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Promises aren't made to be broken

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

I'm not really sure yet. Colie is 15 years old. Her parents have been divorced since she was three. Her sister Eva is ten years older than her. Colie's dad makes promises all the time and never keep them. Almost everyone she knows and trusted made promises and broke them. When she moves to Spring Hill, Florida meet new friends and a new love will she trust him or will he break promises to her and not only that but her heart too? Read on..... (it might be changed. it's a work in progess.) View table of contents...


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I'm sitting on my floor in my bedroom packing up my room. I saw a picture of me and my sister and my daddy. My mind went back to that day. I was three years old then. The day my parents announced the big D-word everyone hears now in this century a lot. My big sister Eva is ten years older than me. Then it's my brother Bryan who is five years older than me. I was used as the last attempt to save a family as you can tell already it didn't work. I'm Colie.
Eva had me on her hips we were walking outside and had just came in. Our Saint Bernard Buddy sat on the floor next to us. "We have an announcement to make to you all." Momma and daddy said looking at us three kids. "Your father and I love for each other isn't there no more. And we decided that it would be best if we get a divorce." Momma said to us I looked up at my big sister with my icy blue eyes sparkling. "It means momma and daddy won't be married and we won't be a family anymore." Eva said. "Your mother gets custody of all of you." Daddy said. With that Eva placed me on her hip and took off running up the stairs and into her room locking the door.
She placed me on her stomach and held me close to her "Colie I promise no matter what I will always be here for you. I won't turn my back on my baby sister." She said to me her own icy blue eyes sparkling with wetness from the tears. My strawberry blonde hair fell in my face. Bryan knocked on the door. "We're moving too." He said Eva broke down and cried while holding me to her chest. "Sissy I love you. I promise I will be here for you too." I told her that day. And to this day I kept that promise. And I still expect myself to keep it too.
Here it is 12 years later and we're moving again to Florida from New York City. I live with my mom her husband Jack; married him 30 days after the divorce was finally. They had three kids: Brittany is 10, Tommy is 7, and Allie is 3. My daddy before he left promised us we would be with him every weekend. He has promised a lot over the 12 years and a lot has been broken. I'm 15 as of today and nobody remembers that today is my birthday. Bryan is at college in North Carolina. Eva is with her husband in Spring HillFlorida. They're expecting a baby girl in five months. I was on the phone with daddy and he said he's picking me up to go out to dinner and celebrate my birthday. It has always been a competition between my mom and dad about who can buy my love more or the best. They don't win at all.
I found my brown leggings and my denim Mini skirt from Hollister, paired it with my pink cami from A&F and my purple Hollister baby tee. My black classy boots were on and my knee length strawberry blonde hair was brushed and left down. I had the necklace that my grandma gave me when I was two and my "Dream" bracelet on. I found my black Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie. I'm a size X-small and it's a size medium. I like my hoodies big on me. I walked down stairs and smiled at Allie who was playing with her doll on the couch. Momma and Jack looked up "Where are you going to?" Momma asked me. "Out to dinner with daddy." I said she looked stunned. "What's the special occasion?" she asked. "Nothing." I mumbled.
My cell phone vibrated letting me know I got a text from Eva I clicked read now: Happy Birthday Colie. Can't wait to celebrate it with you when ya'll get here. I love you. So does Brent. Have fun today! I quickly texted back a Thanks only to get a text from Bryan: Happy Birthday Colie. Hope it's a good day. Love you sissy. I texted back a thanks and I heard the door bell ring. And Tommy yelled "I will get it." He got it and yelled; "Colie it's for you." I blinked my contacts wet and walked downstairs. "Hey daddy." I said smiling and hugged him. "Hey baby girl." He said smiling. Momma came in; "Jeff have her home by 11." Momma said "Okay Karen." He said while wrapping his arm around my shoulder "Bye girls and Tommy." I yelled and for once I didn't wait for their response back. Daddy smiled at me. "Did they tell you happy birthday?" he asked me. "No sir only you, Bryan, Eva, and my friends. Not them." I said walking into the elevator that leads me to wherever daddy is taking me tonight.
Dinner was wonderful a night out on the town. I loved it daddy did well tonight. He dropped me off at 11 I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, "Colie you leave Sunday so Friday night you're spending the night with me okay?" he asked I smiled "Okay daddy." I said all happily. My birthday is May 20th so I don't have school anymore until fall when I begin high school. I walked in the house and of course the girls and Tommy was in bed and momma and Jack were on the couch. "Did you have fun tonight?" Momma asked me. "Yes ma'am I'm spending the night with him Friday night." I said she sighed "Okay Colie." She said I smiled and walked into my room and there was a package from Eva I opened it a new Ipod touch 64GB with Promises aren't made to be broken remember that Colie. Promises are golden. I smiled and downloaded all my songs on it. Momma knocked "Come in momma." I said she opened the door and came right in and smiled.
