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It's us against the world baby doll

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Imagine being an only child up until you're eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she's mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn't work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it's you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you're on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out? View table of contents...


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The following day I'm up at four feeding Starry and I yawn "Mommy can't wait for you to sleep in longer." I said rocking, I then slowly got up and laid Starry on the changing table and I changed her and cradled her in my arms we went back into the living room. I put Starry in her bassinet and I made breakfast and then I sat down on the couch I still had a little bit before they needed to be up.It's Friday so we have the weekend together as a family, only Bella is having Sara, Stacy, and Lindsay over for a sleepover tonight after school. I looked at the clock and I woke up Bella and Austin he looked at me "I think I want Kelsey home with me today." I said and Austin nodded kissing my lips softly. "I work 2:30-7:30." He said "We will be here." I said "Are you sure?" He asked "Yeah, if not I will get Allie or Karen to help." I said and he smiled at me. After Austin left Kelsey woke up "I'm late!" She said "No honey, you're staying with mommy and Starry." I said and she smiled "I have to make sure Bella is on her way." I said and Kelsey nodded "I will pick you guys up in Karen's van." I said "Okay!" Bella said and I smiled at her. She walked over to Karen's and then I shut the down and Kelsey sat at the table and ate.
Around ten Kelsey was watching TV snuggled up with me Starry was snuggled up on the other side using her baby pillow to support her but she was asleep and my cell phone vibrated "Hello?" I asked "Hey Lexie. How is everybody?" My mom asked "We're good." I said "How did yours and Starry's appointment go?" She asked me "It went really good. I'm healthy and Starry, our sweet Star is healthy she weighs 7.4 pounds now." I said "That is wonderful! What do you have planned this weekend?" My mom asked me "Bella is having a couple friends over." I said "I hope you guys have fun!" She said and I smiled "We will. I kept Kelsey today so I could bond with her." I said "That's good. I miss all of you. I just wanted to call and check u on you guys." She said "We miss you and we love you." I said "I love you too." She said and we hung up. I gave Kelsey her lunch and had my lunch waiting and I fed and changed Starry who was starting to get fussy a little. Kelsey giggled at me "You're busy mommy." She said "I'm a busy bee." I said and Kelsey giggled at me.
It was around two and I got Starry in her car seat and got her diaper bag and I took Kelsey's hand and we went to Karen's and she smiled "Here's the keys." She said "thank you, we need to go car shopping." I said and Karen smiled "Take your time." She said and I put Kelsey in it and she climbed in the extra car seat and I got Starry's car seat in and then I got in and we went to the Elementary school and picked up Bella, Sara, Lindsay, and Stacy. "Okay girls, we're going home." I said and they were all talking about what they are going to do and Kelsey was just staring out the window since she can't keep up with them. We pulled up and all the girls ran into the house and then I slowly got out and unbuckled Kelsey and got the car seat and Allie met me out and lifted up Kelsey "I will take her keys." She said and I smiled "come with me or me over there?" I asked "I come with you." Allie said and I smiled at her, Allie is now almost nine weeks pregnant, "how is morning sickness?" I asked "Horrible." Allie said and I smiled I took Starry out of her car seat and held her in my arms "I love when she's awake more."I said and Allie smiled. "What are you doing for dinner?" Allie asked "Austin said Pizza since they all like pizza, I'm calling in a take out from Lucky's. You and Jake wanna come over?" I asked "Sure." Allie said "Be over around six." I said and she smiled, I saw they had on Disney and Kelsey was sad that she wasn't included "Want to color with mommy?" I asked "What about Starry?" Kelsey asked, the middle child feeling has kicked in "She's asleep." I said and Kelsey smiled at me.
I had to feed her at four and Kelsey went to play with her dolls then and I changed Starry's diaper and went into Kelsey's room holding Starry "I'm sorry about sissy. But sissy is a helpless baby. We have to do things for her." I said and Kelsey nodded "Mommy loves you like I always have."I said and she smiled at me. I put Starry back in her bassinet where she was asleep in no time, I got my laptop out and had Kelsey sit next to me "We need a new car Kels. A seven seater, so we can sit more people." I said and Kelsey giggled at me. She picked out a 2013 Mazda CX-9 in red and I smiled at her "I will let daddy know." I said and she giggled at me, I left the page up and then I called and ordered the pizza. Allie and Jake came over with sodas and chips "Austin is getting off early." I said and Noah nodded "Are you ready to be a dad?" I asked "More than ever." Jake said "What do you want?" I asked him "Either a healthy boy or girl. As long as our baby is healthy I don't care." Jake said and I smiled "You are going to be a good dad." I said and he smiled he was playing tea with Kelsey who made him. Allie looked at the girls and then me "How is Kelsey handling this?" Allie asked "She isn't used to having to share Bella. But I know Kelsey is going to be like this in a few years and Starry will be just like her." I said and Allie nodded.
