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It's us against the world baby doll

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Imagine being an only child up until you're eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she's mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn't work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it's you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you're on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out? View table of contents...


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I got the girls a bath and then I tucked them in bed and kissed them good-night and then I went into my room and took a bubble bath letting the music on my phone play and then went into my room and put on a baggy T-shirt and I braided my hair in two and curled up into my bed. My alarm clock went off at six and I changed into my scrubs and put my tennis shoes on and then I re-braided my hair and I went back over to Allie's "I'm on my way." Karen said and I smiled "I appreciate all of this." I said "I know and it's no problem. The girls love me. I love them and you." Karen said and I smiled at her. I went into work and did the same thing as yesterday and then got off at three and went straight home. I changed into my denim shorts and my UNC T-shirt and I picked up Kelsey and spun her around and Kelsey giggled at me. "What do you want to do today?" I asked "Au?" Kelsey asked "Not today I don't believe." I said and Bella looked at me "Please?" Bella asked "Fine." I said and I pulled out my phone and dialed Austin's "Hello?" He asked "Are you working?" I asked "Until six. I will come over." He said "thanks." I said and we hung up and I looked at the girls "He is working sweetie." I said "okay." Bella said sadly and I picked Kelsey up and we went next door Allie and her sister were cooking "Hey!" Allie said and Zoey smiled at Bella "They love Austin." I said "He's a good guy. He went to the same school as me." Allie said and I smiled at her.
I turned on my music, some songs that Kelsey likes "Dance baby girl! " I said and she wiggled her butt and giggled, Bella took her hands and showed her how to dance "Come on kiddos." I said and I spun each of them around and they were giggling. "Again!" Kelsey said and I spun her around and then Bella "You!" Kelsey said and I spun around and about fell over which caused them to giggle "Was that fun?' I asked and they nodded "I'm going to get you!" I asked and I chased after them and they giggled, I didn't hear the door bell but I did hear "hello?" And then "Au!" From Kelsey who ran to him and I rolled my eyes at her "I see how it is!" I said and Kelsey giggled at me "What are we doing today?" Austin asked and he winkled his nose at my shirt "I'm a UNC fan, is that a problem?" I asked "Gator are way better! Just wait!" He said and I smiled at thim "In your dreams." I said smiling "Okay girls what do you want to do baby?" I asked "Mall!" Bella said "Okay." I said and looked at Austin "Mall." I said and he smiled at me, we went to the mall and he held Kelsey the whole time and Bella stayed on the other side of him and I was on the other side. It went from Bella being my shadow to not even wanting to be by me when Austin is around.
After the mall we went to the park again and then out to McDonald's where they ended up playing on the jungle gym after dinner and Austin could finally look me in my eyes "I love your girls." He said "Good they love you too." I said and he smiled at me "Are we going steady?" He asked me "I hope so." I said and he smiled "No other people?" He asked "No other people." I said and he smiled at me "Deal." He said and I kissed his lips softly. I didn't feel like this over the dealer, we just had our own arrangement but this is different, an actual relationship. "Au?" Kelsey asked "I'm watching!" He yelled and she giggled "You better be there for her birthday party." I said "I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world." Austin said and I smiled "Au!" Kelsey said running to him and giggling, you would not think this girl is almost one. She's such a smart girl. We ended up going home and Austin helped me tuck the girls in who were asleep and then we walked to the living room and sat on the couch "We're alone." He said "Sorry, my life is crazy." I said "I love your life." Austin said and he kissed my lips softly "I really do like you." Austin said "I like you too." I said "I want you guys to meet my family." Austin said "Are you sure?" I asked "I'm sure." He said and I smiled at him "Tomorrow?" I asked it was Sunday so I was off for once "Yeah. I will come by around noon." He said "Okay." I said "Or you could come to Church with us?" He asked "What time?" I asked "I would come here at 8 it begins at nine thirty." He said "What do we need to wear?" I asked "It's a come as you are." He said "Alright." I said and I kissed him good-night.
Okay getting three girls ready for church by eight was hard to do. I wore my nice pair of jeans and my cute sandals and a cute shirt with my hair down, Bella had her cute jeans on and a sparkly purple shirt on with her hair down and I had Kelsey dressed up in a cute dress and bow she was the only one I had dressed up. "Church?" Bella asked when I woke her up "It's a strange place for us but we need to go." I said and she nodded "You will like it. It's a fresh start." I said and Bella nodded, Allie and them go to the same church as Austin does. Austin showed up and we got Kelsey's car seat in, and we pulled up there was a check in for the kids "Hello! Welcome! How old are you?" A nice woman asked Bella "Six." I said and she gave her a sticker with her name on the back and then Kelsey had one and Austin took me to Bella's room and then we dropped Kelsey off at the nursery. We went into the room and I saw Allie and her family and smiled. We sat down next to his family, they started so he couldn't introduced me. After service after we got the kids and were at his parent's house it was "Mom and dad this is Lexie, Bella, and Kelsey." He said "Mr and Mrs. Blevins it's nice to meet you." I said and they smiled at me. His brother Jake is sixteen, Noah is twenty-one, Katie is 12 and Ashley is 10. But Ashley and Katie took Bella and Kelsey into their room to play. "Kelsey and Bella are beautiful girls." Mrs. Blevins said "thank you." I said and she smiled "Where are you from dear?" She asked me "North Carolina ma'am." I said "Are your parents around here?" She asked "No ma'am, my mom is in North Carolina still and my dad is in Texas." I said "That's nice dear." She said and I nodded.
On the way back to my home "Did your family like me?" I asked "Oh yeah! My dad never talked to any of our girlfriends." Austin said "We talked about sports." I said "Exactly." He said and I smiled at him "It was really good talking to him about sports." I said "You two are the only two hockey fans." He said "You aren't?!" I asked "No." He said "You will be! Bells and I are crazy hockey fans!" I said and he rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah we are!" Bella said and I giggled Kelsey was sucking on her pacifer "she will be a major hockey fan!" I said and he smiled "not if I can help it." Austin said "you're going to love it!" I said and he rolled his eyes again. "Fine." He said and I smiled "I will watch wrestling with you."I said and Bella giggled and I gave her the ssh look and she smiled at me. "What aren't you into?" Austin asked "Nothing." I said and he smiled at me. I got the girls in and I kissed Austin good-bye he had to go to work and I smiled at the girls "Mommy/sissy is going to see what's on TV." I said and they giggled at me, I put music on again and Allie showed up "Hey!" She said and I smiled "Hey!" I said she ended up helping me dance with the girls.
It's now August 15th a Sunday, tomorrow we all begin school I'm nervous about my classes but I know it will be fine. Austin and his family are over, Allie's family of course, and then just us. "Happy birthday Kelsey!" We all sang and she smiled and giggled at us. I honestly have forgotten all about my life in Florida, I do think about my mom about if she has even gone home to noticed we aren't there or where she is, I haven't thought of my dad much since he has been gone for years. I thought of today looking at Kelsey, for the first time in a year Nick, her sperm donor came to my mind. The first time in school I saw him he smiled at me and then at a party I met him and he offered me a smoke and I took him up on it. Then he became my supplier, I didn't love him like I like Austin but I did like him. I mean I had sex with him, I was high that night but not that high. I regret that life style, doing drugs but looking at my little angel who is smiling over everybody I'm got I at least have her. Bella is loving Florida now I just know she is going to love school and hopefully she will make some friends too.


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