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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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We went shopping for two weeks straight making sure we have everything we need. And it's July 4th so the 4th of July celebration. 6 more days until my last doctor's appointment too! I cannot wait either! I'm sitting on my bed and Blake comes in. "I'm joining the Army." He said I looked at him "What?" I said "yeah I'm a year older than you and I've always wanted to join the Army." He said "No!" I said "Why not?" he asked "you have two children on the way!" I said "I begin training July 20th so I will be here. Then it's the school and all that. I want to do this Colie." He said "Well I didn't want to end up pregnant at 16 but I did." I said "Colie just let me do this okay? It will give us more money that we will need." He said "it will also make me become a single mom." I said. "Nicole why are you being so harsh about this?" he asked skipping Colie and going straight to Nicole. "Because we will miss our wedding!" I said "oh well after boot camp and A school we can get married!" he said not caring how hurt I am.
*flashbacks to two summers ago*
"Colie and Erica come here please!" Robbie yelled we were in the pool behind our house. The Wal*Mart pop up pool but still we went running and hugged him. "When I graduate high school next year I'm going to join the Marines." He said "No! Robbie you could die!" we said "but I will be dying fighting for OUR freedom and you cant stop me. You can either support me or don't care. But you wont stop me I have my mind made up." Robbie said walking to the pool; "fine Robbie. I support you. I may not like it but I support you." I said and Erica agreed.
*get out of flashback*
"Robbie was gonna join the Marines. He told us we couldn't stop him, he would die fighting for our freedom and I could either support him or don't care so I will support you." I said placing my hand on my belly. "Colie good, you can't stop me. I've already signed the papers I'm in the U.S Army I will come home to you and the kids I promise." He said I smiled "you better come home to us. Because little Robbie must know who his daddy is to teach him football and little Starry will need her daddy to tell her she can't date." I said he smiled and kissed me, "when I come to the states we will be stationed in different places a lot but we will handle it. Or you could stay here and I would come and visit when I can." He said "We would move to wherever you go. We will follow." I said he smiled and kissed my lips. "So you will be with the kids for five days and then you're gone." I said he nodded I rolled my eyes. Boot camp last four weeks, he comes home for two weeks, then goes to A school that lasts 8 weeks then he comes home for three weeks and then he's shipped wherever they want him to go.
July 10th is finally here and my appointment went great! The babies know they are coming out soon and they're preparing for the arrival. Doctor Swift told us that he needs to spend as much time with them as he can or they won't remember who he is and he will be total strangers to his two babies.
12:00 AM on July 15th I got my fist contraction about ten minutes apart. It's now 12:00 PM and my water broke I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I felt something cool liquid hit my legs and then I felt a sharp pain and I grabbed the counter and screamed. Daddy, Karen, and Blake came running. Next half hour was a blur and I'm now sitting in the hospital waiting room. I'm supposed to be dilated 10CM but I'm only dilated 5CM. I was told to walk around and I did. Momma, Karen, and daddy are sitting in the waiting room as I walk out "she was told to walk." Karen and momma said to daddy. Funny thing is they are all becoming friends for Erica and me.
It's four PM and I'm dilated 9.5CM now and I'm killing time by joking with Lexie who came by to encourage me. Erica and Savannah are in the waiting room waiting too. It's now six PM and I'm dilated 10CM and I was told we will start pushing. "On three push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! One more I see the head! 1…2…3 push!" Doctor Swift said I was pushing my hardest and it was wearing me out. "Congratulation it's a boy! One more to go!" she said "1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! 1…2…3 push! One more! 1…2…3 push!" she said and I heard two babies cry. "Congratulation it's a girl!" she said. They cleaned the babies off and handed them to me. "Boy's name?" The nurse asked "Robbie Austin Wakefield. R-o-b-b-i-e A-u-s-t-i-n W-a-k-e-f-i-e-ld." She said "he is ten inches long weighing 4 pounds two ounces. Icy blue eyes and curly brown hair." She said and I smiled at him. "Girl's name?" she asked "Starlet Lynn Wakefield. S-t-a-r-l-e-t L-y-n-n W-a-k-e-f-i-e-l-d." I said "She is 8 inches long weighing 2 pounds two ounces. Icy blue eyes and curly blonde hair." She said "Fraternal twins are normal especially when it's a boy and a girl and at least they have the same eyes color and nose and mouth." "When were they born?" I asked "Robbie was born 7:30 PM and Starlet was born 7:32 PM." She said Robbie my brother was born 7:30 PM on July 15th and that's today. "They're adorable." Momma said I smiled.
