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It's us against the world baby doll

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Imagine being an only child up until you're eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she's mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn't work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it's you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you're on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out? View table of contents...


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I went home and my dad and Kelly were asleep in the guest bedroom so I went into my bedroom and sat on my bed, twirling my ring around. I couldn't sleep, I was excited, anxious, and nervous about tomorrow. I heard little foot steps and a knock on my door and then it cracked, Bella came walking in with her teddy bear my dad gave her when she was born, I had the same bear. "Come here sissy." I said and she sat in my lap "Do you like Austin?" I asked "Uh-huh." She said "If you don't tell me, if you don't feel safe around him tell me. I want you to feel safe and happy." I said and Bella hugged me "I love Austin, Austin makes you happy, Austin makes us all happy." Bella said "Why can't you sleep then?" I asked "mom." She said "What about mom?" I asked "What if mom crashes your wedding?" Bella asked I haven't thought about that, leave it to my little sister to think that up "Then we will have a wedding nobody will ever forget. Don't think for one minute mom is going to snatch you up. I have full custody of you." I said and Bella hugged me "Honey, you couldn't really point mom out if you had to." I said and she hugged me "Thanks sissy. Good-night." She said and she crawled in my bed and I didn't protest I crawled under it.
My alarm went off at five, my wedding wasn't until four but it takes all day to get ready. I went into the kitchen and my dad had breakfast made "Santa came while we were sleeping." He said winking at me "Are you sure you don't want to walk me down the aisle?" I asked "After what I said to you growing up I don't deserve it. But I'm going to make it up." He said "How?" I asked "I will bring it up after your wedding, okay?" He asked and I nodded. Everybody was up by six and we were eating and I got a pounding on my door "Hello?" I asked from behind "It's Abby let me in!" She said and I opened the door and Abby was in her track suit "Get in your jogging suit, get the girls in theirs. We have nail, hair, and make up appointments!" She said "Okay." I said and I got Kelsey in hers and then got in mine and Bella was in hers. "We will take my car, don't worry Austin gave me his carseat." He said and I got Kelsey in and then i got in. "Why are you doing this? I would have made it." I said "This way I know you aren't standing up Austin." Abby said "I would never." I said "I"m sure. But let's be honest I don't care for the whole teen mother, raising sister aspect, that could be just an act. You could be after Austin's money for all I know. And I don't want my little boy to get hurt." She said, Wow did she just say that to me?! I feel a cat fight coming! "Abby, I love Austin with all my heart, my girls love Austin, I wouldn't bring a guy into their life if it wasn't serious. I don't want them to get hurt, I don't want to hurt Austin, let's not worry about my feelings. You can hate on me for the rest of your life but at four o'clock I will become your daughter in-law if you like it or not." I said and that shut Abby up.
She was quiet until we pulled up to the nail salon anyways and all the women who were in the wedding were getting their nails done and Abby had to go around making sure the workers are doing it right. "So it's your big day?" The woman doing my nails asked "It doesn't seem like it." I said "Abby is a big paying customer. She was like this for Noah's wedding." She said "Does she like Noah's wife?" I asked "Couldn't stand her, she never had a backbone, she did when she got pregnant though and bit Abby's head off. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. Nobody talks to Abby that way. Or hasn't yet." She said and I could feel my face turn red "Oh no! YOu did?" She asked and I nodded "Finally! Maybe she will have respect for you." She said and I had a small smile on my face. "Abby, relax! Get your nails done. We have plenty of time." I said I was sitting down letting my dry and Kelsey got placed on my lap "Aw! Your nails are beautiful!" I said and Kelsey giggled at me, Abby gave me a death glare because we were laughing, the workers had a smile on their face. "It's my wedding day." I said to Kelsey who giggled "To Au-Au!" She said "Yes to Au-Au!" I said and she kissed my cheek.
She was the same at the make up place, all quiet but barking orders and I just sat there doing as I was told to get my make up done. I was about ready to snap, but I wanted to remain calm as long as I could, it was only eleven I had five hours to go. It took an hour for the make up and then at the hair, when she started demaning how my hair would be I snapped "Abby I appreciate your concern. But this is my wedding, my wedding day. I think they're doing my hair perfectly. I love it. I love that you're the take charge kind of woman, I really do. But last I checked today was about me and Austin, not you."I said and it took Abby a minute for a response "Trailer trash these days, they don't appreciate all the work you're doing to make them beautiful." Abby said to the woman doing my hair "Excuse me. I appreciate it, I just don't appreciate the bad attitude. I'm not going to sit back and let you trash talk me. And if you start trash talking my girls it's on. You can go on about me but don't talk about them. We are not trailer trash. I would rather be a trailer trash and proud of where I came from than to be a stuck up snob like you are." I said and the place was quiet "I'm sorry." Abby said "I am too." I said and I sat back down. She had my hair super curly and then cute little things in it to keep it pinned up and let's not forget the can of hair spray.
