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It's us against the world baby doll

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Imagine being an only child up until you're eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she's mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn't work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it's you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you're on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out? View table of contents...


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Starry woke me up at midnight crying softly and I got up and walked over to the bassinet and picked her up and went to her room and rocked her while I breast-fed her. I changed her diaper and this reminded me of my first night home with Kelsey who was hungry every five hours so it wasn't a big difference in waking up. But I love my little Star. I gently put a sleeping Starry in the basinnet and climbed back in bed and Austin wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. Starry woke me up at four and I fed and changed her, and got my mom up and Bella and Kelsey who wanted to say good-bye to my mom. "Bye mom. Call when you get there. I love you." I said and she smiled at me "I love you too." she said and I kissed Austin good-bye. I put Starry in the bassinet in the living room and turned the TV on for the girls they had two more hours of sleep. I woke them up at six and changed Kelsey and then gave them their breakfast, Austin came home and sat down "I can miss today too." Austin said "No you can't, you missed enough." I said and Austin kissed my lips "Come on Kels." He said and I kissed Kelsey good-bye and then Austin's. When it was time I hugged Bella good-bye and watched as she walked over to Allie's Karen was outside waiting for her.
I took a shower and changed into a different pair of shorts and a tanktop and I braided my hair. By the time I was out it was time to feed Starry again, after I fed and changed her I put her back in her bassinet and then I looked at my grades "Mommy has all 100's still! Let's keep it that way!" I said, I have three more semesters and then I graduate next year, the same year as Austin all because of knocking a year out by doing my CNA. I heard a light knock and I got up and opened it to see Abby and Todd, they haven't seen Starry yet "She's sleeping but you can come in." I said and Abby smiled at Starry "I see a little bit of Ausin in her." Abby said "You can hold her." I said and Abby went to wash her hand and Todd smiled "Our third grandchild." He said and I smiled "Forth honey. Kelsey." Abby said and I smiled "How's school going?" Abby asked "Good, I have no more to do this week." I said and Abby smiled "What are her hours like?" Abby asked "Every four hours." I said "Not bad." She said and I smiled she handed Starry to Todd, she was still asleep. They stayed for a little bit and then they left because she had a spa meeting to go to and then Todd had to go to work, he's a lawyer but he doesn't have a firm or work for a firm so he works with the bookstore more and he had to go, he's covering Austin's shift.
Around noon after I fed Starry and I was rocking her since she was still awake Karen came in and I smiled at her "Can I hold Starry?" Karen asked "Sure. How is Allie?" I asked "morning sickness, eight week mark." She said "I feel for her." I said and Karen smiled "me too." She said and she had Starry asleep and she put her in her bassinet "Starry is beautiful, do you need anything from the store?" Karen asked "No thank you." I said and she smiled at me. Allie came around 2:30 and smiled "Next semester is not coming fast enough!" Allie said "Why?" I asked "I miss you!" She said and I smiled at her "I miss you too." I said and she smiled at Starry "You just get more beautiful." She said "What do you want?" I asked "A little girl." She said and I smiled "You will do good with either." I said and she giggled "Can I hold her?" Allie asked "Yeah, you need all the practice you can get." I said and Allie giggled. Austin and Kelsey came home and Kelsey ran straight to me "Were you good today?" I asked "Yes!" She said and I kissed her cheek and bounced her and she giggled "Hey Allie." Austin said "Hey, I'm just stopping by and I will leave." She said "no need to, you wanted to see our beautiful daughter and my beautiful wife." He said and she smiled "You're good." Allie said and I smiled.
