "Lexie, it's your turn to cook." Callie said "Alright." I said but the tone was one of the worse ones, I bit her head off and she almost started crying. "Sorry Callie, mood swings." I said "Oh My God. I'm not getting pregnant." She said when she walked out and daddy laughed "good job." He said and I smiled and walked to the kitchen, I was in the mood for curly fries and chili cheese dogs. So when I got done with making dinner when we all ate but momma they went on their normal walk. Blake went to work, he decided when he moved in to give up his sports and to get a job. But I told him he is doing Foot Ball his senior year, he needs a scholarship to Brown. I'm probably going to do cheerleading so I can get one not only by my grades. I walked into my parent's room with a plate and handed it to her. I watched her eat half of it and then she curled back up in bed. "Momma, it's okay. Everything will be alright." I said "Oh Lexie, I hope you never go through this." She said and I nodded and I hugged her hoping things will be okay because I'm not even sure anymore.
February was even tougher for all of us. School was kicking it into high gear, piling school work on us, plus cramming in SATS sessions, we had a ton of home work every night and even more on the weekends. The good part about us being crammed with so much school work everybody doesn't have that much time to make my life like crap. It was lunch time on the 19th so I was six months pregnant now and I'm not ashamed to show off my belly. Hope handed me a bag of chip and I slowly started eating it. "Three months to go." She said and I smiled she was so excited for Starry's and Stormy's arrival. "I know, trust me I'm counting it down." I said and Blake nodded until his friends called him "I'll see ya in English Three." He said to us and walked off. English three is our last class for the day and we all have that class. "So?" She asked and I knew what she was talking about "God no." I said "It's safe." She said "Eh no." I said and she laughed at me. "After they are?" She asked me and I looked away "uh-oh!" She said and I slapped her and we busted out laughing.
I made it home to see Aunt Dana cleaning the house up. Today we were all going to pitch together and get it spotless. "Afternoon Lexie. How are the girls?" she asked walking over and rubbing my belly. "They are good, healthy, growing at the right pace. Three more months." I said and she smiled "I remember those days." She said and I smiled "How is she?" I asked "Not so good. Her Birthday is March 16th, so she is going out with your daddy that night and then me on the 18th since it's a Friday." She said and I smiled at her. "When are your SATS?" She asked me "Her birthday. I'm studying all I can, but then I have to read up on my pregnancy and then about what to expect."
Alright so I woke up today and smiled at myself. Sure in two days I will be seven months pregnant but today is my momma's birthday. She is thirty-three today so it's a big day for her. Callie, Blake, Ryan, daddy, and I went shopping last Friday when she didn't feel like going on our nightly walk so we got her two gifts one from daddy which she will get tonight and one from us kids. Ryan loves having Blake around because now he isn't the only boy in the house expect for daddy. Momma was up when Blake and I walked down and she smiled at us "Happy Birthday momma." I said hugging her Blake was told to call her mom. "Happy Birthday mom." He said and she smiled "thank you." She said and then added in "Callie is sick today so she isn't going to school." Momma said and I looked at her "Alright, she's skipping school. You have to." She said and I smiled "what are the plans?" I asked "Shopping early this morning, visiting your grandma with having lunch, then watching a movie, and then we'll be home." She said and I smiled "Have fun." I said and she smiled "Good luck both of you." She said and I smiled "thanks." We said and left so we wouldn't be late.
It took all morning but the whole 11th grade was finally done with their SATS so we were all ushered into the gym to be rewarded with the rest of the day being free. "How did you think you did?" Hope asked me "good, I hope I got my names right." I said and she laughed "Did you do Lexie or Alexis?" She asked me "Alexis. Psst, I'm not going to get my name wrong for doing my nickname." I said and she laughed Blake made his way over after he finished the game of basketball. "Having fun?" He asked me "Sure am." I said and he laughed "A good luck kiss?" He asked and I kissed his cheek as he left me.
I remember so clearly right now my mom's last birthday. Allie was going through chemo but it hasn't taken the toll on her body yet. But we skipped school that day and made it my mom's best birthday yet. We took her to the spa, they gave her whatever she wanted, we went out to eat with our grandma, and then went shopping instead of seeing a movie. We were all laughing and Allie looked almost healthy until she threw up on the way home in a bucket. The next day though chemo really took it toll on her, she woke up to find a chunk of blond hair on the bed and I held her tight as she cried and so did momma when I had to go to school.
"Lex?" Hope asked me and I realized she was still talking to me. "Oh sorry, lost in thoughts." I said "About Allie? And today being your mom's birthday?" She asked and I nodded "It's okay Lexie." She said and I smiled at her "I know Hope." I said and she smiled at me and I looked at Blake who was throwing the ball into the basket and I smiled at that. "Daddy is taking momma out tonight." I said and she smiled at me "I hope she has fun." He said "I hope so too." I said and she smiled at me and the bell that let us know that school was finally over rang and we all went our separate ways.
Sure enough momma got all dressed up and ended up looking beautiful for her date night with daddy. Nobody was brave enough to bring up Allie. When she got home though she met me on the swing porch and smiled. "Remember last year? How much fun us three had?" She asked me and I smiled "Yeah. Allie was so beautiful that day, so were you." I said and she smiled at me "Good to know then huh?" She asked and I smiled at her. "How do you think you did?" She asked me "I'm hoping good." I said "My straight A daughter since third grade? You probably did do great." She said and I smiled "thanks mom." I said "No thank you." I said and of course on the 19th she was back to the new her we were all so sure her birthday made her happy again but it didn't.


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