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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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It's August15th now and I'm at the doctor's because it's their one month check up and they're getting shots. This month has flown by fast. I'm living in my own home now with Robbie's car that became mine when I turned 16. I'm 17 years old now as of today that is. Karen is in the hospital she had Caitlyn Brooke Summerland yesterday and she's adorable. Daddy eyes are icy blue so Caitlyn has daddy's eyes and Karen curly brown hair. "Happy birthday Colie." Doctor Woods said and I smiled at her "thank you." I said she nodded and finished giving them their shots and they were crying so I comforted them. "Must be hard with their dad being away." She said "yes ma'am it is. But I go by everyday because they mean the world to me and I would change how young I am and that's about it." I said she smiled at me. "When is he coming home?" she asked me "in five days." I said "oh for how long?" she asked me "Two weeks then he will be gone for eight weeks then comes home for three weeks." I said she nodded "so he wont be here much of their infant year." She said "No ma'am I'm guessing not." I said she smiled and we left and made it home.
I had put Robbie and Starry down and the phone rang so I ran to answer it and smiled at the caller ID "Hey beautiful." He said "hey baby." I said "happy birthday Colie." He said "thanks, I wish you were here." I said "I will be in five days." He said "yeah for two weeks then your gone for 8 weeks." I said "Then I will be home for three weeks." He said "Five weeks and five days of their life. While I have been here since day one." I said "Colie it will be alright." He said "it better be." I said "Colie I gotta go though. I love you." He said "I love you too."
I got Starry in a cute yellow dress and Robbie in a cute outfit and we met him at the airport. We're going to daddies and mom's so he can see Caitlyn. She's a doll baby too just like Starry. I saw him and smiled at him "Colie!" he said I smiled and he kissed my lips softly and took Robbie from me but he started crying "it's okay Robbie. I'm daddy." He said and after the ride to daddy's he was finally calm. Although Starry was stuck like glue to me she wouldn't leave my side. "Blake!" Savannah said hugging him, she still lives at home for now because she's saving up money for a condo but she attends college in the local community college. "Blake!" mom said hugging him and yes I call Karen mom. "I would like to see my little sister." He said handing Robbie to me and following momma. "It's okay Robbie he will spend time with you tonight." I said reassuring him and myself.
Sure enough he spent the time we were at home with both of our children and in bed with me. By the time he left the babies were comfortable with him. And they're almost two months old now too. "Bye Baby." He said kissing me good-bye and holding the twins and then walking with the others to go to A School. We would all drive up to South Carolina in November to be there for his graduation.
"Aunt Colie!" Holly said I picked her up and spun her around "you're getting bigger!" I said and she giggled. "That's a good thing or that's what daddy said." She said referring to Robbie my brother she sees him in her dreams. "Colie, Starry is even more beautiful than last time. I can't believe she's two months old now." Lexie said and I smiled we're at my house which is next to hers and we're having dinner. She was holding Starry while I was holding Robbie it was about their bedtime so I gave them a bath and tucked them in bed. "I love them with all my heart so soon." I said "I know you do just wait when they're three-six months old they will start to sit up, then six months to nine they start to crawl and then walk and talk." She said "I can't handle two crawling babies." I said laughing and she was laughing too.
The days went by and on and on and it's now November 2nd we're leaving to go to South Carolina on the 6th. Blake is coming home with us for three weeks and then he will get his order on the third week that he is here with us. I had all our bags packed for the four days we will be gone. I made sure to have enough formula, diapers and clothes for them. They are almost three months old too, Starry ears are pierced as well without Blake knowing of course.
Daddy drove and Karen were in the front seat, Caitlyn and Robbie were in the front back seat, Starry was in the middle of me and Erica. Savannah was driving up on the 7th because of her school work. And then she's riding back with daddy and them and Blake and I are driving the car home. The car ride was fun too. We are now in Georgia and I told Starry who was smiling at me "You are now in Georgia your first trip!" I said she did her cute smile. Said the same thing when we made it to South Carolina too. Robbie cried when he saw Blake so Blake picked him up but not for long because he had to go back. The graduation went great too. And I forgot to say that Savannah was driving my car too but she doesn't own a car. We droved up to North Carolina to see my family while we were at it. Grams fell in love with the twins and Aunt Carrie finally got to meet Blake and she was glad. And she enjoyed seeing the twins too.
We spent the first week in North Carolina and came home on the second week. And we did nothing but sit around the house and enjoyed each other's company. His hair was in the hair style the Army gives them and he looked cute. "You know if you got pregnant again the twins would be one before the baby is born." He said "No way! You will not get me knocked up just to leave!" I said storming off outside to enjoy the cooling down of the weather. He came out after I heard the phone ring "I got my orders Germany for 6 months then Iraq. I will be home after they're two." He said I couldn't help it but I fought back my tears. They will be nine months when he leaves Germany and then he will be in Iraq for 15 months I can't get pregnant to be left alone for 15 months.
He left this morning and we left on bitter terms I was mad at him and he was mad at me because he wanted me to end up pregnant. And I told him no not if you will be gone for about 15 months and that wont happened. He said oh I will get a month leave out of that. Yeah a month leave and me having three kids not happening not with me be 17 years old that is.
I made the best out of their first Christmas and they enjoyed it too. I was glad too they had the best Christmas I could have wished for. Blake did call too and they're four months old so five months left of him in Germany and he loves it. I'm glad I said and that was the end of the conversation he had to go. "Starry and Robbie it's okay mommy loves you too." I said and they smiled at me. They're scooting now and before long they will be crawling. They can sit up on their own now and in two months around then they can hold their own bottles and all that good stuff.
"Merry Christmas." I said smiling at momma who had came down "Merry Christmas Colie." She said hugging me and smiled at the twins. "Starry and Robbie are growing up fast Colie! He's handsome and she's beautiful!" momma said and I smiled at her. "Thanks." I said "Where is Blake?" she asked "Germany for five more months then Iraq." I said "Ah good luck baby. I'm just glad Robbie or you didn't go. That would have scared me." She said I smiled "don't worry mom having twins kind of ruined my dreams of anything." I said "yeah having kids as a teenager will do that to you but you will make the best of it. Just do more goals around them and include them in it this time and you will see what the world will give you Colie." Momma said man is she wise. "I know momma I know but I just hope nothing bad happens to him. I don't know if I could handle that." Could I?


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