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What does not kill you makes you stronger

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

It has a couple different generation of people in it. It begins out as Lexie being 17 almost 18, her dad died of cancer a few years back, so she's struggling with that and the normal things of a teenager, school, work, love life, her future. She has a crush on her best friend Austin, he has one on her but they are in the friend zone. She plans on leaving the state for college, will he tell her how he feels before it's too late?
Chapter 34-so on until otherwise noted is in Kelsey's Pov. Lexie's Daughter. She is struggling with school, friends, and work. She falls for this guy name Chance, her friends warns her about him, she doesn't listen. She gets raped by him, and ends up pregnant with twins. Now she has to struggle with that, having her friends by her side and her family. Her little sister passes away, her older brother is in the Army, what will happen? View table of contents...

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When we got home I went into my room or more like limped and curled up under the covers. Love curled up against me, I broke down into tears. My mom came in with hot chocolate and cool whip on it. "Honey, it's okay." My mom said embracing me into a hug and I wiped my tears softly. "This baby needs you as much as you might need it. This baby deserves a chance at life Kels. Even if you want to put the baby up for an adoption." My mom said "I'm sixteen. I will be seventeen." I said "You will survive it Kels. You have your father, your siblings, your friends, and me to support you." My mom said and I started crying again. "I love you Kels." He said "I love you too mom." I said.

I called out sick from work for the next day and curled up under my covers to cry my eyes out. Aunt Colie knocked at my door "Come in." I said "How are you feeling?" She asked "Not so good." I said "Honey, I was in your place." Aunt Colie said "what do you mean?" I asked "I was raped in college by my ex-boyfriend and his group of friends. It's hard but you will survive it." She said "Thanks Aunt Colie." I said and she smiled at me "Your welcome. Lyndsey wants to see you." She said "Okay." I said and Lyndsey came in. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have told you not to tell anybody." I said "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have listened to you." Lyndsey said and I hugged her.

The next day I wanted to call out for work again but my mom refused to let me. This week my work schedule is 7-2. "Go Kels. If I have to drag you there myself." She said "I'm dressed mom." I said and going to my car and rolled my eyes. After work I got home to a note "Call me Kels." From my mom I called her "You have an appointment at three. At the behavioral center. You need a psychiatrist." She said "Okay mom." I said and went to meet her there. "Good luck baby girl." She said and I shot her a death glare.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Shaw. Or as you can call me Charlie." He said "Okay." I said "'Come sit Kelsey." He said "Want to tell me a little about you?" He asked me "I'm Kelsey, I'm seventeen in fourteen day, I have a kitten named Love." I said "Why are you here?" He asked me "I am a victim of abuse. Sexual and physical. By my first real boyfriend." I said "How does that make you feel?" Charlie asked me "I was a cheerleader since sixth grade. I was somewhat popular, I have plenty of friends, two main ones Lyndsey and Jared. I had a good level of self-esteem, I wasn't insecure about myself. But ever since he raped me, and started abusing me I feel very insecure and my self-esteem is now very low. I feel like I deserve it. I deserve him when he hit me like I did something wrong." I said "Kelsey, you can never do anything to deserve being raped or being abused by anything. You are a beautiful young woman." Charlie said "Due to being raped I got pregnant." I said "what are you going to do?" Charlie asked me "Keep my baby. I can't abortion it. I'm prolife and I don't want anybody else raising my baby." I said "I have a job, I work at Publix. I save all of my money mostly. I have family who will support me and friends. " I said "I feel like I won't be a good mom. I'm young." I said "Kelsey, you can be whatever you want. You can be a good mom if you want." Charlie said. "I feel like I let my parents down, they don't tell me that but I feel like I did." I said "I'm the second oldest in my family, I have two sisters and a younger brother that look up to me. What kind of example am I setting? Allowing a guy to abuse me, to rape me." I said "You showed them that you are strong." Charlie said "I'm in therapy for crying out loud." I said "To get better." He said "I feel like such a witch towards my family. When they're only trying to be nice." I said "Kelsey, tell them how you feel honey. You have to let them in." Charlie said.

After my hour was up I went outside and saw my mom reading her nook. She looked up and smiled at me. I walked up to her and I hugged her "Thank you mom." I said and she smiled "Your dad and I are taking you out tonight Kels." She said and I nodded "I'm going to go home." I said and she smiled. When I got home Lyndsey and Jarred were on my porch waiting. "Let me get Love." I said and Summer came out "here." She said and rolled her eyes "Troubles?" I asked "She is." Summer said and I smile at her.

"Where were you?" Lyndsey asked me "A psychiatrist. I have weekly sessions until I don't need it." I said "I'm so sorry Kels." Jared said "It's okay. I shouldn't have been so scared. I shouldn't have made Lyndsey promise." I said "It's okay Kels. What are you going to do?" Lyndsey asked "Keep it. I don't want to abortion it." I said "I will support you." Lyndsey said "I will too Kels." Jared said and I smiled "When will you be due?" Jared asked "April fourth." I said and he nodded "That's most of the school year." Jared said "I know." I said "I'm not going to contact Chance." I said "I wouldn't." He said and I nodded.

It's August 14th and we are out at Wal*Mart going school shopping. We get new backpacks, binders, notebook paper, pens, and pencils, everything else we would need. Tomorrow my mom would be 39 and I would be seventeen. We went to Lucky's Pizza and Subs. I haven't been here since the incident. My first month's appointment went great, and so did my second visit with Charlie. "Hey Kelsey. Haven't seen you in a while." Kyle, Chance's dad said. "Chance and I are kind of no longer together." I said "I'm sorry to hear that." Kyle said and I nodded.

"What can I get you to drink?" He asked everybody but me got Dr. Pepper, I ordered water. After dinner we went home and spent time as a family playing board games. School begins on August 18th and ends June 8th this year. Lyndsey decided I should spend the night with her tonight and so I packed my work stuff and walked over to her house. We went up into her room and got on her bed, "This will be a tough year." Lyndsey said "junior year is always the hardest." Lyndsey said "Even harder when you're pregnant." I said and she smiled at me.

After work we met Jared at Lucky's for lunch and to celebrate my birthday just us three. Chance was our waiter. "Water." I said when he asked me "You're pregnant?" He asked "Yes." I said and he nodded going back to work. We ate our pizza and then walked out without giving him a tip. We went to the mall just Lyndsey and I. We went to the baby store and I smiled "I will be here a bit later." I said and she smiled. "You look like your showing a little." She said "Probably not." I said and she smiled at me. We went back home around four and when I went in I saw Bryce on Skype. "I want to beat his butt." He was telling my mom "We all do honey." She said.

"I'm home." I said "happy birthday Kels." Bryce said "Thanks. How's things?" I asked "good kiddo. How are you?" Bryce asked "good." I said and he smiled at me. "I'm going to go get ready." I said and my mom nodded. "She heard me didn't she?" Bryce asked "Probably." Summer said and I rolled my eyes at her. I went to my room where Love was on my bed curled up. "Mommy's baby learned how to climb!" I said and she meowed at me. "You aren't my only baby." I said and she meowed at me again. I turned on my radio and got in my shower to get ready for tonight. The family/friend dinner I should say anyways. Since it's my mom's and my birthday we do something like this yearly.


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