It's now November 21st, Thanksgiving. We looked at the car on the 2nd and Austin's parents bought us the car as a gift, we couldn't protest. So it was bought and pay for already. We're having Thanksgiving at his parent's house, Starry is now seven weeks and three days old, her second month appointment is on the 25th and I go back to work on the 26th, she's going into daycare . I don't like the idea of going back to work, I'm going to miss her but I only had two months off unless I want to quit my job. She's on breast feeding still, for the next month I will have to supply enough bottles but I work 4-noon so I will be able to pick her and Kelsey up each day at noon. I get Starry in her cute little dress although I know it won't last, I pack all the supplies we're going to need, breast-feeding cover, blankets, diapers, pacifer, and then Kelsey's sippy cup. I gently put the sleeping Starry in her car seat it was around one so she was fed an hour ago, Austin lifts Kelsey up and Bella gets in her spot and he puts Kelsey in her car seat and I put Starry in her spot and we get in and he holds my hand. On the 24th Allie will be twelve weeks pregnant, and she isn't showing yet but it took me until my 20th week to start showing with Kelsey. We pull up and I get the car seat and Austin gets Kelsey, and I get Starry and her diaper bag and we walk inside. Noah, Brayden and Todd are watching Football so Austin sets Kelsey down and joins, Katie and Ashley are in the game room with Lindsay so Bella and Kelsey follow and I walk into the kitchen with Starry and set her down on the chair. Becca and Abby were in here.
"Can I help?" I asked "We don't need your help." Abby quickly snapped and Becca looked at me "We're fine. Thank you." She said and then she looked at Starry "I love her dress." She said "Thank you." I said gently taking Starry out of her car seat and walking into the living room setting her car seat and diaper bag down and then I went into the game with "Can I hold Starry?" Katie asked "You better not!" Abby said and I gently handed Starry to Katie "Just be careful and gentle." I said and Katie smiled "I can't believe how big she has gotten." Katie said "Me too." I said and I picked up Kelsey who wanted my attention now and I smiled at her. Abby came in "You're too young to be holding a baby." Abby snapped "I think she is fine."I said and Abby glanced at me "Katie give Starry back." Abby said and Katie did so and I looked down at Starry who was asleep still not knowing the tension she was causing. "Katie is fifteen. She's old enough to baby-sit, old enough to hold MY daughter." I said and Abby glanced at me. And I thought we were getting along great I was wrong. "We can get along or we can stay like this the rest of our lives." I told Abby "Starry and Kelsey are my daughters. If I want their aunt to her hold then they will. I appreciate the advice you're giving me but I can handle it." I said "I'm sorry. I just assumed since your mother was never around for you that you wouldn't have a positive role model, so you wouldn't know how to be a good mother." Abby said "What?" I asked "Your mother left all the time didn't she? Or she was sick and in bed?" Abby asked "Who told you?" I asked "Austin, the night after we met all of you." She said and I looked at her.
I stormed off and went into the living room "Austin dear, can I see you in their Florida room?" I asked and he nodded getting up I still had Starry in my arms "You told your mother about my past?!"I asked "I did?" He asked "She threw it up in my face. That's why she has questioned my mothering since day one. How could you? That was personal." I said "I'm sorry." Austin said "Don't." I said "Lex.. Wait." He said but I stormed off and looked at Becca "Can I use your stroller you have?" I asked and she nodded I put Starry's car seat in it and then got Starry in it "Mommy?" Kelsey asked "I will be back. Stay with Bella." I said and I just got up and left not even worrying, I just knew I couldn't leave Starry and I had Starry all bundled up because today was a cool day. I walked into the neighborhood with Starry asleep sucking on her pacifer cooling off, Austin was calling over and over. I found a park bench and I sat down and just pushed the stroller with my foot. I don't really think I was mad about him telling his parents, it was the fact that she knew and she was holding it against me. I mean Bella is perfect in school and every where else. Kelsey isn't a spoiled little brat, she has manners. I'm a good mother, and I always have been. I don't need parenting tips. My mom called me "Happy Thanksgiving baby girl." She said "You too mom." I said "Everything okay?" She asked me "A fight with Austin over Abby throwing my past in my face saying I'm not a good mom." I said "You are a good mom. You don't need to listen to what she says. You need to make up with Austin though." She said and funny thing is Austin walked up to me "He's here. I love you." I said "I love you too sweetie." She said and Austin sat down and wrapped his arms around me "I know you needed to cool off, but we need to quit the walking away crap. We have been married for eleven months, and we need to settle our fights. I'm sorry I told my mom." He said "I'm not upset at you, I'm upset at her throwing it in my face and accusing me of not being a good mom." I said and Austin kissed my lips "You are a good mom. Just don't listen to her. I don't." He said and I smiled at her.


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