I feel Starry at four and then Austin changed her and she was in her bassinet sleeping while Austin and Bella did their homework and Kelsey and I were watching TV, I got up and I made dinner and we all ate dinner. We all watched TV as a family afterwards, Starry was asleep but Austin picked her up so he could spend time with her. "Bath time." I said and they sighed "Starry gets her first bath when she's a week old." I said and they nodded, right now she is only four days old. So it's October 4th and mid-terms are October 15th-20th. We had Starry in her bassinet and I gave Kelsey a bath and then got her in her night clothes and Austin brushed her hair and Bella was taking her bath and Bella came in and I brushed her hair and Austin read them the bedtime story and then they walked off hand in hand to bed it was eight so Starry was hungry so I fed her and changed her and then tucked Kelsey in and she said good-night to Starry and I kissed her cheek and then I kissed Bella good-night and I put Starry in her bassinet in our room and sat on our bed "today has been long." I said and Austin smiled kissing my lips softly.
It's the 29th and I have my month appointment, the check up from after having Starry and everything is good, Starry has her month check up tomorrow and then we're taking her out on her first Halloween. During the mid-terms week when I had to have each one done each day by ten o'clock I made sure to take the mid-term when Stary was sleeping. We we went home and I put her in her seat and she fell asleep, I finished my week's work and laid on the couch with her. Austin, Kelsey, and Bella all came home at the same time "How did it go?" Austin asked "I'm healthy and everything looks good." I said and he smiled at me, he kissed my lips and then they began on their homework and Kelsey and I sat on the couch with Starry who was asleep. "Do you love your little sister?" I asked "Very much so." Kelsey said and I smiled at her "Good, I figured you would. She loves you too. Do you love me?" I asked and she kissed my cheek "Yes." She said and I smiled at her "Arthur is on!" I said and we both watched it and I saw Austin shaking his head at me "You stay young when you have little ones in the house." I said and Austin laughed "I know baby." He said he was now helping Bella with her homework.
The following morning at eight after I breast-fed Starry I got her in her little car seat which she was a little fussy about and then I got her diaper bag and we got in the car. I drove to her doctor's and then we waited the half hour to be seen and I got Starry out and she now weighs 7.4 ounces and is now sixteen inches long "She is healthy and growing at a steady pace." Doctor Sanders said and I smiled, Starry got her first shots and she didn't cry like Kelsey did when she got her shots or Bella. We went out to lunch with Abby and Becca today "Starry is so beautiful! How much does she weigh now?" Abby asked "7.4" I said "She gained a pound." Abby said and I nodded "She's beautiful." Becca said "Thank you." I said "Are you taking her out tomorrow?" Abby asked "She's going to be in the pouch we have all bundled up." I said and Abby nodded "The doctor said as long as she's bundled up she good to go." I said and Abby nodded I was not about to get lectured from her. But Abby didn' say anything so I didn't push it.
The next day I spent it getting ready for Halloween, I had all of my school work done, I was looking forward to December when we had that break although in a month I will begin working again, I took two months off from work and I could tell me taking off was affecting us and I wanted to help out again. Allie came over her last class was canceled due to a meeting so she was helping me set up, she's starting to glow, she isn't showing yet but she has that pregnancy glow. "YOu are beautiful!" I said and she smiled at me. "I feel fat." She said "You don't look it! You look good!" I said and Allie rolled her eyes at me and she picked up Starry who was up but wasn't fussy "Mommy is lying isn't she?" Allie asked but Starry stared at her "Are you taking her?" Allie asked "Yeah, Abby disagrees with it." I said and Allie smiled at me "It wouldn't be Abby." Allie said and I giggled Starry did her first attempt at a smiled and we smiled at her. "You are an angel!" I said and Allie giggled "I will see you tonight." She said "Okay." I said and she smiled at me before she left Starry was still just staring at me and I kissed her cheek.
We got Kelsey and Bella in their outfits and I got the diaper bag and double stroller so Kelsey could sit in it and I put the baby wrap on and had Starry in it and she was warm and comfortable we went around the block as a family and then I went home with Starry and had trick or treaters with Starry in my arms all the mother would smile, she had on a My first Halloween outfit and she looked cute on it. I breast fed her a eight and put her in the bassinet and then they showed up at eight thirty and I carried her to our room and smiled at the girls "How was it?" I asked "Good! Papa and Meme missed you." Kelsey said, Austin took them to his old neighborhood "We didn't want the baby out too late." I said and she giggled at me, we read a quick bed-time story for them and then we tucked them in and then I didn't even stay up that much later I was exhausted. Being a new mom is really tiring, Austin snuggled up to me and I kissed him good-night.


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