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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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Sky and I played the Wii, went swimming, went dancing in her room, baby sat her three little siblings: Brent is 8, Jacob is 6, and Casey is 4 years old. At nine thirty her and her mom took me home "Thank you for letting me come over today Mrs. McBride." I said smiling when she pulled up to my house "You're welcome. We have missed you coming around and I love Sassy! Ya'll are welcome any time." She said smiling to me "Thank you. Buh-bye." I said walking up the steps and getting a phone call as soon as I let Sassy down to go pee. I see the caller ID: Blake so I hit answer: "Hello?" I asked "Hey Colie! How are you? Are you busy? Or can you talk?" "I'm fine, I'm not busy yet, sure we can talk." I said "Alright great! I've missed you so much Colie. How has your day been? What are you doing tonight?" "I've missed you so much too. It has been very busy and will be until I don't know when I'm busy for awhile. The 24th I go to get my license!" "I'm sorry about that my day has been boring doing football and everything. That's good to hear! I want a picture of your driver's license!" he said "Alright you will get a picture of it. Good luck on school!" I said smiling "thanks ah look I gotta go. Your dad said he's going to call you now." He said "Oh okay well get on IM at around 12 or will you be in bed?" I asked him "I will be up. Good-bye I love you." He said "good-bye I love you too." I said hanging up only to get another phone call so Blake was right because daddy wasted no time.
"Hey daddy!" I said "Hey Colie! How was your day?" he asked me "Great, I wish I was down there though." I said "Ah I do too. When do you get your license?" he asked "The 24th since it's my only free day and momma's taking me." I said "Who took you to get your permit?" he asked "Robbie did." I said and I could hear him laughing "you mean the one who would let you drive to Durham?" he asked "how did you know about that?" I asked "I told Robbie to let you do that." He said I smiled "Okay daddy, momma is home and wants to talk to me about something." I said "Alright Colie I love you. Call me anytime you wanna talk." He said "I love you too and I will." I said hanging up and smiling and Sassy licked momma's face. "Aw you're so cute." She said rubbing her and handing her to me. "Where do you wanna talk at?" she asked me "is here fine?" I asked "yeah sure let me go get some tea do you want anything?" she asked me "No ma'am I'm fine."I said "Alright that's great." She said walking in and walking back out with her cup. "Start off with explaining Florida." She said and I did I told her every little detail about Florida and she made me tell her about Blake and she said he sounds like a great guy.
"What about your sixth month appointment?" I asked her all wide eyed. "I'm not pregnant if that's what you're thinking. But I'm adopting a baby. We don't know the sex because the mother doesn't want to. She's 15 years old Colie and is 8 months pregnant I've been going to the appointment for six months as of today." She said I nodded thinking oh great another person for me to take care. "So is this why you wanted me home?" I asked "yeah it is so you can take care of the baby, it's your baby Colie if you like it or not. So you will be a teen mom. I'm not the mother of her you are. I will be in public if the baby allows me if not then you will be." She said I got up angrily "I'm not raising a baby at 16! Especially if it's not mine! If it was mine that would be a different story! But it's not mine!" I said "Nicole Hope you are to do as I say do you understand?" she asked me raising her hand and slapping me across the face hard enough for it to sting.
Momma got a phone call and got up "she's going into labor early she lied. she's nine month along. So the baby is due today but they just faked it so I would waste more money on her. While I'm gone get the crib out and everything." She said I nodded not wanting to back talk her knowing I will get slap again. I looked in the mirror right before I went to bed and it was bruised now so I get to say I fell down the steps and hit my face.
Momma started abusing me when I was in 8th grade only me not Robbie or Erica. Mainly because Robbie was never home but she blamed me for everything. I told Robbie and he protected me the best he could and he made me a promise saying he will never let her hurt me too bad. Nobody knows that she hits me I make up excuses some was that Robbie and I were boxing and he hit me by accident. And everyone believes them. I sent Blake an IM: Tired, cant talk for long, sorry but Lexie is coming at seven. Love you.
I took Sassy and we locked my bedroom door and fell asleep I had cried myself to sleep trying to block out the pain and everything else. Lexie and I are going to enjoy our time together since we haven't seen each other in forever.
I woke up at six to a phone call from momma "think of a girl's name." she said "Starlet Lynn" I said "Alright that's your daughter's name." she said and I rolled my eyes "okay mom." I said and she hung up on me and I got dressed in my shorts and tank top and smiled when Lexie arrived on time. "Lexie!" I said smiling she was too but you could tell she was tensed "Colie! I'm not sounding rude but get Sassy and come on." She said I know you're not. I don't like it either. I thought to myself. I got Sassy and her stroller and we droved to Raleigh and walked around that mall with Sassy in her stroller.
