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Less than Perfect

Novel By: StephanieJane303
Young adult


What if everything you once thought you knew about your life was really all a façade, hiding the dark and burdening secrets of your past?

Skye Montgomery, a soft-spoken and sweet seventeen-year-old girl, lives in a less-than-perfect-lifestyle of lies, betrayal, and, most of all, secrets. Ever since the marriage of her mother, and step-father, Johnny, Skye has been playing with fire in a dangerous game of How Long can You Keep a Secret?. To make matters worse, she and her boyfriend, Bryan, have a few secrets of their own, as heartbreaking as they may be. And finally, after having had enough of the oppressive secrets and lies, Skye is now searching desperately for a way out. For the dark, withering secrets, are becoming too much to handle. But with each passing day, reality becomes its own revolting nightmare, trouble lurking at the corners of past and present, and complications arise with every resolution.

Through it all, Skye manages to grasp onto one good thing: Jules, a charming and mysterious gentleman, who caught more than just her attention. His mystery and charm keep her intrigued, wanting to know more about him, while his caring and angelic ways give her reason to smile again. Though she knows for a fact that she once loved Bryan, Jules makes her question the things she thought were most important in her life, changing her perspective on how things really should be.

But the question is: will Skye be able to claw her way out of the strong holds these men have on her emotions and discover herself before it is too late? Well, it may not be easy when she’s struggling with two of the strongest emotions. Love and Hate.
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Submitted:May 27, 2011    Reads: 919    Comments: 38    Likes: 12   

Why hello there, lovely. Welcome to the story world of 'Less than Perfect'! :D
I really would apreciate your feedback. So, if you would be so kind to take a moment and comment, I'd be thrilled! I absolutely LOVE hearing what you think, and writing tips are encouraged! I really appreciate anything you have to say. :)

Thank you bunches for reading! And enjoy! ^_^

*This is only the rough draft of the story, so any constructive critism you have for editing is encouraged*



{Rated PG-13 for violence, abuse, short drug content, and mature themes}

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Chapter One: Birthday Gone Bad

Skye and Bryan walked in the hot summer night, hand-in-hand, as the setting sun beamed down upon them. Bryan smiled down at his girlfriend with satisfaction. "Are you excited for tonight, babe?" He asked her, squeezing her hand as they stopped in place. "A birthday only comes once a year."

Skye looked up into Bryan's bright blue eyes, those eyes that could change her mind on anything so easily, and those same eyes that held so much trickery inside. "Of course I'm excited, but it's really nothing special, Bryan." She replied, smiling timidly at him.

Bryan chuckled under his breath and a smirk traveled up his lips. "Suddenly the day of your birth isn't a big deal?" He countered in disbelief.

"It really isn't a big deal, Bryan. It's just another day; you don't have to take me out." She said entirely humble. "You shouldn't have even taken me out to such a nice restaurant. I don't need all of it, Bryan."

Bryan laughed at her and kissed her knuckles, his hot breath against her skin. "Seventeen years is entirely worth all of the celebration. Skye, you're my beautiful girlfriend and you deserve to be treated."

Skye smiled and chuckled uncomfortably. "I don't deserve it, but thank you." She pushed him forward and he turned back around so that they were walking right next to each other and holding hands as they headed down the sidewalk.

"Skye, you are incredibly too modest. I love it," he whispered in her ear as they neared Buxton's under-twenty-one-club, approaching the bouncer standing at the door. "Two passes-one for me, and one for the birthday girl." He told the bouncer, grinning down at Skye.

She stared straight ahead watching as the bouncer gave Bryan two "passes". "Have a good night." The bouncer said gruffly.

Skye nodded her head and smiled. "Thank you." She whispered as both she and Bryan passed through the entrance. They walked through the immediate room and took in the strong oppressing whiff of sweat mixed in with a humid fog. Music blared across the large packed out club, making it hard for hearing. "Nice place, isn't it?" Skye called out to Bryan over the music, smiling up at him.

