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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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I woke up at six again and went walking with Sassy and this time Karen went with me and we talked about old memories I have and her old memories. She said "your daddy never talks about Robbie, the only thing he does talk about is how much fun you three would have at baseball games." She said and I smiled "yeah we had a ton of fun. Just us three, and then when daddy left Robbie and I still went no matter what." I said then remembering the accident I shiver and she wraps her arms around me and hugs me tight "no matter what they say it's not your fault, it was an accident. Accidents happens and people must overcome them." She said looking into the distance. "You had problems with accidents?" I asked her she nodded "I was 15 years old and my best friend was 16 years old she had her license so we were out late one night goofing around and everything. We were going ten miles over the speed limit going over a curve how stupid of us I know. A deer darts out and she knew she couldn't stop instead so she moved to the left and didn't see the on coming car that was doing about 20 over the speed limit and we hit head on the car does about ten flips and lands sideways don't ask me how but it did and my best friend's side was at the top I was on the bottom. She said Karen, I love you girl. Hold on. She was dangling she was bloody red too and next thing you know she just laid there lifeless. I blamed myself for so long saying if I would have told her to slow down she would still be alive today. We had just found out she was pregnant too. So we were coming home from celebrating. Colie it took me until I had Blake and Savannah to know that it wasn't my fault." She said you could tell that killed her talking about it but she didn't care. "I would like to see some pictures of him when he was a baby to the last picture that was taken."
She said my mind went back to the last picture taken of him ever I took it of him and Lexie at the beach we were all taking pictures so you had me and him I was on his back and the camera clicked when he and I both stuck out tongue out sideways that was and is our signature picture mark. Lexie was on his back and the picture took. The very last picture of them to was when they were sitting on the towel with the sunset behind them on the beach and I took the picture. He had asked her to marry him when they got out of high school too. They dated from 5th grade until he died too. We got home and I showed her all the pictures and she smiled at the one of me and him. "You really love him and you can tell. That's a great kind of love. He's your idol and you can tell that. You miss him so much. He loves you."
We turned down the road to the house and I looked at her "do you ever want to have another child?" I asked her and she smiled and looked away "yes I do." She said and we walked up the stairs and I went to take a shower looking at my baby bump realizing how much my life has changed in the last year. I grabbed the GPS and put the park's address in it and drove to the park to meet Lexie. It was an hour and a half drive but it was half way so it doesn't matter.
I saw Lexie sitting down feeding the duck and I walked toward her "hey Colie." She said smiling I smiled and hugged her. "Aw your baby bump is so cute!" she said smiling again and we sit down. "How is college life?" I asked her "hard but good." She said and then looked at me "I met a guy at the local coffee shop his name is Bryan and he's the first guy I have ever talked to since Robbie's death." She said and I smiled that's good to know. "He would want you to move on." I said she nodded and smiled at me "I know it." She said then she looked at me "whatever I tell you is kept private right? It stays between you and me?" she asked me. I looked at her with a worried look on my face "yes of course. What's up?" I asked her "You know how I went a way for a year? And my parents stayed here but I went to live with my Uncle and Aunt?" she asked me. "Yes, what about it?" I asked her "three weeks before Robbie died we had sex, three weeks later I found out I was six weeks pregnant." Lexie said I looked at her "I kept the baby don't worry, but for now the baby is kept under cover." She said I looked at her I had nothing I could say to her. The baby is almost two years old. "What did you have?" I asked her "a little girl, she has ya'll icy blue eyes and my brown curly hair, her daddy's nose and ears, my mouth, my tan complexion." She said I smiled at her "what's her name?" I asked her "Holly Hope Blevins." She said smiling at me "who is she with?" I asked "my mom and dad. But Spring Break I'm going up to visit and she's coming here with me." She said I smiled "Robbie didn't know." I said sadly "yeah that's why I had to escape town or people who really stare and wonder and the rumors would have been worst." She said I nodded and hugged her. She pulled out a picture of her and the little girl and she did look a lot like Lexie and Robbie. "I plan on telling your dad when she is here so she could meet her grandpa Jeff, grandma Karen, Aunt Colie, and Aunt Erica" she said smiling at me "I wish you would have told me this earlier." I said "I know I wasn't planning on telling you for awhile but that all changed when I heard that you were pregnant and I wanted to tell you I'm here for you." She said I smiled at her.