I went home on the 18th and we had two days together we took him to the airport and he was holding our 5 day old son "I love you Robbie. I will see you in four weeks." He said kissing his forehead and handing him to me and taking Starry from me. "Daddy loves you Starry. I will see you in four weeks." He said I smiled and kissed his lips, "we will be in our own home before you come home." I said he nodded and kissed my lips "I will call and write as much as I can. I love you Colie." He said walking off after saying good-bye to everybody else.
Within half an hour Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie got off their plane. "Colie they are adorable!" Aunt Carrie said we smiled at each other. We made it home and she got to meet Holly, "Holly you are a doll." She said smiling and Holly smiled and went back to watching Starry and Robbie sleeping. "We're here until the 31st the same day Sky and Brad comes." Uncle Brent said talking to daddy and he nodded. "Colie is excited for Sky coming down here." He said I rolled my eyes and got up and hugged daddy's neck. "You have two beautiful babies Colie." Uncle Brent said "Thank you." I said walking over to Aunt Carrie and Karen they're talking about our newest addition arriving and how they're coming down again on my birthday weekend to see Caitlyn who is due August 7th while I'm August 15th.
I sat down and started day-dreaming and Karen looked over at me and smiled "Motherhood is tough isn't it?" she asked "yes ma'am it is but it's worth it to see two beautiful children that loves you so much." I said "You really love them don't you?" Aunt Carrie asked me "yes ma'am I do. I would take a bullet for them in a heartbeat even though they're only five days old." I said and Aunt Carrie smiled. I heard a little baby's cry and knew Starry needed her diaper changed. I can now tell the difference between their cries and what each cries means. Since Blake wouldn't get up and help any because why bother when he was leaving in five days.
I changed her and carried her into the kitchen I know she needed some attention. "Aunt Carrie you want to hold her? I gotta get Robbie he's starting to cry in three…two…one." I said and sure enough he started crying. She took Starry and smiled "you're good Col." She said I smiled and got Robbie and changed him and walked in here and fed them their bottles actually Aunt Carrie fed Starry and I fed Robbie. "Karen I didn't think Blake was a jerk like this." I said "he's lazy and hardheaded and he thinks this is right." She said yeah sure is knowing we have two newborns and I'm only 16 years old.
Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brent enjoyed their vacation here and loved seeing Robbie and Starry a lot. I smiled at them "are you ready to go?" I asked them I had the twins in their car-seats with their diaper bags set and ready to go. "Yes we are, hate that our planes leaves at 8 but yes." They said I was driving them they gotta get there at six and board at seven and Sky gets off the planes around seven so I'm taking them to make it easier on them.
"Bye Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie I will miss ya'll and thanks for coming." I said "No problem. I will miss you too. Take care of them while we're gone. I want to see two healthy babies when I get back." Aunt Carrie said I smiled and hugged them good-bye and they left to go board the plane and I saw Sky and her dad walk out and I wave and she takes off running and we hugs each other tightly. I went to the baggage claim with them with the babies asleep in their car-seats. "They're more adorable in person!" she squealed and I smiled at her. We waited until her dad got the rental car and drove home.
"I have missed you so much! School is not the same! And everything isn't the same without you!" she said I smiled "I know and I'm sorry I have missed you too!" I said and she smiled looking in the back at them sleeping. "Starry is beautiful and Robbie is handsome!" she said I smiled and remember Holly is over. We got out and Erica hugged her "hey Mr. Summerland." She said I introduced her, Karen, and Savannah and we walked to my empty room. I'm moving tomorrow so most of my stuff are already there expect a bed. Holly came in and smiled "Hi Aunt Colie are the twins up?" she asked Sky turned around and looked and gasps "she's Robbie's kid. No doubt about it." she said and Lexie came in and saw Sky "hey Sky. Not a word or else." She said and Sky nodded. Sky had always had a crush on Robbie and hated Lexie for stealing him from her.
"Don't worry the rumor is he knocked you up and you left and the rumor is right." She said but smiled "she's beautiful Lexie." Sky said smiling "Thanks. She took after her daddy on most part and I know he would have loved her." She said "yeah he would have. She would have been his world." She said smiling "Jeez thanks Sky." She said smiling though "no problem!" she said smiling at us and Lexie walked off with Holly who then came back "can I look at Starry?" she asked I smiled and picked her up and spun her around and showed her Starry. "I love Starry and Robbie." She said "I know you do I love them too." I said "Good thing. Their daddy sure don't." She told me ouch that really hurt. "I know baby girl. I know." I said smiling.


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