"Yeah, a little crowded isn't it?" Bryan called back. "At least we can get some good dancing time in," he added skeptically.

"Sure," she said as she examined the crowded club. Kids overwhelmed the dance floor, rocking along with the music. The bar was accompanied full of drinkers, but there wasn't alcohol except for what a few stragglers brought in. Skye walked away from the crowd of overgrowing people that gathered at the front, Bryan following behind her while his gaze flashed between the dance floor and Skye.

"Why are we over here?" He asked Skye around a laugh.

"I thought that it would be better if we got away from the crowd," she said slightly distracted. Across from the club she could see two boys that stood out to her, one of which had tousled black hair and a dark demeanor, the other had shaggy blonde hair that slightly hung in his eyes and pulled off the pretty-boy look. The tall darker one wore a long black trench coat and black jeans along with dark shades that covered his eyes, and the pretty-boy sported dark jeans, a white T-shirt that outlined his perfectly toned body, and a beanie hat. Skye was lost in the boys' far off presence, somehow finding herself wishing that she was closer to them, suddenly feeling overly drawn to them.

"Hey, babe, are we going to dance?" Bryan's cool voice rang in Skye's ears. He traced his fingers over her arms, stepping in front of her and blocking her out of her daze.

Suddenly all that Skye saw in front of her was Bryan's grinning face. She glanced away from him nervously, hoping that he hadn't noticed she was staring at the others across the club. "Wait, what?" She asked hazily, her attention slowly focusing back on Bryan.

Bryan gave her a look of surprise. He didn't want to believe that she hadn't heard him. "Are we going to dance, you and me, now?" He said, becoming irritated in the slightest.

"Dance, you and me, right now?" She repeated, hoping that he would change his mind.

"Yes, that's exactly what I am saying." His eyes which had been a bright radiant blue darkened into something that held a sort of anger, one that could unleash at any moment's time.

"How about we take a few minutes to just relax, you know, talk?" She countered, gulping down the realization that Bryan was slightly upset. She knew that Bryan could harm her; she knew that he could lash out at her if he got angry enough.

"Why would you want to do that?" He purred in her ears, stepping right up next to her as he dropped his lips to her ear. "Babe, it's your day and you love to dance, come on." He whispered.

Skye nervously held onto him, feeling the muscles in his back tense up with anger. She gasped as his hand traveled down to her hips and squeezed them. "Okay," she breathed, fear forcing her into the decision.

Bryan grinned in satisfaction and tossed a strand of her hair, whispering in her ear, "Great."
They walked out onto the dance floor, maneuvering around a bunch of dance-crazed kids. Skye crashed into two girls and they groaned in disgust, hissing under their breath. "I-I'm sorry." Skye stuttered, catching her breath in the fog of humidity and body odor. The girls rolled their eyes and went back to dancing around a couple boys.

Bryan pulled on Skye's arm and went to the middle of the dance floor, pushing away a few stray dancers. Bryan wrapped his arms around Skye's waist and pulled her into him, as Skye felt his hands venture downward.
Skye gasped as he pulled her so close she was relying on him for balance, and the music shook her body as she thought about how dark Bryan's eyes had looked moments before-he wasn't far from becoming aggressive. He spun them in circles, their heads close as he bent down to kiss her.

Skye pushed herself away from him and touched his lips. "Not now, Bryan. Let's just dance." She mumbled, suddenly tired of his pushy behavior.

Bryan narrowed his eyebrows at her. "That's what we're doing, but I would like for us to do…more." He whispered, trailing his fingers around her chin. They were rocking back and forth on the dance floor, absorbed in each other's eyes.

"No more, Bryan, I'm tired." She sighed, out of breath from trying to push his hands off of her.

"I say when we're done, and we're not done," he growled, aggressively shoving his lips against hers, his hands tangled through her hair. Skye pressed her dainty hand against his firm chest and pushed as best she could, but the strength that Bryan withheld was too much for her to get her own way.

