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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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"Lexie I will be here for you as much as I can." I said and she smiled knowing I was right. "Colie, I will be here for you too. I mean you're almost eight months pregnant with twins." She said I rolled my eyes at her. "Yeah, hold on my phone is ringing." I said referring to my vibrating phone "hello?" I asked not even bothering to look at who it was. "Colie? It's your mom. I just wanted to informed you I will be here June 10th so I will be here right around Erica's birthday." The woman voice said. "Are you out of rehab?" I asked "yes darling, I'm a new person. You will be able to tell. Sweetie have a good day and week I will see you next weekend." She said I rolled my eyes. "Dang it, so she gets to meet her granddaughter." Lexie said and I giggled "I guess so." I said and she hated that answer "oh well. Holly keeps me on the go already I can imagine when she begin schools it will be worse!" she said and I laughed "lucky I gotta deal with twins." I said and she smiled. "Good luck Colie is all I can say. One baby is tough."
It's June 10th and we're at the airport waiting to pick momma up. Lexie and Holly came for support and plus my car is in the shop being checked up on. Momma walked out with her bags and Erica saw that she was changed and I could tell too. She was still skinny like me but she had some meat on her bones her cheek color are red again, her hair is knee length still but pulled into a pony-tail her sweat pants were hugging her hips perfectly and she had a North Carolina girl shirt on. She looked more like her age than in her twenties now. "Momma!" Erica said forgetting about the past and running into her arms, she was a momma's girl since I was a daddy's girl. Actually I think she was a momma and a daddy's girl. "Erica I can't believe your 14 in five days!" Momma said and she smiled. Momma looked at me and smiled "so when are you due? What are you having?" she asked "July 15th and twins boy and a girl." I said she smiled again and hugged me. "I missed you Colie." She said "okay mom." I said she looked at Lexie, back before Robbie died she was an amazing mom and this is how she is now. She loved Lexie. "Lexie! Who have we here?" she asked referring to Holly "your granddaughter Holly." Lexie said smiling. "My other grams?" she asked and momma nodded. "you're pretty." She said and momma smiled. "So are you." She said momma sat in the front to my house "I was staying at a hotel." She said "No ma'am you will stay in my house. Nobody is living in it yet but you will." I said she smiled "are you engaged?" she asked "no ma'am he wanted to meet you first. So we're coming over for dinner tonight instead of Erica and me, it's Erica and Blake and me."
I got online when I got home for a few minutes so I could check something and Sky was on and she sent me an IM.
Sky: hey!
Colie: hey!
Sky: I'm coming down to Tampa, Florida!
Colie: when?!
Sky: July 31st
Colie: why?
Sky: daddy got a job offer!
Colie: awesome! So you're moving?!
Sky: in August but daddy is coming down to look at a house and he said I can come!
Sky: What?
Colie: this is amazing!
Sky: I know! We're flying in!
Colie: awesome, would it be okay with your dad if you stayed with me?
Sky: he done said she's picking us up, taking me to the hotel and you home with her. But I expect ya'll at every house I look at.
Colie: he does know I will have two newborns right?
Sky: yeah and they're proud of you
Colie: I can't wait!
Sky: me neither! I hope they have your eyes!
Colie: me too!
Sky: I hear your mom is there
Colie: yup you heard right
Sky: how are things?
Colie: good she's back to her old self again
Sky: awesome my flight arrives 7:00 on July 31st be there!
Colie: I will if I have to have Karen watch them I will be there!
Sky: alright then!
Colie: gotta go to the dinner
Sky: break a leg! Good luck!
Colie: I need it!
Sky: bye girly!
Colie: bye girl!
Colie and Sky are now offline
We made it to the house on time and momma had dinner on the table. She cooked my favorite tacos and tater tots and Erica's cheese hamburgers. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Woods." He said Halls is momma's maiden name. "Call me Anna." She said "yes ma'am." "it's nice meeting you too." she said.
The last night here for her and we're all gathered together outside having a cook out. Holly is in her lap and Blake got down to play with Sassy and the male Yorkie but got on one knee and pulled out a ring "Marry me Nicole Hope Summerland?" he asked and a shooting star went by at that time. "Yes I will." I said smiling kissing his lips; he placed the ring on my finger. Momma and daddy were smiling "we raised a pretty good kid." She said and daddy smiled "yes we did Anna. Good luck wherever you go." He said "Austin, Texas is where my job offer is to get away from the crowd I hung with." She said "Good luck though." He said "good luck with the new babies and your new grandkids." She said and they smiled at each other.
"Bye momma." Erica and I said hugging her good-bye we're at the airport and it's June 14th. So tomorrow I got a doctor's appointment and it will be my last one until July 10th to make sure everything. "I will be here when the babies are born if you want." She said "yes ma'am I do." I said she smiled and boarded the plane. "Our momma is back." I said and Erica smiled "yeah she is. I can't wait to be 14!" she said I smiled "why?" I asked "I will be an 8th grader and another year closer to dating since with daddy you gotta be 15 to date." She said and I smiled and we droved home.
"Caitlyn Brooke Summerland!" daddy was telling Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie they were on Web Cam together "Get Colie in here! I wanna see her!" Aunt Carrie said smiling "hey." I said walking in then seeing who was on cam. "Aw I love you with a belly!" she said I rolled my eyes "Colie we're coming down July 20th! When are you getting married?" she asked "August 1st. Everything is ready but my wedding dress." I said "When are you due again?" she asked "in one month." I said they smiled "how did your appointment go today?" daddy asked me "it went great daddy." I said he nodded knowing it did. "Well I'm sleepy so I'm going to bed. Good-night Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brent. Good-night daddy." I said "Good-night Colie." They all said I smiled; Robbie's boxes are already in my new house. Half of my room is already in the new house. "Aunt Colie wake up!" Holly demanded I looked at my clock 7:01 AM "Holly." I mumbled but I had to pee anyways so I got up. Oh great cant wait for these babies to come.


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