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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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I walked downstairs and smelled daddy's famous chocolate chip pancakes. My favorite of all of his breakfast meals. "Happy Birthday baby girl." He said hugging me "Thanks daddy." I said Erica came in and hugged me "happy birthday sissy." She said to me "Thanks sissy." I said sitting down and we got our plates. "We're going to spend the day at CocoBeach with Blake, Savannah, and Karen since it's your birthday." He said and I smiled at him "okay daddy sounds like a plan to me." I said and smiled. We got in our bathing suits and I wore my green summery dress over it that I got at A&F. I came down and they were there waiting for me. "Happy Birthday Colie." Savannah and Blake said hugging me and I smiled at them "thanks you guys."
We made it to the beach early enough and spent the day there. We ate dinner on the pier and then swam some more then got in the van and went home. But needless to say I spent my Sweet Sixteen the best I think I would have ever wanted. I had a blast I got a ton of sun so I'm really sun burnt but that will become a tan in no time. "We will bring you your gift tomorrow." Blake said kissing me good-night "Aw you guys didn't have to get me anything." I said "We know we wanted to. It was your dad's and sister's idea but we got it for you." He said I smiled "I love you." I said "I love you too. Good-night." He said I walked in and I felt the pain from the sun burn now.
"How was your birthday sweetie?" daddy asked me "amazing the best yet." I said he smiled "it's your birthday for another five minutes wanna dance?" he asked I smiled we turned on the radio and danced for the next five minutes and enjoyed every minute of it. "Daddy I'm glad I got to come down. I have enjoyed this summer. It was the best summer yet." I said to him and he smiled "I'm glad too I love you baby girl." He said I smiled and hugged him and sat down on the couch "Robbie would have had a blast." I said "Yeah and he would have kicked Blake's butt." He said "oh yeah true to that." I said he smiled and kissed my head "good-night. It's bed time. I love you Colie." He said I smiled and changed into Robbie's old school shirt with his name on it and went to bed. I wear it as a night gown because it's big enough on me. I'm not calling him fat or anything he was just well built and very muscles he worked out a lot especially to let his anger out. I wanna know what they got me for my birthday! I know I've always wanted a female Teacup Yorkie and a male Saint Bernard but momma might allow a Yorkie before she allows a Saint Bernard one day I will get a Saint Bernard I will just mark my word.
I woke up about seven o'clock got dressed in my jogging clothes and went jogging again. I came back and daddy was making breakfast just like every time I go jogging. It's a Sunday so he doesn't have to go to work. Two more days and our planes leaves at 5 in the morning and we have to be there two hours before and it's an hour long trip so we have to be up at one and leave at two. So basically tomorrow is our last day here and we hate it. We're doing a good-bye cook out with everyone that was at the welcome party. Saying good-bye to Blake will be the hardest yet.
I wore my black shorts brown cami and pink tank top with my hair in a pony-tail. I walked down-stairs and smiled at daddy and Erica they were at the table waiting for me to come down so we can eat breakfast. I sat down and we talked about yesterday and daddy made fun of how much we looked like red lobsters and we all busted out laughing and then Erica busted into tears because she doesn't want to leave and we had to comfort her telling her we will be done for Christmas and it's not the far away.
Blake and them arrived with a medium size box with zebra striped wrapping paper. I smiled at them and we sat down outside "Okay so are you ready to open our gift first?" Blake asked and I smiled "sure am." I said. Daddy pulled out his video camera and was recording it "Colie what birthday is this?" he asked I looked at him and rolled my eyes at him "my sweet sixteen daddy." I said and slowly opened my box. I saw what it was and closed the box and looked at Blake, Savannah, and Karen "You shouldn't have." Is all I said "yes we should have we wanted to and we did." They said to me "what is it?" Erica asked playing innocent. I pulled out the gift and it cried "Aw a female yorkie!" she said I smiled as she licked me she was a tea cup alright. "She's 8 weeks old her name is Miss Sassy Pants. But you can call her Sassy." He said I smiled "Thank you." I said and they all smiled. Daddy and Erica's gifts were stuff for her like a zebra stripped doggie stroller and a zebra stripe doggie bag. "Does momma know?" I asked "yeah she does, she said it's her dog she better take care of her because she sure isn't." daddy said and I smiled "I love ya'll." I said smiling at Sassy who was licking my feet. The day went by in a blur and now it's bedtime. "Go potty outside." I said to Sassy she looked up at me. "Miss Sassy Pants go pee and or poop now so we can go to bed. We got a busy day tomorrow." I yawned at her. She did her business and walked to the door. Blake jumped over the fence scaring me half to death "good-night baby." He said dropping something and jumping over the fence again. I pick it up and take it into my room with Sassy and we get on my bed under the covers. I turn on the light beside my bed and see the box it has zebra stripped wrapping paper and I saw Coliewritten on it sloppy so I open it and see a white box and I opened it and gasped: a 24K gold heart shape necklace with my name engraved in the front and Blake's initials in the back with a heart at the end of B.A.W it was Colie up front and B.A.W ♥ on the back and I saw the date 7.16.2010♥
I fall asleep and was awoken at six AM to Sassy having to pee so I took her out and put her in the stroller and we went jogging. We got home and daddy looked at us "you wanna pack now or pull an all nighter?" daddy asked me "Pull an all nighter" he looked at Erica "What she said." We went to the HomosassaWildlifePark and then a regular park so Sassy could go with us. And then we went swimming the pool and Blake, Savannah, Karen, and the Hollywoods came over for the cookout now and it's four PM. We will be leaving in 10 hours from Homosassa, Florida until Christmas Break. Blake, Savannah and Amber are going with us to the airport and Karen is going too.