Skye dug her nails into his arm and pushed away. "No, Bryan, not now." She mumbled around his lips.

Bryan groaned and grabbed her arms, pulling his head back for a moment. "Yes, Skye, this is my gift for you, enjoy it." He pulled her away from the dance floor, refusals escaping from Skye's mouth. He pushed her up against a wall over past the bar and pressed his lips violently against hers. Skye helplessly pushed him away, trying to get away from being pinned between him and the wall. She did the only thing she knew that she could do-she bit him.

Bryan drew back and cried out, his hand snapping up to his lips. "What was that for, Skye?" He yelled, his dark voice a notch above the music that was near them. A few people who sat at the bar glanced over at them.

"I don't want to kiss anymore, Bryan." She cried, furry and fear bubbled up inside of her. She stared at his hard face and then down his neck, where the veins pulsed with anger. His free fist clenched up and Skye gasped, afraid that he would hit her.

Bryan was infuriated. He took his hand off of his lips and stretched it out, ready to strike out at any moment. He glared at Skye. "You do," he snarled before he raised his hand and slapped it violently across Skye's cheek.
The force shoved Skye's body roughly against the wall and she brought her hand to her cheek.
She whimpered as she felt the heat rush up to her face and the intense sting of the impact. The dark area that they were tucked in swirled and spots dotted her vision. "Bryan." She moaned.

Bryan glanced around the club, checking to make sure no one had seen it, when he spotted two teenage girls staring at him in disgust. "It's just a little game we play, she likes it, trust me." He grinned at them, trying to make the lie more reassuring. The girls rolled their eyes and walked off, whispering to each other.

Trust me, Bryan's favorite words that are always the result of pain. Skye thought hazily, reality slowly settling in. "Bryan, please move." She begged quietly, her voice hardly audible above the music.

Bryan slowly back away from her, giving her room to breathe. "Babe, I didn't' mean anything by that, you know that I love you." He said around a charming smile, trying to convince her. He gently caressed her cheek and rolled his thumb over her lips. "I'm sorry, beautiful."

Skye fought herself about giving up on him. He has hurt her so many times, but it hadn't ever been in public before. Ever since the beginning of their relationship he has hurt her at the times he's angry. He always apologizes and always tries to brush it off with an excuse, but the more he does it the more Skye feels reluctant to believe him. Skye cares about him though, she wants to be able to help him, and to save him from himself; although, with the way things have continued to get worse it's very hard for her to find a way out of it all. She has been living by fear that things wouldn't go well if she broke it off, she believes that he could hurt her worse than all of the past attacks put together, or maybe even bad enough to kill her. She hates living by fear, but when her step-father is also abusive the fear of rage is very overwhelming. "Of course you love me, hence the slap-in-the-face gift." She murmured.

"Oh no, babe, it's not like that. I really do love you, will you forgive me?" His voice was cool, vacant of anger, even though Skye figured he could become angry again in an instant.

"Of course it's not. I forgive you, Bryan." She lied. You lost my forgiveness a long time ago, Bryan. She wanted to say instead. She sighed in defeat and thought about all of the times she had fallen under his strength, this one being just another dark toll on her. She wanted it to stop, all of it. No matter what, though, she would look at him and try her best to actually forgive him, to fall under the spell he had put on her since the very beginning. Bryan's way of handling things was dark and twisted, it taunted her very existence and brought her pain-it would be hard for her to ever forget it.

Bryan smiled in satisfaction; he had gotten her to at least pretend to forgive him and that made him satisfied. "Want to dance with me some more?" He asked her.

Skye nodded but twisted away from him. "Sure, just let me use the restroom first." She told him, her gentle voice slightly above the echoing music.

"Of course, just don't think about me too much." He said slyly.