"Isn't your birthday coming up?" she asked me. I rolled my eyes; "It's today momma." I said "Oh Colie. My gift for you is you're flying down there tomorrow morning and spending the couple days with Eva." She said I almost cried. "NO I'm not leaving yet. I have to spend the night with daddy." I said "Cut the crap Colie. We both know he won't show." She said "He will momma. He promised me. He has to." I said "Fine stay. I don't give a flip. I don't want to listen to it when you get hurt." She said and then walked out. I looked out my window and rolled my eyes. I know daddy will be here for me this time. He won't let his baby girl down not right not anyways. I told myself that three times then I fell asleep and dreamt of lovely things. Old times in my life when life was easier but it's only get tougher I reckon that is.
"Colie time to get up." Momma said, I rolled my eyes and rolled over. "It's our daily jog." She said I grunted and placed my contacts in my eyes and found my jogging pants and jacket combo to wear. I found my pumas and met momma out front of the house. We jogged 5 miles and then stopped. Yes I love to run and so does my mom so we go out every morning and night. "I'm sorry I forgot your birthday Colie. There is just a lot going on right now sweetie." Momma said her normal auto-response and mine is "Uh-huh." We drank some water and then took off toward home again. I jumped in the shower and got dressed. And finished packing and then got ready to pack. Tomorrow I spend my next to the last night in New York City with my daddy!
I got up and got packed for the night and smiled at myself in the mirror. I haven't spent the night with him in two months and I know tonight will be rocking. He's supposed to be here at 2 o'clock to pick me up. And it's 12 now. I smiled at myself and played the Wii while I waited; did the running three times so that gave me half an hour to do the obstacle course one. 2 o'clock came nothing, 3 nothing, 4 nothing, 5 nothing, 6 nothing, 7 nothing, 8 nothing, 9 nothing, 10 nothing, 11 nothing. It was midnight and I'm locked in my room. Yes I locked the door; the phone started ringing and it was daddy, hoping he will say he's on his way. "Colie sorry I couldn't make it. Business meeting sorry. But breakfast later on at 10 o'clock at the café?" he asked "Sure daddy." I said staying strong. "I promise you." "Okay daddy." I said hanging up. Eva called; "hello?" "He didn't show." She said matter of fact like. "Nope." "Sorry kiddo." She said "Yeah me too." I said. I was hurt this time bad. For once I thought he would actually show up since I'm moving but nothing! Why? Aren't I his baby girl?
I got up at 9:30 and wore my sweats and hair in a sloppy pony-tail. 10 o'clock came around and nothing happened. But at 12 there was a honk outside and it was daddy. Two hours late this is just like him. "Hi Colie." Daddy said smiling. I smiled too it was half-hearted but it counted. I sat in the front seat and turned up the country station. "Are you happy about moving?" Daddy asked me "I don't really know. I guess I am and then again I'm not. But I guess it's something new." I said; daddy smiled. He has strawberry blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Momma has dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I get my hair from daddy's side and eyes from momma.
We talked some more about random stuff and I was smiling when we made it to my favorite café and then there was a lady there who was waiting for someone and saw daddy and smiled. "Hi Jeff." She said with a tone of bitter sweetness. In her voice. "Colie this is my girlfriend Alice." Daddy said. "Hi." I said "Hi." She said back, it was an awkward as all get out. I smiled nicely and get all happy when daddy said its time to go. "Nice meeting you Alice." I said smiling at her yes it's a force smile. "You too. Can't wait to see you again." She said "Likewise." I said and walked to the car stopping and turning around only to see them sucking face.
"Daddy is this why you stood me up yesterday?" I thought to myself but I didn't want to say it out loud not yet anyways. "What did you think?" Daddy asked me, "She's alright." I said looking out the window. "Just alright?" daddy asked. "Well I don't really know her daddy. So I can't judge her. And I don't want to judge her." I said he nodded. "Colie what is bothering you right now?" he asked me, I wanted to scream at him. I looked at the window and thought about all that has happened over the past 12 years I can't tell you how many promises I was made and how many actually went through with it. "Daddy is this why you stood me up yesterday?" I finally asked him that question. He looked at me. "Colie no it isn't. I was working." He said denying it. "Tell me the truth daddy. You owe me that much." I said "I don't owe you anything. You're my daughter." He said "Yes your daughter. You made a promise and you broke it. I got yelled at because I said you would come. You turned me into a fool. I'm glad I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm tired of your lies and broken promises! I'm your daughter. Your baby girl! I don't remember the last time you kept a promise with me. You were late today because of that woman! I can't stand you daddy. Just take me home." I said with out looking at home. The last words he said to me: "I will miss you Colie. Love you."


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