We got to the church around three and everybody was getting into their dresses, and Abby came up and helped me zip my dress once it was on Abby smiled "You look like a Princess." She said "I feel like a princess. Thank you." I said and I turned to look at Kelsey and Bella who looked beautiful in their dresses. My dad knocked "Everybody dressed?" He asked "Yes come in." I said "You look beautiful. I wanted to give you the locket I gave your mother on our wedding day." He said and I smiled, it was beautiful, a golden heart shape with a diamond on it, I opened it up to see a picture of Kelsey and Bella on one side and then Austin on the other side, I remember my mom wearing it in the early years but not very often anyways. My dad put it on me "I'm proud of the woman you have turned into." He said and I hugged him and kissed his cheek "I love you daddy." I said "I love you too." He said and we went back to getting ready.
Abby took charge again "Places everybody! The preacher and groom are in place now!" She yelled and we all got in order, as the normal procedure went with the typical wedding line up everybody slowly walked up the aisle, the bridesmaid and groomsmen went up to their positions, then Allie slowly walked up in her beautiful dress, I was so happy to have her as my maid of honor. The party they threw for me last weekend was amazing, we were all under age but we went to a strip club and enjoyed that at least. Then it was Kelsey's turn who slowly walked up with the throwing of the flowers and I couldn't help but smile at Kelsey, she looked so grown walking up their in her cute dress. Kevin linked his arms in mine and we slowly began the walk. I could feel everybody's eyes on me, something that used to make me look down but today I'm the center of attention. We slowly walked up and I saw Austin standing there in his tux and I about melted. Kevin lifted up my veil and kissed my cheek and took his part.
We did the exchange of vows and when he got to his part of "If anybody should feel like Austin and Alexis should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace. My mom walks up and everybody stares, you could tell she was beyond wasted and she made her way up "You shouldn't marry Lexie, because she's a slut. A druggie, she sleeps around just to get drugs." She said and everybody gasped, I grabbed my mother's hand and looked her in the eye "Get out. What are you doing here?" I asked "Making it where you don't ruin your life like I ruined mine with having you and marrying your father and then having Bella." She said "Stop it. You are not ruining my day!" I said and my dad came and grabbed her arm "Come on Brittany." He said and my mother stared at me "You can't keep me out of your life!" She said and after a few minutes of calmness when my dad came back "I now prononunce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." He said I wasn't myself right now but I kissed Austin and he whispered "I have you baby." And I smiled and gave in and kissed his lips softly.
At the reception when we all sat down at the table and people were coming up but when my dad came up I could tell my mom attacked him "Where is she?" I asked "The far end of the beach. I can call the cops." He asked "No need to." I said and for the father daughter dance my dad danced with me and then he danced with Bella, but Austin danced with Kelsey and I smiled at that. After our reception, my bag was in Austin's car ready to go. My dad was taking the girls tonight home, he took my hand and took me on a walk first "I know your groom is waiting but I need to tell you something." He said "Okay daddy," I said "I want to get custody back of Bells, I want to be the father she never had." He said "I'm the only person who has ever taken care of her. You can't do that." I said "I will at least ask her." He said "Okay." I said knowing that if Bella agrees I will cry. I was already starting to cry but I bit my lip. My dad and Austin traded places and we walked down the beach, my mom was still sitting on the wall drunk as a skunk "mom, you need help." I said and she looked up at me first with anger and then crying "I missed my oldest daughter's weddding, I ruined it." She said "We can take you to a rehab place." I said "That won't help." She said "Try, for us, for your granddaughter." I said and she nodded.We took her to the closest one and they took her in.
At the hotel I was still in my wedding dress on the bed with my knees brought up to my chest. Some wedding night, my make up is probably a mess. "What if Bella says yes?" I asked he was coming back with a bottle of water "She loves you, and she loves this place. Us." Austin said and I smiled at him wrapping my arms around him and he wiped away my tears "I don't want anything to do with my mom for awhile. She needs to remain sober." I said "Where you a druggie though?" He asked and I just looked at him this is now how I wanted to spend my wedding night. "To ease the pain of being abused, and being a mother to my own sister I escaped to drugs after Allie moved down here. In fact Kelsey's father was my dealer." I said and he nodded, "I just wanted to know. I hold nothing against the love of my life." He said kissing my lips softly. We all know where kissing leads to, especially when we have been waiting so long. It was a very fun and good night. To make up for all of the bad that happened that day. This is a day/night I will never forget.


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