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You can't have dreams without love and hope

Novel By: StephandBrutusandIzzy
Young adult

Lexie and Allie are two twin sisters. Lexie lives the high life, she's up in New York City, where she enjoys her time doing what every girl does. Her mother & her have a close bond, nothing could change that. Or so she thought. Allie lives with her dad in Florida, where she's able to spend her days at the beach and enjoy the cute boys, she had a really good relationship with her dad. Until they find out a secret. That they weren't an only child, the girls soon become friends but happens next? Will it end up to be a love story? A story of two best friends? Or even better? View table of contents...


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Lexie's Pov:

It's a snowy day out if you look out the window, it's December 4th and snow is falling from the sky. I grab my textbook and sit by the window near where my mom was talking on the phone. I was wearing my black Abercrombie & Fitch sweatpants, my hot pink Abercrombie & Fitch cami, my gray Abercrombie & Fitch long sleeve shirt, with my toe socks on. My knee length wavy strawberry blond hair was down; I had my normal make up on, my light blue eye shadow to bring out my icy blue eyes. I'm Alexis Nicole Summerland but I go by Lexie. I live in New York City, New York with my mother where I have been my whole life. I am sixteen years old my birthday is September 11th, so yes since 9/11 happened I don't really care for my birthday. I'm a Sophomore in high school, I attend Millennium High School, I am a cheerleader on the cheerleading squad.

"I think it's about time they met. Don't you?" I heard my mother say, I had my ipod in and music going so I wouldn't be ease dropping but it was hard not to. "It's been fifteen years! I think so! I don't care if you disagree or not." She said "Listen to me, it's better if it happens now than later." She said "No, she doesn't know. Why would she? Does she know?" I heard her say "Exactly! That's my point! Ugh, you're useless. We will talk later on tonight." She said "Uh huh, you two. Bye." She said hanging up and looking at me. "It's a Saturday Lexie, shouldn't you be out shopping or hanging with friends?" She asked me "Nope, I need to study. Got a big Spanish test Monday." I said "Okay fine. Dinner in the city around six?" She asked me "Yes mother. I would love that." I said "I have to run down to the office for a couple hours, then over to the spa place to meet my friends. Will you be alright alone?" She asked me "Yes mother, I have been alone since I was twelve." I said rolling my eyes "Alright, you're right. Love you. See you at six." She said "Alright see you then. Love you too." I said watching her walk out the door.

When I looked out the window and saw her leaving I slowly got up after closing my Spanish book and pulled out my Iphone. I dialed my best friend's number and she answered on the second ring. "Hey it's Sophie." She said "Hey Sophie, my mom just left. Want to come over and watch movies?" I asked "Sure. I'll be over in half an hour." She said "Alright." I said and quickly texted my mom to let her know that Sophie was coming over. I found some hot chocolate and got the pizza rolls, and everything else like that ready for when she came. My white fluffy cat Sassy jumped down from the window perch and walked over to me. She's a Himalayan cat, so she's beautiful. We also have a female Westie her name is Miss Prissy.

My parents fell in love in high school, better yet ninth grade. My dad got my mom pregnant when it was their senior year in high school. After I was born a year later right before my first birthday my parents got a divorce. I haven't heard from my dad, I know nothing about my dad. My mother doesn't like to talk about him, she always says that he was in the past and we should move on with our better part of our lives. It's hard when my schools have father-daughter dances and I never get to go, when I see my friends with their dads and I know I don't have a dad to be there for me. To threaten any boyfriends I bring home which is a lot. My mom is dating too off and on like she has all of my childhood. Men and boys come and go in our lives but we're always here for each other, that's something my friends don't have. A mother and a best friend in one, so I'm lucky. I got out of my train of thought when Miss Prissy started barking to let me know that Sophie was here. Her and I have been best friends since we were in day care together.

Allie's Pov:

I woke up around my normal time which is eight o'clock; it is now ten o'clock though. I'm wearing my ripped blue jeans, my white sleeveless shirt, my brown rainbows flip-flops. My knee length wavy strawberry blond hair was pulled up into a ponytail. My baby blue eye shadow brings out my icy blue eyes or as I'm always being told by everybody. It's a sunny day out, it's warm for being December 4th but I'm not complaining. I bring my French textbook up to my knees as I'm flipping the page so I can be prepared for my test that I have Monday. I have my ipod so I'm listening to music. I'm by the window and my dad is on the couch with his cell phone up to his ear. I am Allison Hope Summerland. I live in Stuart, Florida with my father. I have always lived in Florida. I am sixteen years old, my birthday is September 11th so it's not a good day anymore since 9/11 happened but it used to be. I am a sophomore in high school at Stuart High, I am a cheerleader on the cheerleading squad.

"Yes I do think it's about time they meet. But it's hard to explain it to them." My dad was telling the person on the phone. "I know it has been fifteen years, but still." He said to the person. "I know it is, but how do we do it? Without somebody getting hurt?" He said and I knew I shouldn't be ease dropping but it's hard not to. "Well does she know about it?" He asked the person. "Okay, I will be here. Trust me we will work it out." He said "Bye." He said and hung up and looked at me but I was pretending to be engrossed in my textbook. "Allie, baby. It's Saturday you should be enjoying your day." My dad told me and I rolled my eyes at him "I need to study to pass my French test Monday." I said "Okay baby girl." He said "What are you doing today?" I asked him still reading a line. "Going in to the office for a bit, then a game of baseball with some friends." He said "Sounds like a good day." I said "What about you Allie?" he asked me "Well study for a little bit, then probably call up Morgan and if she agrees go hang out at the mall for the afternoon then studying some more." I said "You want to have dinner downtown around six?" He asked me "Sure daddy." I said and he kissed my head and walked out the door.

As far as I know my parents fell in love in ninth grade, stayed together all throughout high school, my dad got my mother pregnant and then right before my first birthday they ended up getting a divorce. And I haven't talked to my mom, or seen her since I was a baby. When I bring the subject up with my dad he just ignores me or say that we don't need to worry about the past because we need to worry about the future. So I don't push it too much but I know that when I'm eighteen I will try to find out who she is. I haven't even seen pictures of my mom so I don't know what she looks like. My dad has dated since my childhood and still does date. I know my dad does his best with everything, and he's always here for me but I wish I had my mom here for girl problems that happen.

I finished studying as much as I could and then called Morgan who agreed to the mall and I was getting ready to go. Knowing that dinner with my dad tonight was going to be amazing; we have been too caught up in our own lives to spend time with each other. I looked at my dog, my Saint Bernard Holly and smiled at her she's a year old so she is full grown and she's my baby girl. My dad has her son Marley who is three months old now and he loves his Saint Bernard. After Holly had her puppies my dad made sure to get her fixed so we wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. I texted my dad to let her know that Morgan agreed and I walked out the door after locking it enjoying my day.


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