"I'm going to switch to college online so I will be home with her, I have a little house for rent three blocks from where you said you're living and Bryan and I are really serious and he can't wait to see her. We're moving in together over the next weeks before Spring Break so I will bring Holly home where her momma and Bryan is. Don't worry she will know all about her daddy." She said and I smiled at her. "Does he come to you in your dreams too?" she asked me and I nodded "yeah he does." I said "one of these dreams I will announce to him that he has a daughter." Lexie said and I nodded. We droved to her new house and she smiled at me.
It's February 15th Blake and I are in the doctor's office waiting to find out the sexes of our babies. "You and the babies are healthy." Doctor Swift said nicely and I smiled "would you two like to know the sexes?" she asked me and we nodded. "Yes ma'am we would." I said finally able to say something. "One of each." She said and Blake looked confused "Boy and a girl Blake." I said trying to make the picture clearer for him to understand it better.
I forgot to tell you the night of our walk Karen & daddy tells us that they're expecting a baby too. So she's two months and were three months weird but it's alright.
March 18th Lexie is calling me "hello?" I asked "yeah can you tell Karen and your dad that I'm taking them up on their offer Friday night if it's okay? Just call me back and let me know." She said and then hung up I walked downstairs they know the sex of the baby but hasn't told us yet. "Colie come sit down since you're four months pregnant with twins we want you to be the first to know." Daddy said "alright then I gotta talk to you two." I said they smiled "a baby girl." Karen said I smiled "Caitlyn Brooke Summerland." Daddy said and I smiled "Okay Colie what do you gotta tell us?" she asked "Lexie wanted to know if she can take you up on her offer and come over for dinner Friday?" I asked them and they nodded "baby girl, I have always loved Lexie no matter what." He said "and I have always wanted to meet her." Karen said I smiled and everyone else came in to find out the sex of the baby. Blake rolls his eyes at us because we're happy to be having a baby sister daddy smiled at him "at least your giving us a boy in the house." We rolled our eyes at that. The house next to Lexie is for rent too $350 a month and everything is included the landlord was a teen mother at one point and understands the struggle so she owns land all over Florida for teen parents to buy a house. And we're getting that house they don't know.
I'm wearing stretchy shorts and a XXL baggy t-shirt because I was so skinny unless I want to impress people I can wear XXL shirts and it will be baggy. But I took a shower and got changed into maternity black shorts and a hot pink maternity shirt with diamonds on it. I had brushed my hair and everything and now we're waiting for Lexie to arrive. They know about Bryan but not Holly yet and I'm excited to see my niece for the first time. In two months she will be two years old.
They pulled up and Lexie and Bryan got out first telling Holly to stay for a minute. They rung the doorbell daddy answered and hugged Lexie and smiled at Bryan "I forgot something in the car." Bryan said excusing himself to go get it. "Karen and Jeff I need to tell you something." She said and they nodded "three weeks before Robbie's death we had sex. Three weeks after his death I found out I was six weeks pregnant. That's why I left North Carolina. I kept the baby and I had a daughter, she looks so much like Robbie and I." she said he looked at her and smiled "so I'm a grandpa already?" he asked and she smiled.
Bryan came in with Holly and we all smiled at how beautiful she was and how much she looked at Robbie and her combined. "Holly is her name. Holly Hope Summerland I figured you wouldn't mind." She said smiling at him. "Holly this is your grandpa, grandma, Aunt Colie, Aunt Erica, Uncle Blake and Aunt Savannah." She said and Holly smiled. She walked to daddy and got in his lap and we all knew that she's grandpa's little girl. "Since we're doing news. Blake and I are moving after the babies are born." I said "where to?" daddy asked and we told him and he smiled. "Alright, that's not far away. So we're good." He said and daddy told Holly all about her daddy and she was smiling. "I wish daddy was with me but I know he's in heaven." She said and we smiled at her. Holly sat in Lexie's lap until dinner then had to sit between her grandpa and Aunt Colie. Yeah she's fond of me too now.
"Aunt Erica!" she said running into Erica's open arms "Holly!" she said smiling and spinning her arm. "Ya'll are good with her." Lexie said and I smiled "if you ever need a baby sitter I'm here for you." I said and daddy agreed. "Colie when they are born I'm here for you too. And I know a lot about babies now and teen pregnancy is tough as you're learning now. It's only get tougher too. Especially when you're trying to get a job they look down on you. But when you hold your daughter and son everything will be worth it Colie. Just wait."


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