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This girl right here is a dreamer & a Believer

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Colie is a 15 year old girl with a bad past. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her sister and mom in NC her mom sends them off to FL for the summer. She claims it will be the second worst summer or her life will it be or will it all turn upright when she meets and falls for him? Will she be able to talk about what happened the summer before read on to find out if this will become a love story or not! View table of contents...


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It's December 15th and my period is a week late. We're packing up our bags now to spend Christmas with daddy. And of course momma decides to come home today. "Colie are you okay?" she asks me I rolled my eyes "yes mother I'm fine." I said and I called Sky, she knows all about Blake coming up to see me and she had kept her mouth shut but she did ask if he used a condom and I never answered her because I didn't want to admit to the fact that I know we didn't or I wasn't sure.
"Sky, can you get a pregnancy test from your sister?" I asked and that was all I had to say. She came over and momma was already gone for the night again. We go in the bathroom and I take the test and we're sitting on my bed and Erica walks in. I was holding the test in my hand "No sissy you can't be." She said I didn't look yet "Come here sissy." I said and we all looked at the word that will change my life forever: pregnant it read and Sky held me tightly while I comforted Erica her whole world will turn upside down. She knows if I keep the baby momma will make me live with daddy anyways.
We finish the last two days of school and momma takes us to the airport "I preferred it when you hated your dad and you didn't go down there for Christmas." Momma said and I was like yeah right you never cared you weren't even here. "bye mom." We said hugging her as the flight attendance said "Flight to Tampa, Florida please board." We hugged her good-bye I picked up Sassy's bag and we walked to where she was and gave her our tickets and got on the plane.
Four hours later when we got off the plane we saw Blake, daddy, Karen, and Savannah we're all one big family now and they have moved to Spring Hill, Florida into a six bedroom house. I hug daddy, Karen, Savannah, and then really hugged Blake. Knowing tonight I would need to spill the beans to him. We got in the car and droved to the new house and Erica and I told daddy all how she hasn't been there and about how we spent Thanksgiving alone. Daddy noted that down he's still trying. "Court is in Raleigh, North Carolina January 10th so I'm going up when ya'll go up and staying with Uncle Brent and Aunt Carrie." Uncle Brent is momma's brother and Aunt Carrie's is daddy's sister. And him and Uncle Brent has always been best friend. We smile and unpack because this will be the best two weeks ever! Blake sees that I'm not really into it and we go the one mile to the beach with Sassy who is enjoying her home state might I add. She missed Florida so much and we sat down.
"What is wrong?" Blake asked me not worrying about anything but me. We're sitting where our feet is in the water since it's 85 degrees down here and it's 50 degrees in North Carolina this Christmas. "I'm Pregnant." I said not beating around the bush but getting it out in the open. He looked at me but looked in my eyes and knew I wasn't lying. "Oh Colie, what do you want to do?" he asked me "I don't believe in abortion, so keep it or put the baby up for adoption." I said he smiled softly "we will see." He said and I kissed his lips. "We gotta spill the beans to mom and dad." He said I nodded and we got up.
"Daddy and Karen we need to talk to you." I said and daddy instantly knew those words from when he said it to his parents when momma was pregnant with Robbie. We sat down in the den shutting out Savannah and Erica and talked "you're pregnant." He said not letting me talk "yes sir." I said "I expected better of you. But there isn't much we can do. With your mom not being home and all, is it Blake's?" he asked knowing the answer but wanting to make sure. "Yes sir it is." I said he nodded and then smiled. "Have you been to the doctor's yet?" Karen asked me "no ma'am." I said "Well we will make an appointment for tomorrow. And you either keep the baby or put the baby up for adoption no abortion understood?" she asked "yes ma'am." We said "go to your rooms. That's your punishment because the next eight months will be punishment enough." She said we nodded and I hugged daddy and hugged Karen they're not too mad.
About an hour later daddy walked into my room and hugged me "Colie, no matter what happens we will make it work. If you want to keep the baby or put the baby up for adoption I will stand by your side. I would prefer you raise the baby but that's what we did with Robbie." Daddy said "oh daddy I don't know." I said then I started crying "what's wrong Colie?" he asked me "I ruined Christmas." I said and he laughed "no baby girl you didn't. I finally have you back down with me for Christmas this news is just a gift for us but you can't ruin Christmas." He said and I smiled, we will tell Savannah tomorrow after the appointment. My room is still zebra stripped like it was in the old house "Colie you lost about 9 out of the ten pounds huh?" he asked "I must have gained a pound over the last month I have lost all ten of those." I said "Well your gonna eat more down here." he said I rolled my eyes but knew he meant well. I slowly fell asleep because of the day's event and tomorrow will be busy too. Oh sounds like fun.
