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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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"I hate that I'm doing this but Bry wants to go to the movies and out to eat on a date and I wanted to know if you could watch Holly?" Lexie asked me it's May 12th, Holly's second birthday is May 15th. I'm seven months along too or will be in three days that is. I'm huge as a horse but I suddenly realize Lexie was on the other end. "Yeah sure do you want her to come over here or me go over there?" I asked realizing I can't even see my toes anymore. My feet are swollen, my back hurts, and I now officially have boobs. "I will bring her over so you will have help. And thanks Colie." She said "yeah sure no problem. I'm a high school and college graduate now so it's all good." I said and she laughed "I know I am too now." She said Lexie was smart and when they were in 9th grade she skipped a grade but she's 19 now while Robbie would be turning 19 in two months.
Lexie and I hung up and within ten minutes Lexie brought Holly over and she smiled at me "thanks for doing this." She said and I nodded knowing she needed the break anyways. "Don't worry daddy will be home in an hour and she will leave me for him." I said and she laughed "at least she loves ya'll. She scared of my family." Lexie said smiling I smiled "have fun tonight!" I said and she smiled and walked off again. Holly and I watched Hannah Montana and Barney and then daddy came home and she went running and hugged his knees "Holly!" daddy said picking her up and spinning her around she was giggling. "Baby-sitting her?" he asked and I nodded he smiled and placed her on his hip and walked in the kitchen where Karen was looking at baby stuff. I walked in and looked at the book when she hugged daddy. My book next to it is: what to expect when you're expecting twins.
Blake was cooking dinner I was told when I hit my 7th month mark I'm not cooking dinner or cleaning anymore. And that's in three days I can't wait to see how they're doing. "Momma and Colie what are you two craving?" he asked he remembers when Karen was pregnant with his little sister Courtney. "Chili cheese dog." We both said and smiling Blake got the cheese hot dogs and the cheese and chili and got to cooking with curly fries too because I was craving that as well. I placed my hand on my swollen belly and I felt them kick and I giggled until one got their foot caught in my rib cage. Blake called for everyone to eat dinner and again Holly had to sit between me and daddy. Afterwards I did the dishes and Holly talked away to daddy on his lap. "Aunt Erica let's go play outside!" she said and off they went. "She's a great kid. Lexie did a good job. Robbie would be proud." Yea.
I'm in a grassy field with beautiful flowers and trees around me. I'm skinny not almost seven months pregnant with twins. I see a guy come near me and it's Robbie! Lexie and Holly come out and then daddy and Erica are out too. "Robbie!" I said running as fast as I could and jumped into his arms. "Colie, sissy I've missed you!" he said. I sometimes feel like this is really him and its real not a dream. "I have missed you so much." I said "yeah so much you got knocked up. Like the due date and my nephew's name." he said I smiled man did I miss him. "Erica!" he said and she walked up and jumped into his open arms and he hugs her and spins her around. "I miss you Robbie." She said kissing him on the cheek "I miss you too Eric. But heaven is amazing, grams and gramps love it." he said we nodded. "Dad." He said coolly hugging him and then looked at Lexie.
"Lex." He said smiling at her she walked closer to him handing Holly to me. "I love you Robbie and I miss you so much. These two years has been killer on me without you by my side." Lexie said "Oh Lexie I was there every second, every minute. I was there when Holly was born. I watch over her bed at night and I chase away the monsters and she gets good dreams. I love you too Lexie but I know you need to move on and Bryan is great to you and Holly." He said and he kissed her lips softly "I have missed that Rob." She said smiling at him. "Let me see my daughter." He said and Holly walked to him "daddy?" she asked "yes Holly I'm your daddy." He said picking her up and kissing her cheek. "You are cool." She said and he smiled. He gave her a piggy back ride around the field she was laughing and having fun. We all got reconnected and then the clouds formed. "Colie, I love you. Good luck. Erica I love you be good, dad I love you, Lexie I love you baby, Holly you listen to your mommy alright and everyone else. I love you Holly and everyone else." He said and just like that he was gone.
I woke up and Erica was staring at me "did you have the same dream?" she asked I nodded, daddy came in "you girls have the same dream?" he asked we nodded "oh daddy." Erica said hugging him. My cell rang "Colie did you have the same dream? Holly said she did." Lexie said "yeah we all did." I said and we hung up. "That's his way of getting in touch with us." Daddy said hugging us tightly and slipping out the door. "Can I sleep on the floor?" she asked "there is room up here." I said and she laid with me falling asleep on me.
We woke up at seven and got dressed and walked into the kitchen. Karen already knows about the dream so she smiles at us. "It was so real daddy." I said to him "Colie it was real. I'm telling you." He said and we smiled "we just can't see Robbie because we're older. Holly can and I bet she does." He said "Holly will grow up seeing him in her dreams and that's how she will have a relationship with him." I said and daddy smiled "true baby and probably will happen."
My appointment for my 7th month went great! They are both doing well! Healthy as can be and so am I! We're at Holly's second birthday party. And she points to a place in the grass and looked at me "Daddy is here too. He told me happy birthday." She said smiling we smiled at her. Bryan doesn't mind that at all, she calls him daddy B. We all find it funny but he think its cute he is also hoping things will change and he will be called daddy. "Daddy don't like daddy B that much, he says he's going to hurt mommy and me." She said "Oh Holly come here." Lexie said knowing Robbie wouldn't lie and Holly doesn't lie either she gets that from him.
Sure enough two weeks later she thought she was pregnant and he went to go get milk and never came back. Come to find out it was just late because of being stressed. Lexie came in my room and cried "Robbie and Holly were right he left us." She said I comforted her and Holly. Holly walked into daddy's study and got on his lap and watched him work. We went to find Holly and saw her in his office. "I helping gramps." She said and daddy smiled "Lexie how about she spends the night tonight. You could use a break. Colie can go over there." He said and she smiled "thanks Jeff." She said "will daddy find me here? he wraps his arms around me until I'm asleep. Not only can I see him but I feel the cold body heat he gives." She said and I got down as far as I could being almost eight months pregnant and all. "Holls yes your daddy will know where you are. He loves you and wont walk away from you." I said and she smiled at me and hugged my neck.
Lexie and I watched a ton of movies that night and junk food or she ate junk food and I ate healthy food but I did have a smoothie because the babies wanted one. "Robbie Austin Wakefield and Starlet Lynn Wakefield are cute names." She said I smiled "yeah are you staying in this house?" I asked her "yeah my parents are moving down here and they're gonna help me out with everything and they don't mind." She said "that's good. I miss them." I said "Holly doesn't really care for them. But she will get use to them I guess." She said.


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