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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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Within three hours my mom saw the pictures and my phone was ringing off the hook. After not answering for so long I finally answered and she was mad as I don't know what "NICOLE HOPE SUMMERLAND GET ERICA ON THE PHONE ALSO!" she screamed "Erica." I said she came running in and knew who I was talking to "YOU TWO DISOBEYED ME! I AM NOT HAVING TWO LITTLE DISOBENIDENT BRATS LIVIING IN MY HOUSE. SO YOU TWO WILL SHAPE UP." She said and I rolled my eyes "what if we don't?" I asked "then you will be living with your father." She said "I don't think we will." "Put your father on the phone." She said and we could hear her yelling at daddy.
"Anyone up for a trip?" he asked us after he hung up I gave him a weird look. "She just kicked you two out." He said and we smiled at each other. "Can we spend like a week up there to say good-bye to all of our friends?" I asked him and he smiled at me.
"I was thinking of maybe the week of your birthday?" he asked and I hugged him. I got online and saw my best friend Sky was on so I sent her an IM:
Colie: hey Sky!
Sky: hey, how can you be so hyper on today?
Colie: cause it's a celebrate of life! Next month I won't be
Sky: True B.T.W who is that cute guy?
Colie: where?
Sky: in your newest picture
Colie: Oh! Him? Blake
Sky: your Florida boyfriend?
Colie: currently no
Sky: ah! Friends with benefits?
Colie: I guess and Sky I got bad news : (
Sky: OH God what is it?
Colie: I'm moving to Florida with my daddy.
Colie: 'Cause Erica and I got our hair cut and dyed
Sky: cute hair style by the way!
Sky: but still why?
Colie: thanks and mainly cause we're tired of staying home alone.
Sky: ah this sucks
Colie: I'm sorry Sky
Sky: gotta go bye.
I got offline and walked outside to meet Blake. "Hey Colie you look cute." He said I was in my monkey PJ's and I had on a hot pink cami and my hair was half up. "Thanks." I said and we sat down on the swings "Colie who idea was it for you to be called Colie since Nicole is your name? How do you get Colie out of Nicole?" he asked me and I went back into my memories.
"Robbie and Nicole come here!" Momma yelled at us I was two and four almost three and five it's June 30th. "Momma since Rob is my nickname Nicole needs a nickname too." He stated wrapping his arm around me "Fine if it makes you happy you pick it." she said "Well fine I will." He said smiling at me and I smiled back. "Cole." He said "Ni-Cole so take out the Ni and its Cole." He said "Cole is a boy's nick name." momma said to him "but if we add an I to it will be a girl names." He said smiling to me "Alright so would it be then?" she asked us "Colie." He said "Alright fine we will call her Colie from now on." She said and he hugged me "see Colie is a cool name because you're big brother Robbie picked it out." He said smiling at me. And Erica started crying so we went in. Daddy was home and Robbie went up to him and we hugged him. "Daddy, Nicole has a nickname." He said "Alright boy let me hear it?" he asked smiling "Colie." He said beaming so was I. "That's a pretty name. Prettier than Nikki. Who picked it out?" daddy asked "Robbie did." I said smiling beaming at my big brother. "Alright kiddos go and play. Robbie keep an eye on Colie will you?" he asked him and he nodded.
*goes back to reality*
"Colie are you alright?" Blake asked me I must have zoned off on him again. "Yeah I'm alright." I said "are you gonna tell me?" he asked me "Robbie picked out Colie when I was two and he was four we were about to turn three and two because our birthdays were coming up. He first said Cole Ni-Cole but then momma said Cole is a boy name so he said "add the I since it's in Ni so Colie is how I got it." I said and he smiled at me and kissed my lips. "Are you moving down here?" he asked me "yeah we're going up the week of the 15th." I said he smiled "you're sweet sixteen." He said I smiled "will you be my girlfriend?" he asked me and I smiled "I would love to be your girlfriend. I thought we were already." I said and he smiled "I should have asked a long time ago but I didn't want to if you were going back to North Carolina August 18th and now you're not." He said smiling at me so I kissed him on the lips and that shut him up really quickly too.
