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It's us against the world baby doll

By: StephandBrutusandIzzy

Chapter 1, Imagine being an only child up until you\'re eleven and then you have a baby sister on the way. Your dad is a workaholic and your mom gets sick all the time so she\'s mostly in bed. Your little sister is the last attempt to save the marriage and it didn\'t work. So you begin raising your little sister at the age of twelve, things get worse as you get older. Your mother leaves you guys all the time. You end up getting pregnant at the age of sixteen, so it\'s you, your sister, and the baby. You finally end up getting custody of your sister when you turn 18. So you\'re on your own, in a new state to start all over. How will it turn out?

 This is Bella

This is Lexie's best friend

This is AustinThis is Lexie

 This is Kelsey

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