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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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It's now day seven that we have been down here in Florida. And we're addicted to it we don't want to leave. I'm sitting outside on the swing while daddy is in the kitchen talking to Karen, Blake's mom and my soon to be step-mom I think. My phone rings and I look at caller ID and roll my eyes "hello mother." I said auto-response with my auto-tone. "How are you sweetie? Where is Erica? I need to talk to you two together." "I'm fine she's in the pool, okay I will go get her." I said I put the phone down and yelled "Erica momma is on the phone!" she came running and we put on speaker phone.
"We're both here mom." I said and I could hear her laughing at someone in the background "MOTHER!" I screamed and she realizes who she was on the phone with. "Your father wants custody of ya'll." She said matter of factly. "Yeah and we want to live with him." I said "Well only because you're in love with whatever that boy name is. But you can't live with him I need you girls here." She said Erica started to cry "I HATE YOU!" she screamed and stormed off "Erica baby?" she asked "she's gone mom." I said getting upset myself. "The only way you will live with your father is if you end up pregnant." Momma said and that thought flashed in my head too "Oh okay mom. Well since you ruined the mood I'm getting off. But remember at least while we're with him we're not getting killed like Robbie did when he lived with you." I said "NICOLE HOPE! It was your fault! Not MINE but YOURS!" she said and that stung "Good-bye Mother." I said hanging up on her.
I broke down and started crying out in the middle of the yard. I hear somebody coming but I have my legs brought up to my chest and my face is on it where nobody can see me crying. "Colie, baby are you okay?" A male voice asked and I knew that it was Blake. "No my mom won't give custody to us to my dad and the only way I'm allowed to live down here is if I get pregnant. And she said it's my fault for Robbie's death." He hugged me tight and let me cry a little while longer. "Blake I'm not normally this emotional." I said and he nodded and kissed my lips softly. Daddy knew about what happened so he called mom and came out "Colie we need to talk." He said I looked at him and Blake. "Blake your mom wants you home you three are going to Jacksonville for a couple of hours." He said and Blake nodded "I will text you later Colie." Blake said I smiled at him and looked at daddy. "You have two options." He said and I looked at him weird "fake being pregnant or get pregnant and I don't want you to give your life away so fake being pregnant." Daddy said and I smiled at him.
It's July 13th now and I'm at the beach with Erica and daddy and Savannah and Blake and Amber. Us girls are tanning while daddy, Blake, and Karen are swimming in the water. Two more days and it's Robbie's birthday the same day Courtney died. So we wont see each other then we will be sad and depressed or I know I will be anyways I mean he was my big brother. We would have so much fun when momma left for work and Erica was in school because our middle school let our early. I was a 6th grader he was an 8th grader.
*flashbacks to that one day*
"Okay Coke-a-cola! We're gonna do a big huge dessert thingy because I'm starved and I know you are too." Mom and dad was still married to the last year that was. "Get ice cream, brownies, fudge, whip cream, cherries, sprinkles, and marshmallow, anything else?" he asked I shook my head and we made the huge bowl of ice cream and we're sitting on the couch watching The Simpsons together "Robbie this is amazing!" I would say because we did this every time we got out early "I'm glad it's amazing because it's made of love." He said and I would smile at him.
When I got my first boyfriend at 13 he threaten him that if he hurt me he would beat him up. Five months of going out he cheated on me I found out I got hurt and he lied about it but broke up with me anyways. That afternoon Robbie saw me crying and he went over to my ex's house and beat him up. Robbie would get in fights for me and Erica any day if he had to.
When daddy and momma got a divorced Erica and I were a wreck. Wanna know who saved us? Robbie did he would try his best to cheer us up and it worked every time here it what he would tell us "think of it this way more gifts on Holidays more love, more special bonding them, double the allowance. This is the best thing that has happened to us." He would joke around and say. Him and I were really close we would do our normal brotherly and sisterly fights but we would make up within minutes and go back at it the next day. My world shattered into million of pieces when Robbie died and I'm just now starting to pick up the pieces from it all. I can't turn to him anymore. Blake and I are faking the pregnancy and he's aware that we're going to and he doesn't mind. I mean daddy is still trying to get custody but if it doesn't work then I have this as my back up plan. Poor Erica will die if I get to stay and she doesn't, that will suck.
