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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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The police officer guy came back out and nodded at us "you two are wanted in the court room again." He said and we slowly got up and walked in "I have made my decision about who will have custody of Nicole and Erica Summerland. Girls please do sit down." He said we sat in the middle row and listened to what he was about to say that would change our lives forever. "Jeff Summerland you as of January 10th have full custody of the girls and if they want to Mrs. Woods will have visitation rights but it must be done down in Florida. Mrs. Woofs they will be with you until the 12th and then they are in his care." He said we all nodded and left.
"You know what I'm gone. You got to pack whatever you want to take I'm not staying here. have a good life." She said flipping me out and walking off without saying bye or anything. Daddy came in with boxes and everything. "Tomorrow will be the last day at Person High and Person Middle. Return your books and your friends can spend the night tomorrow but pack your stuff now." He said and he looked at us "I will pack Robbie's room don't worry his stuff isn't staying here." we nodded and went to packing up our rooms.
I wore my white dress with my pink leggings and my hair was down it's down to my knees again and I'm leaving it like this for now. I kept my hair down and had my bag filled with my textbooks and it out weighed me. During all my classes I handed my teachers the text books and Sky was crying her eyes out. I smiled "daddy said you can spend the night." I said she nodded. Sky, Brittany, Jenny, and Steph are spending the night tonight my four best friends. We will go to school tomorrow to sign me out and then head out on the road.
We had a blast and we all cried and I told them I'm pregnant and I was told to keep them informed and I said I would. After we signed us out of school we went home, loaded up the truck and got on the road. "Good-bye North Carolina." I said after we left it was about midnight when we got on the road to leave North Carolina we had to say good-bye to family and Erica was out cold in no time. Daddy and I stayed up talking the whole way. I had Sassy in my lap, we're enrolling me in FloridaVirtualSchool and I'm doing classes online and I will be done with them before my baby comes and Blake is doing the same thing. Everything happens for a reason they say and this must have a very good reason. "Daddy I don't regret coming down here this summer it was the best choice I have ever made." I said and daddy smiled "yeah but you could have waited you know now you will be a teen mom at 16 not 18 or 19 years old." He said.
We made it to the new house in 12 hours and daddy let me drive on the highway for four of the 12 hours and I enjoyed it. Daddy didn't tell them that he got custody. Karen, Blake, and Savannah ran out and Blake hugged me and spun me around gently. "You're going to love living down here full time. I'm so glad you're here! I have missed you!" he said I smiled and let Sassy down so she could use the bathroom. They have a male Yorkie named Chase we unloaded the moving truck and Robbie's stuff got put in my closet because that's where I wanted it I had a pretty big bedroom anyways.
Karen made an appointment for me in two days for my second month appointment and that's when we find out if I'm having twins or not. I do have a baby bump and Blake just saw that too so he's lifting up my shirt in my room to see it. I got online when I unpacked my laptop and Sky was on she sent me an IM:
Sky: so you made it there safe?
Colie: yeah, tomorrow we're getting cell phones when we register Erica in school
Sky: alright good, I miss you!
Colie: I know you do!
Sky: so let me guess short shorts and a tank top right now?
Colie: nope my hot pink A&F sweatpants and my pink cami and Robbie's brown A&F hoodie with my hair in a sloppy ponytail the house is freezing
Sky: Colie your weird
Colie: I know, you wanna come down this summer?
Sky: if I'm allowed to yes!
Colie: alright!
Sky: when are you due?
Colie: July 15th
Sky: boys name?
Colie: Robbie Austin Wakefield
Sky: Aw <3, girls name?
Colie: Starlet Lynn Wakefield
Sky: do twins run in his family?
Colie: he is a twin
Sky: so it's possible you could be carrying twins
Colie: yeah
Sky: if you do what do you want?
Colie: one of each actually
Sky: that's amazing; I wish you nothing but good luck
Colie: why thank you
Sky: LOL, I miss you girly
Colie: I miss you too Sky
Sky: mom is calling say its dinner time
Colie: alright, good-bye
Sky: bye Colie
Sky has logged off
Lexie has logged on
I decided to send her an IM and let her know that we moved down here. She attends a college down here so that's why.
Colie: hey Lexie!
Lexie: Colie! Hey!
Colie: how are you?
Lexie: I'm great!
Colie: that's good
Lexie: how are you?
Colie: great!
Lexie: good where are you?
Colie: Florida!
Lexie: for good?
Colie: yeah daddy has custody
Lexie: I need to see you! And catch up with you!
Colie: yeah we need to meet & do that
Lexie: are you pregnant?
Colie: um.
Lexie: you are aren't you?
Colie: Um.
Lexie: how far along?
Colie: 2 months
Lexie: Aw!
Colie: yeah!
Lexie: could you have twins?
Colie: yes Blake is of a twin
Lexie: when will you find out?
Colie: in two days on the 15th
Lexie: your due on July 15th?
Colie: yeah
Lexie: aw, he would have loved that
Colie: yeah I know he would have
I woke up and got dressed in my sweat shorts and my baggy shirt because people can see my little bump now and until I know if its twins or not I'm not showing it yet. I pulled my hair up into a sloppy ponytail and smiled at Blake. He is going to school late today that's why we made an appointment at 7:15 since this doctor's office opens at 7:00.
We walk in the nurse's shakes their heads at me but gives us the paper work to do. We get seen ten minutes earlier and we got to see our baby again and sure enough I'm pregnant with twins and next month we find out the sexes. We go home and I put my status as: having twins! Blake was dropped off at school and we went to see some of my step-family and let's just say the family is huge! I do want a big family like 4-6 kids but not 7 kids per family. Now I will probably end up like that but still.
We pick up Erica, Savannah, and Blake from their schools and we go home. It's Savannah's turn to cook and mine is tomorrow, then Blake's and then Erica's then mom and then daddy's. Blake, Savannah, and Erica are doing their homework on the kitchen table and I'm on my laptop doing my classes; 10th grade second semester 8 classes (10th and first semester of 11th grade) I got all my welcome calls so I'm activated in the class and can begin doing school work so I am. By the time I quit at 2 in the morning I'm 30% done with all my courses.
I woke up at 6 AM with everyone else and went walking while they got ready for school. I got home they left for school, I took a shower and with Sassy on my lap I began my school work for the day and around 5:30 I stopped for the day and I'm 80% done with the courses now. I found taco stuff since I'm craving tacos and started cooking dinner and everyone was home doing school work. Daddy arrived and we all sat down at the table and ate and said our prayer and everything.
I woke up at 6 AM again, went walking with Sassy got back at 7 AM and got online skipping my shower and began doing school work and at 3:40 PM I was done with my classes and I get a two week break before I begin second semester of 11th grade and 1st semester of 12th grade. 11th grade is tough but not really that tough. But hey I get a two week break! I get off of the computer and Karen smiles "grades?" she asked "All A's." I said and she smiled yeah I'm kind of a smart girl in case you didn't know that. Lexie sent me a text "free tomorrow?" it said I looked at Karen "yeah your free." Yes!! Lexie!


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