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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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"Colie good-bye baby girl." My mom was telling me good-bye she's shipping me and my 13 years old sister down to Spring Hill, Florida for 8 weeks. Its summer time and my parents are divorced and have been for three years now. My dad walked out on us and never came back but we would hear from him and soon we were told that things aren't working out and they're getting a divorced. And they got a divorced and my dad moved down to Spring Hill, Florida he's a lawyer and he got offered a job with this big fancy company. "Colie aren't you going to say good-bye to momma?" Erica asked me yeah Erica is her name. "No why should I? I'm leaving North Carolina and I wont be back before my Sweet 16." I said complaining and my mom just rolled her eyes at me "I love you Colie." She said and I rolled my eyes "if you did you wouldn't make me do this." I said "your dad misses you and Erica and he wants to spend time with you girls." My mom said and I just rolled my eyes again. "Alright bye." I said "bye girls I will miss you." She said and I thought to myself yeah right you just want to be able to bring your men home now and you won't have to worry about your 15 and 13 years old daughters being home.
I walk to the bathroom and I have Erica following me. I look at myself in the mirror my black short shorts and gray cami and my strawberry blonde wavy hair was in a sloppy pony-tail my eye shadow made my icy blue eyes sparkles more so than normal. Erica and I aren't the only two kids of the family my older brother Robbie would be 18 in four weeks but he died last summer in a car crash. Robbie was my hero I looked up to him and that's when things really changed at home and mom started going out and dating men and everything when before her life was devoted to Erica, me, and Robbie. All of us kids has icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. "All flights to Tampa, Florida please board the plane." The flight attendance said and I looked at Erica "are you ready?" I asked and she smiled she loves daddy and can't wait to see him.
I use to be daddy's little girl back then. I use to go with him and Robbie to their baseball games and it got to the point where Robbie would be left at home so daddy and I could go. I shake my head trying to get the memory out I don't want to think about any of those things. I buckle my seatbelt and makes sure Erica did hers and I pull out my ipod and plugs my headphones in and I zone out looking out the window trying to relax before I get to endure the second worst summer of my life. Yet she doesn't see how this will be so much boring and staying at home would be better because I actually have friends up there unlike down here where I have never been nor do I want to come down to Florida.
"Please buckle your seatbelt we are about to land within five minutes. I hope you all enjoyed your flight and will book another flight with us again soon. Welcome to Florida and enjoy your say." She said smiling at everyone and everyone was returning the smiles. Come on four hours on the plane is long enough can we just land already and get this summer over with? "Sissy I'm so excited to see daddy again do you think he missed me?" she asked me and I smiled "of course he did Erica. Everybody misses you." I said and she smiled content with my answer eagerly waiting for the plane to stop so she could see daddy.
Last time we saw daddy it was at Robbie's funeral and he didn't really say anything. He didn't have enough time to spend time with us he only had enough time to be there for the wake and the funeral then he came back down here for work. Robbie's birthday is July 15th and he died August 31st last year so he was only 17 for a month. My birthday is August 15th; Erica's birthday is June 15th so yeah we're all summer babies.
The plane landed and we got off and walked out of the long tunnel thing and we saw our dad waiting for us he had a huge grin on his face when he saw us Erica looked at me I nodded and she took off running and jumped into dad's open arms and he hugged her tightly. I slowly walked over to them and dad smiled at me "hi Colie." He said I nodded "she doesn't want to be here. For some odd reason she wants to be in North Carolina." Erica said rolling her eyes "Well we have to make her change her mind huh?" dad said and I rolled my eyes "can we just get our luggage before somebody else does?" I asked and he nodded.
"I'm glad you came Colie." Dad was saying "yeah well it wasn't my choice or I would be up in North Carolina." I said with my North Carolina accent. His North Carolina accent is now a Florida accent. "Colie I know but we will have fun." He said "I highly doubt that." I said walking to claim my bags and Erica's. He took Erica's bags but I wouldn't let him take mine. I followed behind him and Erica and thinking to myself "great this will be a wonderful summer." Yes I'm a very saracist and sassy girl. Erica gets in the front seat and I get in the backseat behind her and I look out the window day-dreaming.
"Girls I know this place isn't very big but this is where I can afford and I choose to live." Dad was saying about a four bedroom house with two baths. I roll my eyes "Colie your room is across from the bathroom and Erica your room is two next to mine. The office is in-between our rooms." He said she nodded and went to her room and I went to mine. Hot pink with black zebra stripes walls, light pink zebra stripes blanket on a full size bed. A black dresser, black dressing table, a hot pink computer desk and lime green chair. Nice taste must know a little about me.
I un-packed my three suitcases and put the suitcases in my closet and turned my hot pink laptop on to check my emails and everything and to see if anybody was on but nobody was on. So I walked downstairs with a voice in my head "Colie, he's our dad. He didn't mean to. He loves you and us so try to get to know him better again and forgive him. Please for me?" and I knew right then and there that I was going to forgive dad and get to know him this trip. But he's not getting off of the hook that easy.
"Colie my neighbor has two kids that are fifteen just like you a son name Blake and a daughter name Savannah." Daddy said and I smiled "okay that's cool. And how did you know I like zebra stripes?" I asked "Savannah guessed on it and helped me out." He said smiling pleased that I liked it "do they have a thirteen year old?" Erica asked me and daddy smiled "as a matter of fact no but the house on the left does her name is Kristy. And we're doing a cook out tonight to welcome you girls to Florida." Daddy said "okay daddy, how far away from the beach are we?" I asked him and Erica both looked at me when I said daddy. "Ten minutes north of us is Pine Island." Daddy said and I smiled at them. I sat on the porch and pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs.
