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It's us against the world baby doll

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Imagine being an only child up until you're eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she's mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn't work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it's you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you're on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out? View table of contents...


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"Do you have everything Bells?" I asked I was making sure we had our few belongings that we wanted to take with us. Kelsey had more than things than I had but she is also a baby. "I do. Are you sure?" Bella asked "Yes, I promised you. Now come on." I said we were getting out of this place and going somewhere new, I was going to protect my baby sister and my daughter. I closed my eyes for a second and I can remember it all. When I was really little, my dad was at work all the time so it was just my mom and I at home. When my mom didn't feel good which was most of the day I stayed in bed with her and curled up, I would always have my blanket and my teddy bear. My mom would pat my hair and look me in my icy blue eyes "It's just you and I baby girl." She said and I would nod, my mom was fifteen when she had me, my dad was sixteen he wasn't ready to be a dad but he stuck by my mom's side. When I was five I was inKindergartenso I wasn't home and my mom stayed in her bed all the time. I focused on school and how things were going. When I was ten my dad was coming home more often and we would spend time together, he taught me how to drive and I loved it. My mom was evening feeling a little bit better. Then there was talk about a baby, and when I was 11 in 7th grade my mom got pregnant, the end of my 7th grade year Isabella Marie was born, my dad was a little disappointed he wanted a little boy. My birthday is August 7th, so on August 14th my dad left us.
My mom stunk into her "sickness" more and more over the remaining days of the summer so I was forced to watch Bella. I ended up putting Bella in day care because I had school coming up. Eight grade I was in Algebra 2, I went to a middle school that in fifth grade you get tested and you could do Algebra 1 in 6th grade and I passed that with flying colors. I didn't really have any friends, I wasn't a nerd, I wasn't average looking, I wasbeautiful, but I stayed to myself because if I had friends they would want to come over and I didn't want them to see my mom. My dad would send child support, he would come see us every other weekend, my grandparents would help with money but my mom still got a job as a bar tender so she would work at night and then she slept all day but she would bring men into the home, and on the nights she had off she wouldn't come home. Bella didn't cry when my mom left the room, Bella threw a hissy fit if I left the room without her. I felt like I had to protect my little sister at the age of twelve. We would go over to my grandparents house who lived a block away and we would spend the weekends we weren't with our dad there so we wouldn't have to deal with all of the men she had in the house. But when she wasn't hooking up with a guy she would be in her bed room, in her pajamas, singing sad songs, I learned in sixth grade that my mom was sick, she had depression. I remember when Bella was ten months old my mom said to leave her home from day care she was going to spend time with Belly. "Are you sure mom?" I asked "I took care of you, Bella's my daughter Lex." My mom said "Don't remind me." I said "What?!" She asked and before I could answer she slapped me hard in the face. I looked up at her and saw the anger in her face.
That day at school I was worried about Bella and my best friend Allie was looking at me, "I ran into the door." I said "Yikes! Sounds painful!" Allie said and I giggled "it was. Bella was giggling at me." I said and she smiled at me, I knew she didn't buy it but I didn't push it and neither did Allie. The rest of eighth grade I would get pushed, slapped, I had marks on my arms but I didn't protest, I would stand in the way of Bella getting it. I was the big sister, I was supposed to protect Bella. On Bella's first birthday my dad showed up and we celebrated it, Bella was so happy to see all her family. My mom faked being happy and then she had to go to work so we went with my dad somewhere. "Daddy why can't Bella and I stay with you?" I asked "Your mother wants you. I honestly don't." He said "Why?" I asked "I didn't want kids so young, I didn't want you. Or Bella. I wanted a son but instead I have two daughters." He said "Okay." I said, I was almost 13 years old I knew what he meant. Bella was only one she had no clue. When we went home my mom hit me because how dare I leave her home alone for a night, even if she was working and she did have a drunken man in her room sleeping. I took Bella in my room and I made games to keep her quiet so she wouldn't make mommy mad and I didn't get hurt.