I got up at seven walked into the kitchen where everybody was up and they all smiled at me. Blake, Karen, and I are leaving at eight to go to Tampa while my appointment is at ten so we will make it in time.
We're in the waiting room and I gave her my social as she wrote it down and was amazed "when your mom isn't in your life much you learn yours and your little sister's Social." I said and she smiled. We handed in the form and the lady shook her head at my age. "Nicole Summerland?" the nurse called I walked in and she took my height: 5'4 my weight: 109 pounds. And she did the tests and came back half an hour later "you are indeed pregnant, would you like to see your baby?" she asked we nodded and she put the blue gel on my stomach and rubbed the electronic device over it and we smiled when we saw the little baby and I knew right then what I was going to do. "When will she be due?" Karen asked Doctor Swift "Around July 15th." She said and I smiled as I placed my hand on my belly.
We walked out and got in the car Blake was holding my hand as we drove home. "Family meeting!" Karen said and everyone gathered around. Daddy and Karen looked at us "we're pregnant." I said Savannah gasped being the only one who didn't know. "What are you going to do? How far along are you?" she asked "I'm almost two months, and I'm keeping it." I said proudly "Colie and Blake we're here to support you. But you gotta tell your mom." He said I nodded and called momma now "Mom, I'm almost two months pregnant with Blake's baby." I said "I knew you would end up like me. Good luck supporting It." she said hanging up on me. "Not bad could have been worse." Robbie's voice in my head said and of course I rolled my eyes at it. "When are you due sissy?" Erica asked me "July 15th." I said smiling and so did she. "Let me warn you since Blake is a twin it's a high chance you will have twins and actually Colie you gained about five pounds since last month." She said I nodded knowing she is right. February 15th we will find out the sex of the baby even if I'm in North Carolina he will still be informed on it. But daddy is going to court on the 10th so we will know by then.
Blake and I are sitting on my bed thinking of names "Robbie Austin Wakefield if it's a boy." He said using Robbie's first name and his middle name. "Starlet Lynn Wakefield." I said using the name I liked and Courtney's middle name for the girl. "if it's twins I want one of each." I said and he smiled "same here." he said kissing my cheek.
Christmas went great and so did New Year's! We're now boarding the plane with daddy he's sitting in the middle of us and I like it that way. We both laid our head on his chest, we got off the plane and momma was waiting for us she saw daddy and rolled her eyes "What are you doing?" she asked him "I have a meeting up here so I caught the flight with them. Don't worry." He said and we smiled "daddy is taking us out tomorrow night." Erica said "I think not." She said we nodded knowing not to push it right now.
We got home and of course she left saying she will be back in a week. Daddy called to let us know made it to Uncle Brent's alright "daddy she's gone for a week." I said "she will get served with it the court date is on the 10th and she's getting the papers tomorrow at work." He said we looked at each other and smiled I placed my hand on my stomach.
We're at school today and it's the ninth and we got our grades back for the exams and we're switching over to our second semester which means new classes. Sky is in all my classes and I warned her that I might be moving to Florida and I dropped out of cheerleading my excuse was I didn't have time for it this year anymore my mom is making me drop out of it. I know it's a lame excuse but it works right now.
Mom came home tonight and was yelling at us but she did not raise one hand at me. "You are a brat." She said "you caused Robbie's death if it wasn't for you he would still be here today. I hate you Colie." She said walking off to her room and slamming the door shut I saw Erica standing there she heard everything her face was like she just saw a ghost she walked toward me "Colie it's not true. You didn't do it." she said hugging me she had tears running down her cheeks. "It's alright Erica. I love you sissy." I said and we walked into Robbie's room and climbed in his bed and fell asleep together. And it felt like Robbie was with us protecting us from everything. We woke up early and got dressed for school while mom was getting ready for court. "Girls you gotta go to court too. No school today." Momma said we nodded and changed. She didn't say anything all morning even on the way to the court. We testify and did what the judge wanted us to and we sat on the bench thingy outside so they can discuss some more and I was honest saying she's barely ever home and when she is she's cruel and beats me. I heard "Well while living with their mother our son got killed and our 16 years old daughter is pregnant. She is an unfit mother to my children." Oh great.


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