It's midnight now so I pull out my suitcases Blake is on the bed with Sassy who is curled up in a ball. I put my three suitcases on the floor and I put all my clothes in the bags and Blake and I got together and took about a hundred more pictures but I decided to put it in my bag so I zipped up my bags and I ended up going home with four suitcases instead of three. I got in the shower and came out I was wearing my black short shorts and a gray cami and a Florida Girl t-shirt with my hair in a pony-tail since it's about three inches below my shoulders now. Yeah my hair grows back pretty quick. It's one thirty now. I put my backpack on my shoulders and then my other one that goes sideways the way it goes and my three suitcases. I ended up buying the backpack from American eagle a once in a life time backpack so I had to buy it. Blake got the stroller and purse and we loaded all my bags and Erica's three bags into the car and we shut the trunk. "Take Sassy out to the bathroom it's about time to leave." Daddy said we nodded and she did her business. All the way to the airport we were taking pictures. We went through the security and everything else. And now we're waiting for four thirty to come and it's now four o'clock. We walked outside again so Sassy could go pee one more time since she will be in her carrying purse and under my seat for the next four hours and then it's about two hours home. Because we live two hours away from Raleigh we're up north.
"Colie it's four fifteen." Daddy said we all knew it was going to take fifteen minutes to say good-bye to everyone. "Good-bye Amber." I said hugging her and she smiled. I looked at Savannah "I'm glad I've got to meet you and you're my FBF." I said "huh?" she asked "Florida Best Friend." I said and she laughed at me. "I love you like a sister Colie." She said "Well good because next time I see you we will be step-sisters." I said laughing and she smiled. We hugged one more time and I looked at Karen. "I'm glad you're my step-mom and I'm gonna miss you. Keep care of daddy will you? He will be a wreck without us here." I said and she smiled "I love you Colie and I will." She said so I smiled and that leaves the two hardest people to say good-bye too now.
"Good-bye Blake." I said and he pulled me into a hug and kissed my lips "Good-bye Colie I love you. Call me when you land. And we will make this work. I will see you at Christmas." He said and I wiped away my tear. "I love you too, and I sure will, yeah we will. Yeah see you then." I said hugging him again and smiling at daddy. Erica has just gotten done saying good-bye to him. "Bye daddy I love you. Please try harder. I will miss you and I'm glad I came down this summer." I said hugging him "bye Coke-a-cola. And I'm glad too. I love you too baby girl. And I will try as hard as I can. What she is doing is wrong and I know the best lawyers so we will win." He said smiling.
"Flight to Raleigh/Durham North Carolina please board." The flight attendance said so we smiled at everyone "bye ya'll. Love you." We said I hugged them all one more time and we heard "Final call for flight Raleigh/Durham North Carolina." I picked up Sassy's bag and handed the attendance our tickets and we walked on the plane I looked back and smiled at them all. We got on the plane and buckled our seatbelts. I wanted to cry my eyes out "first time at Florida huh?" a middle age woman said she had two sleeping kids on her lap "Yes ma'am visiting our dad." I said "That's nice and you don't want to leave." She said "no ma'am we don't but our mom is making us." I said "Typical. These girls just left visiting their daddy and grandparents and they're glad to be going home to Creedmoor. It's a small town." She said and I smiled "I know I was born there but moved to Roxboro four years ago." I said "Ah a person countygroup." She said smiling and I smiled back. Sassy whined once and fell asleep. And we took off in the plane going to the last place in the world that we want to be at and we will make that known too trust me.


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