"Mom I'm not going back up there." I said for the millionth time it's July 14th the day before his birthday. "Nicole yes you are." She said "Mother no I'm not. I like it down here. Daddy doesn't go off on nights or days and not come back for hours. I mean he does but it's to work and we know that. He doesn't bring different women home every night. He's better for us." I said "Nicole Hope you didn't even want to go down there." She said "Well I'm glad I did and I don't want to go back up there." I said "You can't make me." I said "Nicole Hope Summerland yes I can I will if I have to." She said "NO you won't. You would enjoy it too much where your men can come as they please!" I said getting mad at her now. "Nicole no more discussion about this. You will be home on the 18th next month if you like it or not." She said "NO I won't." I said I saw Blake approach. "Yes you will Nicole I mean it." "Well about time you mean something." I said "Nicole Hope." She said "Good-bye." I said hanging up and looking at Blake. "Trouble at home." I said and he nodded "I understand but you might have to go up there again." He said I nodded not wanting to admit this because I know it will suck if I do.
The day went by in a blur and now I'm waking up for the day. I found my black short shorts, my black panties and bra set and black A&F cami and my black R.I.P R.A.S in the front and a picture of Robbie & me not long before he died we were on the hood of his car smiling at the camera. On the back has written on it: Robbie Austin Summerland 7-15-1992 until 8-31-2009 and a picture of me, him, and Erica. I had my hair braided into two the way he loved it because it still showed him that I was still his little sister. I had two black ribbons dangling down with the Carolina Blue color on it because that's his favorite color. I had my UNC hat on actually its Robbie's old hat but still. My make up wad done lightly but my eyeliner made me look emo and the fact that I'm wearing all black. Momma has a rule no cutting your hair. Robbie would always joke and say "I wonder what you would look like with your hair down to your shoulders." He said I would smile and laugh and would always say "one day we will know. I will cut it short so you could see me with it." He would hug me tight and smile at that. My hair is down to my knees because that's as long as mom will let me keep it when it grows past the knees she cuts it. I think I'm going to get my hair cut. I looked at Erica who was wearing the same shirt but with her pink short shorts "Want to get your hair cut?" I asked her and she smiled "momma will be mad." She said "So? She wont let us live with daddy so we're getting even." I said to her.
Daddy was making Robbie's favorite breakfast meal and smiled when he saw us. "We're going to the mall today." I said he nodded and saw Erica had her hair like I do "you aren't thinking of cutting it are you?" He asked and I smiled "Nicole." He said using Nicole instead of Colie. "Daddy please?" I asked "I have no clue what you're talking about." He said winking and I smiled at him. "Blake and Savannah might wanna go." He said I smiled and called them "Wanna go to the mall?" I asked "sure!" she said Blake said "yeah."
Daddy and Karen and us are on the way to Tampa now so we could go to the mall with Hollister and everything in it. "So your dad tells me you are getting your hair cut?" Karen asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "how short Colie?" Karen asked me "to my shoulders." I said and daddy's mouth dropped wide open and I giggled. Blake squeezed my hand. I quickly updated all of my status on my websites: Going to the mall : ) loving Florida! Anyways Happy Birthday Robbie! I miss you big brother!
We walked into the hair salon and one person smiled at us because our hair is past our knees right now. "Two beautiful girls with long beautiful wavy strawberry blonde hair." He said and I smiled "who wants to go first?" the guy asked me I looked at Erica "it was your idea you do it." she said and I smiled "I will sir." I said "you're not from around here are you?" he asked me "No sir. North Carolina." I said and he smiled "I'm from there too." "Would you like it dyed or cut or both?" he asked me I looked at daddy "it's up to you." He said "How about dyed brown and cut to my shoulders." I said and he had a look of shock. "Such beautiful hair. Are you sure?" he asked me "yes sir I'm sure." I said and he did as he was told. My head felt a million times lighter. I looked in the mirror and smiled and a voice came in my head "I told you that you would look sexy, but you could have kept the blonde you know." I rolled my eyes and Erica got hers cut to the boobs with layers in it. She got it dyed brown too.
We caught up with Blake and them and Blake jaw about hit the floor. "Colie you're beautiful." He said commenting on my hair cut. He squeezed my hand and we walked along the mall I saw guys turn their heads to look at me but realized I was with Blake. I'm with Blake in front of the Mall sign and daddy takes a picture of it and then Erica and I got in front of it and daddy took a picture. Blake and I got home and took some more pictures and even a tongue in mouth kissing picture. We uploaded them on facebook, myspace, myyearbook, he smiled at me when we got done. "Your mom will flip." Ah crap!


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