My 13th birthday my dad came and he gave me money and then he left. It was time to start potting training Bella and I did it, my mom had no part in it. Bella was a fast learner like her sissy, I was so proud of her. Ninth grade I would be fourteen the ending of the year. Allie and I stayed close friends, but she moved to Stuart, Florida and we had to talk by letters. So I was alone in high school, I met some friends that I would end up doing drugs with after school before going to pick Bella up. They thought I was so cool. I was finally starting to have friends, by Christmas break the letters with Allie stopped and I was forgetting about who Allie was. Bella was attached to me more and more and sometimes she would slip up and call me mommy. My mom also started spending the night at her boyfriends houses leaving me and Bella home alone, I would have friends over and we would get high while Bella was in my room sleeping, I would make sure she was safe before we started it. This guy in the tenth grade started liking me, and we started making out, at the time we only made out. He would supply me my needs of weed and I would make out with him. That was our relationship just fooling around. I didn't keep it around Bella, and I kept it away from my mother. I didn't want to get hit. Every time my mom would hurt me I would go up on the roof and I would smoke to forget all about it.
On Bella's 2nd birthday my dad didn't show up, it was just us and the family. My mom went to work afterwards and I made Bella a home made birthday cake and she loved it. "Lexie?" Bella asked "I'm here for you Bells. It's just you and I." I said and Bella would smile at me and giggle. On my 14th birthday neither parent showed up, Bella and I went out to McDonald's instead, I got a letter from Allie which was long saying she was so sorry we didn't talk anymore, she's such a bad friend and wanted to hear all about what'shappening. She's a cheerleader now and she loves it. I would still get high. My Sophomore year was harder, my mom left for weeks at a time leaving me and Bella, and I would high more often, and making out lead to more than that this time. Nothing happened though. I refused to touch thealcohol, even if I was high I still was a better mother figure to Bella. On Bella's 3rd birthday I took her to the park, my mom wasn't home again. On my 15th birthday I was taken to get my permit and I was beginning my Junior year. SAT times, I ended up getting a perfect score. And for my not so perfect life I messed it up even more, I got pregnant and I would be due in August. My mom flipped, she slapped me so hard. Saying I was ruining my life just like she ruined hers. My dad didn't know, I didn't tell him. We found out I was having a girl and Bella and I were so happy, my mom wasn't there. And my supplier left me and wasn'tsupportive, and I didn't smoke anymore. I gave up smoking themomentI found out I was pregnant. "Bells, I promise next year after graduation we're gone." I said and she smiled at me. I was seventeen, Bella was five and I gave birth to Kelsey Lynn Summerland on August 15th, my mom was no where. Kelsey has my icy blue eyes and my strawberry blonde hair.
During my senior year I was now raising Bella and Kelsey, my mom didn't show up until Thanksgiving and flipped "Who's baby?" My mom demanded "Mine." I said and of course I got hit. Bella was protecting Kelsey like I was protecting her. "You're ruining your life! After I tried to make your life better for you!" My mom said and then she went into her room with her new guy. Kelsey was crying, I picked her up and took Bella's hand and we went to our bedroom with the door shut. Allie and I were in contact more this year, I applied to Univeristy of Southern Florida, different colleges away from here. The end of the school year I got into all, I finally went to my grandmom's house and called Allie and broke down and told her everything and she said we could crash at their place after graduation and her step-dad who's a lawyer would make it where I had custody of Bella, I just needed a job which I was going to do my CNA course, and they would help get me a job and a place. Graduation day came and Bella, my dad and Kelsey were there cheering me on, my mom showed up during half of it drunk. Aftergraduationmy dad gave me a car for my graduation/birthday! Bella is now six years old and doesnt want anything to do with our mother. "Dad, I'm leaving here with Bells, I'm going to get custody." I said "I will give away my rights." He said and I nodded.
It's June 11th now and when my mom wasn't home I started putting our belongs in the suitcase and Bella was loading them in the car. Kelsey was napping "Do you have everything Bells?'" I asked "I do." She said and I woke up Kelsey only to put her in her car seat and then we left. We left my mother like she left us. I had a GPS in my car and we went by that and arrived at Allie's on the 12th. Allie hugged me tight when she saw me, she wasn't a teen mom, she wasn't a former drug addict, her life was perfect and that is why Allie was my best friend. I began the summer course for my CNA, while working at McDonald's, Allie's parents were renting me out the guest house and on my 18th birthday I got custody of Bella.


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