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I'm a girl. that believes in dreams and I believe.

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie's life has now changed for the worse. Her twin sister Allie died with cancer, she got raped by a guy and is now pregnant. Will her best friend Blake become more than that? Will she be able to handle her sister's death? Will her life get better or worse? Read on my friend View table of contents...


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When I did get the final exams Blake would watch the girls in the living room as I locked myself in my room and took the exams. I was on my last exam and I would bring it in tomorrow morning and as my teacher excused herself from class she would grade it and then get together with all of my teachers this afternoon and get my grades for my final exams. I finished this one in no time and walked into the living room and everyone smiled at me. Momma was holding Starry and daddy was holding Stormy. "I think I did good." I said and they smiled at me "Good job." Momma said then went back to focusing on Starry. "You're going to spoil her." I said "And?" She asked and I laughed at that, I sat down between her and my dad.
Life with two newborns have changed my life, it is nothing to be up almost all night with the girls. Either they are hungry, they need changed, they want attention or whatever it is I'm up mot of the night. Blake wants to help but I won't let him since he has school so he goes back to sleep. "I can watch them tomorrow." She said "No ma'am. Mrs. Woods wants to see them." I said and she smiled "Could you blame her? They're adorable." She said and then handed me Starry and helped Callie and Ryan with their homework. Ryan doesn't seem to care for the girls but Callie loves having them here so that's a good thing.
At around eight thirty, I got dressed in my ripped jeans and old cheerleading shirt. I put my hair into a pony-tail, changed the girls and got them in their car seats. I got the diaper bags ready and loaded them up in the car. I was told to call my mom when I got there and when I was leaving. Since I died, she is over protective of me and the girls. At least I was saved I would tell her but that wasn't good enough for her so I just rolled my eyes and I said I would.
I turned the radio down low and spent most of the ride talking to the girls explaining what I'm about to do and everything. I pulled into the Visitor's parking lot and pulled out my Iphone. "I'm here mom. I will call when I'm in the car to leave. Bye love you." I said and after she said "Ok, love you too." I hung up and got the girls out and with both car seats in my hand I made my way to the front office. The sectary told me to sit down and I did. The girls were put in the seat next to me with the car seats sideways so I could keep an eye on them. Mrs. Woods came in and lead me to the teacher's lounge. "They're beautiful Lexie." She said and I smiled at her "Thank you." I said and she got a sad look on her face. "I had a little girl, I got in an accident and although I tried to save her I didn't so she died on impact, she was three months old. My baby at that, my three other girls were with their dad so they didn't get hurt." She said and I nodded and she went to grade my exam.
"You did great on all of them, one hundreds for each subject." She said and I smiled "Thank you for doing this." I said "no problem sweetie. Can I hold Starry?" She asked me and I gently picked Starry up and she held her smiling at her. It was ten thirty when I made it to the car and Blake and Hope caught up with me, it was in between classes, we talked for a little bit and then they left. But I wasn't alone, Kyle came out and smiled "My girls." He said "No, they are Blake's" I said "you're not fooling me." He said "Leave me alone." I said "I want to see them." He said luckily I had locked the doors "Leave me alone." I said again, he didn't listen tried to get the keys from me so I kicked him in the balls, got in my car as quickly as I could and pulled away. I needed gas so after I got the gas I called my mom and told her I was on my way and would be home shortly. When I did get home I told her all about what happened and she hates Kyle even more.
It's June 18th and Blake and I are at the doctor's office. I hate being at the doctor's office but this time it's for Stormy and starry, who are already so spoiled by everybody. Blake looked away when they gave the girls their shots, but I couldn't pull away something just made me watch them, watch the girls cry a little because of it. That brought back so many memories of me holding Allie's hand as they stabbed a needle in her, or an IV in her it just made me think of Allie.Afterwards we went to my grandma's house and she enjoyed the little visit. We did the drive through thingy at McDonald's and brought everyone lunch at home.
"How did they take it?" She asked me "they cried a little. Blake couldn't watch." I said and he rolled his eyes at me. "That isn't it." He said and we all laughed. Everything is back to normal, we do our normal things minus Allie and plus Blake and the girls. I heard the mail and with Starry in my arms walked out the door and got the mail. We were supposed to get our reports cards today and sure enough we did. Next year I'm known as Lexie Blevins instead of Summerland. "Ryan let us see." Mom said he was twelve as of June 10th. "94 in English, 92 in Math, 93 in Social Studies, 98 in History, 95 in Science. 100 in Gym, 96 in Art. You are a middle schooler now." She said and he smiled. Callie's birthday is in September so she will be fifteen this fall. "100 in English, 98 in Math, 96 in Social Studies, 93 in science, 100 in History, 100 in Gym, 100 in Computer Literacy. You are a high schooler now." She said smiling and she opened mine. "100 in English 3, 100 in American Government, 100 in Civics, 100 in Algebra 2, 100 inMarine Biology, 100 in Creative Writing. You are a Senior." She said and I smiled and she read Blake's. "96's in all classes, you are a senior." She said and he smiled at her and me. "I hope the girls are as smart as you." He said and I smiled "oh they will be." I said and he smiled at me.
Hope came over when Starry and Stormy were taking a nap so I met her on the porch. "So?" I asked her "100's in all my classes." She said "me too. Blake got all 96's." I said and she laughed "You are getting into Brown next fall." She said and I smiled "I hope so anyways." I knew it was going to be a lot of work, the first five years of my girls life I will be in school and then they enter school. We walked up to my room and checked in on the girls and then walked back downstairs. "Any plans for your birthday?" She asked me "Not yet, we're not really sure." I said and she smiled "that's understandable. I hope it's a good one." She said and I smiled "me too." I said and she smiled at me.
Later that night Blake and I were on the swing porch with the girls in their swings facing us asleep sucking on their pacifiers. "I think for your birthday we should do a road trip." He said and I looked at him "Where to?" I asked him his birthday is July 3rd. "Providence, Rhode Island." He said and I smiled "good idea." I said "my parents have the money for us to go for our birthday presents. The girls will be two months old so they can travel more." He said and I smiled "I like that." I said and my parents came out, my dad had a beer in his hand. "Road trip one?" She asked and I nodded "Good idea, you should go." Daddy said "And check out Community College of Rhode Island: Liston campus and Down City." She said and I rolled my eyes at that but only nodded I knew it would be a good idea. "Alright so we're doing this." I said and he smiled at me, and it hit me that this will be my first birthday without Allie here to celebrate it with. I couldn't believe I was just now thinking of that. Hope's dreams has always been to go to Brown as well, we have all dreamt of that day since we were eight. Allie was in on it too but she didn't get to go as you can tell by her not being here with us that is.


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