"That was nothing toward you." Lexie said referring to the house comment. "I know Lex, I don't like being in there either. But I have to be in there you don't." I said and she smiled "how did you get that bruise?" she asked me referring to my face "I tripped off the steps trying to get Sassy in the house." I said and she smiled "Colie, Robbie told me that she hits you and I know she did you can't lie to me." She said and I smiled. "What was it about?" she asked "my mom is adopting this baby who was born at 5:40 not for her though but for me. It's my daughter. It's not my choice I'm forced to do this and I told her I didn't want to." I said and she rolled her eyes "I've never liked your mom. But she asked me to pick Erica up so come on." She said and we did that and went home. She actually walked in the house and into my room.
"Is Robbie's room clean and like he had it?" she asked me and I smiled "yeah it is. Nobody goes in there really but when I really miss him I go in there and sleep on his bed without momma or Erica knowing." I said and she smiles "I'm leaving tonight for Florida State." She said I smiled "That's good you will love it down there. I know I did." I said she smiled "I'm gonna miss you girls. I have always thought the world of you too and I still do no matter what." She said and we hugged her good-bye and she left to go eat dinner with her mom and dad and siblings then she's driving down to Florida leaving this life behind her.
The 21st: Brittany and I had a blast we went mudding and then swimming and then to a beach party like last year almost like it was the same part but Robbie didn't take me and I didn't leave with him. Robbie's best friend Jake called me over he thought the world of me too. "Hey Colie! Haven't talked you in a year! How are things?" he asked me "Hey, I know. Alright I guess. I'm getting by slowly." I said "I know Colie; he thought the world of you. He would brag about you all the time. Enough to make us fall in love with you and then he warned us he would kick out butts if we asked you out." He said and I laughed "that sounds like Robbie to me." I said and he laughed.
The 22nd and 23rd went by so quickly. Jenny and I had a blast shopping and then Erica and I enjoyed spending the night with Uncle Brent and them. Momma picked us up at 8 AM and we droved to the DMV I got my license and we droved to the hospital. Baby Starlet is coming home so I become a teen mommy today! Hurray! So not.
We walk into the hospital and the social service worker smiled at momma "Good Morning Mrs. Woods are you ready to take Starlet Lynn Summerland home?" she asked her and momma smiled "Yes I am." She said holding her and then handing her to me so I could hold her like a normal big sister would. Erica held her then she handed her back to me. She had curly blonde hair and icy blue eyes too so she looked like us. And I had asked dad if she could have our last name and he said sure. As soon as we got home mom handed me the diaper bag and told me to look up how to take care of a baby because she was going out tonight.
I got on Skype with Blake I was holding Starry, she will be called Starry since its short for Starlet. "I love you license!" He said smiling at me man do I miss his smile. "Thanks, how is school for you?" I asked "Crappy. Is the adoption papers in her name or yours?" he asked "mine. I don't know how she managed that but yeah I do the Social Worker is a friend's of momma. So I have full custody of Starry." I said "I want to see her and no Colie I wont dump you because you get pushed on to have a daughter you didn't even create." He said to me smiling at me I laughed at him "okay good I really need that." I said I got up and picked up Starry who was about to cry anyways so I left the room and fixed a bottle andI was feeding her in front of the cam so Blake could see her. "It's love at first sight." He joked and I smiled he was right though. I fell in love with her the second I held her.
I see daddy walked in and he got in front of the camera "hey Colie! Cute baby, is that my new granddaughter?" he asked getting a kick out of this. He's still trying to get custody of us and he is using this as a big thing. "Yes sir she is." I said "That's nice. Good luck at school tomorrow." He said and I nodded "Colie where did that bruise come from?" he asked "no where daddy. I fell trying to get Sassy in." I said he believed me or he didn't lead on to not believing me that is. "I love ya'll but I need my sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of school you know. The quicker school starts the quicker Christmas Break will be here and we will be down there with ya'll." I said smiling "What did your mom say about this?" Blake asked "nothing dad has Christmas this year and we're going. We have the tickets already we leave on the 18th and come home on the 5th school starts on the 7th so we're all good. And I'm taking Starry down too because mom doesn't want her to stay up here with us being gone. Mainly because she will know that she's mine and not momma's and would be crying her eyes out."
I woke up suddnely and screamed really loud that was all one big dream. The weirdest dream yet. I got up to make sure there was no baby in my room and sure enough nobody was in my room. Momma came in "Shut Up Colie." She said walking out of my room again. No more eating before I go to bed. The part of hanging with Sky and them is true but the part of mom adopting a baby and making it be mine was just a nightmare. Thank God.


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