It's August 1st and the dreams of us moving in here was crushed by our mother. "I changed my mind you two are moving back home with me." She said I rolled my eyes "Fine mother." I said bitterly hanging up on her. Daddy looked at me he could tell I was mad "What was that all about?" he asked me "We're staying up there, she called and said so." I said daddy rolled his eyes and he hugged us as we came up to him. "It's alright girls. I'm here for you." He said I smiled "will we be able to come for Christmas break?" I asked "sure I do have you for that this year." He said and I smiled "great." They're getting married September 3rd but we have to miss it since we're going home on the 18th.
I see Blake outside and I smile at him we sit on the swing "what do you want to do after high school?" I asked him "go into the Army what about you?" he asked me "study to become a lawyer and be a lawyer." I said and he smiled "Well I be." He said and I smiled at him but then my smile faded "Colie what's wrong?" he asked me "my mom is making us stay with her instead." I said he went white as well. "Well when will I see you again?" he asked me softly "Christmas break and Summer." I said he bent his head "that's not soon enough." He said I gave him a weak smile "I will understand if you wanna break up with me." I said and he smiled and kissed my lips "Colie I love you too much to do that we will make this work out." He said and I smiled "your dad will try to get custody of you girls. He promises he will try his best." He said and I believed him right now.
"Want to go to a baseball game?" he asked and my face went really pale and my mind went wandering again "Colie are you sure you want to go with me?" Robbie asked "Yeah!" I had answered so many times. "No I'm good." I whispered and he smiled "alright well I have a baseball game to attend. So I will talk to you when I get home." He said I smiled and walked inside. Daddy was watching "are you two staying a couple?" he asked "yes sure we're gonna make this work." I said and he smiled at me "that's good. You got Christmas break and Spring break if nothing else works and then summer break again." He said and I smiled "daddy please try to get custody of us." I said "oh baby I'm trying everyday I am. Trust me I want you two just as much as you want to live here with me." He said "Daddy I don't wanna go back to having to cook and be alone with just Erica. I mean you work but you come home and you bring Karen over for dinner and Savannah and Blake but not a different person every night. Daddy please don't make us live there for long. Oh daddy pleases!"
Today is now my Sweet 16 birthday the first birthday without Robbie being here. "Happy Birthday Sissy, I love you I'm here with you I'm in your heart. I'm wherever you go." My voice in my head said and I smiled at myself. I found my blue jeans shorts and my pink longer shirt that is strapless and wore my hair down and had my rainbows on. My make up was done super pretty and I loved how it looked and everything else about me looked good for my Sweet 16. Teen pregnancy runs in the family so I might become one today "NO you're not." the voice in my head said so I smiled at myself. I got online quickly nobody knows I'm up though so I'm good.
Colie: thanks!
Angela: Happy Birthday! I miss you! Three more days!
Colie: thanks!
Abby: I miss you! Three more days! Oh and Happy Birthday!
Lexie: Happy Birthday Colie! I miss you we need to catch up, it has been what a year? Yeah… a year.
Colie: Thanks! Well I'm in Florida now and I'm leaving in three days (ugh!) but we should, yeah a long hard year. I miss you too!
Brittany: Happy Birthday Colie! I miss you and Erica!
Colie: thanks! We miss you too
Jenny: Happy Birthday Colie!
Colie: thanks!
Blake: Happy Birthday baby! I love you!
Colie: ha-ha thanks! I love you too!
Brent: Happy birthday Colie!
Colie: thanks Uncle Brent
Adam: Happy Birthday Colie see you at school on the 25th!
Colie: thanks and ah!
Steph: Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Girly! Happy Sweet Sixteen! Ha-ha. Well me misses you girly! Come over soon!
Colie: Thanks! I will when I get home let's say the 21st?
Hannah: Happy Birthday Colie! SEE ya on the 25th!
Colie: Thanks! And ah yeah!
Okay after getting all my birthday wishes out of the way and I replied back to them all. Lexie was Robbie's girlfriend. Last time we saw her was in September of last year she went to live with her daddy in TN but I guess she's back now. Oh well today is my day!


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