Daddy walked out and smiled at me "look Colie I'm sorry about the past." He said I nodded "but it's in the past so let's move on and forget about it please? And start a new relationship." Daddy said and I nodded "Okay daddy sure." I said and he smiled "What do you girls want to do?" he asked us Erica smiled "Go swimming!" she said "well we don't have time to go to the beach but we can go swimming in the pool!" he said and we smiled "go get in your bathing suits and I will get the pool snacks ready." Daddy said so we did as we were told. I found my purple two piece bathing suit and my mind went back to the first time I wore it around Robbie man did he throw a fit about it because how dare his sister wear something like this. Like come on!
*Flashbacks to last summer in the beginning*
"Okay I'm ready for the beach!" I yelled coming downstairs we were going to lake to go swimming. Just us three kids since momma was out on a date that day. I walked to the kitchen and Robbie was in his black swimsuit with a gray Hollister shirt on and rolled his eyes "My little sister is not wearing that skimpy of a bathing suit to a lake where there are horny teenage boys." He said and I rolled my eyes "I am too." I said "What are you trying to get laid?" he had asked me and I just flipped my hair over my shoulder "Ah Robbie you ruined my master plan!" I joked-whined. "Well fine don't come crying to me when you're pregnant because I will kick his butt!" he said and I rolled my eyes "oh I have morals I'm not momma you know." I said and he laughed at that and we went to the car where Erica was waiting for us to come out.
*back to reality*
"Colie come on!" Erica whined and I walked out of the bathroom and we linked arms and walked to the back sliding glass door where we saw a nice size pool and dad was sitting down sipping some coke. "Bout time you girls came out. And Colie nice bathing suit." Daddy said and I blushed remembering he hasn't seen this. "She had it since last summer." Erica said and we all went silent with last summer being brought up.
But daddy broke the silent by picking Erica up and throwing her in the pool. Daddy gave me that wicked grin and he walked toward me and I tried walking off but he caught up and picked me up and threw me in the pool. I closed my eyes to keep the water out because I kept my contacts in instead of taking them out. The water was cool and refreshing and felt wonderful. I came up and swam to grab onto the edge and looked at daddy "Okay old man come on in!" I said and he smiled "who are you calling old?" he asked and dived in and tickled me. They were both 15 when momma got pregnant and turned 16 before she had Robbie.So they are both 34 years old and act like they are in their mid-20 for some reason. We were all having a good time and then we heard the doorbell ring and daddy got out and went an answered it and there came the first group of people a dad, mother, and a girl Erica's age. Erica got out and I slowly did "Erica and Colie these are the Hollywoods, Brent, Angie, and Amber." He said we all smiled at them "Hi nice to meet you." We said with our North Carolina accent and Amber smiled at Erica and they became instant friends. Oh great what fun that will be now! I got back in the pool. In no time the other people were here. A single mom of two kids too and man for my dad did she look good and they were both flirting instantly too. Savannah I'm guessing walked outside in a two piece with more hiding than mine and smiled at my dad "hi Mr. Summerland." She said hugging him she had wavy brown hair and blue eyes she scanned the place and smiled at me "hi you must be Colie. I'm Savannah." She said and I smiled and got out and shook her hand "yeah I'm Colie." I said and she giggled "I like your accent." She said and I rolled my eyes. A boy our age came out with a six pack and blue eyes and brown hair. He smiled at me and Savannah "Hi you must be Colie." He said and I nodded. "Last I knew I was Colie anyways so yeah." I said and he smiled at me and everyone.
"How are you liking Florida so far?" he asked me we were eating hotdogs on the table outside not screened in it was me, him, and Savannah. "Well I've only been here for not even a day." I said and he nodded and smiled at me. "You're sassy." He said to me and I shook my head "Nah I didn't know I was." I said being saracist. "And you're saracist." He said to me and I smiled Savannah rolled my eyes "Guys quit flirting." She said and I laughed at her. "I'm not flirting with him." I said and he acted offended "I wouldn't flirt with her anyways." He said and we smiled. "Did you know that our mom and your dad are dating?" she asked me and I shook my head no "not really." I said "well they are, and they're getting really serious too. your dad wanted you two down here so you can get to meet her and to know us and him again so if its possible they could get married." She said and I was shocked.
Later on I asked daddy and he laughed but didn't disagree in fact he said "it might be possible one day but she's something isn't she?" he asked I rolled my eyes but he had a comeback "I saw you flirting with Blake." he said and then smiled softly "they lost a little sister five years ago." He said I nodded Savannah has mentioned a girl name Courtney she would have liked me. "how old was she?" I asked "she would be 13 Erica's age." He said I nodded and hugged him tight "daddy I love you." I said and he smiled at me "I love you too." with that I went in my room and saw that momma was calling "yes ma'am we made it here safe. Sorry got busy. It's alright. Uh-huh. Nuh-huh. Buh-bye. I love you too." I said hanging up and curling up into my blankets and trying to fall asleep since today was so busy flying out of states, new house, new people, everything is just different. I just know tonight will be a sleepless night again…..


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