Skye faked a smile and squeezed passed him, his eyes trailing after her. She placed her cold hand against her cheek, her entire body was growing cold-despite the overwhelming heat and humidity in the building-and the side of her face seared with fiery pain. Her arms were sore from Bryan's vicious shoves and grabs, and her eyes stung with welt up tears. She was fighting tears, fighting the oppressing anger of realization that it had happened again.

Skye ducked into the restroom and saw two giggly girls. The girls snapped out of their giggling the moment they saw Skye, there expressions filled with surprise and confusion. Skye drew back for a moment and dropped her hand. My cheek, my eyes, I must look like a wreck. She thought instinctively. She hadn't even realized that water had made its way out of her eyes and was trickling down her cheeks. Blinking the tears away in embarrassment, she ducked into the closest stall and slammed it shut-sliding the lock in place.

The two girls started giggling again as they left the restroom, their giggles had changed into louder and abrupt laughter before they were all of the way out. Skye leaned up against the stall's door and sighed, tears trickling down her cheeks again. She let the crying come; she was in too much pain to try to banish it. A few minutes of thought would help her get away from it all. Her birthday's had never really turned out the way she planned, the more years that things went wrong the less she cared about them, her birthday is just another day in her mind. For the most part, the day of her birth she doesn't enjoy thinking about, especially because she knew that it had something to do with Leah and Skye's biological-father's separation.

Skye wiped at her eyes after a couple minutes of crying and pulled out a compact from her purse. She examined her face in the mirror where she saw that her eyes were red and the side of her face had swelled up into a bruise. This is just perfect, how am I supposed to explain this to Mom? Skye always had to cover for Bryan and Johnny's anger. The last time she covered for them wasn't too far into the past; it had only been a few weeks earlier. She ended up covering for both Johnny and Bryan after coming home practically unconscious. It was one of those days that had been incredibly unexpected in going where it went. The day started off as any other, she went to Bryan's house after school-something they both did a lot during the school year-but that was when things got a little out of control and Bryan took all of his anger out on her, lashing out on her until she begged for mercy. Before she made it home that same evening, Johnny found her and became infuriated by the evidence that he thought he had left, beating on her already numb body.

Skye tried to stay away from thinking about the past beatings, for she could still feel the pain it had all created. She snapped out of the past and back into reality, ache tainted on the windows of her heart. She covered the bruised side of her face with cover-up so that the skin was refreshed and the bruise hardly noticeable, and sighed heavily as she breathed a deep breath of the clear air, letting the events of the night fall away.

Skye peered out of the stall and let out a quick breath of relief-the restroom was vacant from the looks of it. She dropped her purse on the counter and washed her hands clean of the cover-up. She quickly dried her hands off and leaned her hands and body against the counter, staring at her reflection in the mirror. Her hand slid up to her swollen cheek and a mumbled sob escaped her lips-a sob of regret. She hated that she kept giving into
Bryan even though he didn't truly love her. The regret was overwhelming.

"How could I let him do that to me? I should have just left, I should have just left!" She sobbed as she dropped her head into her hands. "I don't want this anymore," she breathed, her suddenly quiet voice muffled. Skye's knees buckled and she fell to the ground, her vision had blurred and there was a sudden dizziness swirling the entire room. She reached up for the counter and tried to pull herself back up; but it was a loss, her arms were too weak.

On the far side of the restroom the last stall opened and a blonde-haired girl walked out of it. She washed her hands, but when she saw Skye, she gasped and ran over to her. "Skye! Oh my gosh, what happed?" She said hastily, crouching down to her knees and gently pushing Skye's raven hair out of her face.

"Nothing, I'm okay, Rachel." Skye whispered.

"Are you sure? I can get you some help if you need it, where's Bryan?"

"No!" Skye snapped at her, "No. I mean, I don't need him right now." She added hastily.

The girl-Rachel-regarded Skye with slightly surprised eyes. "Okay, Skye, whatever you say." She shook her head and chuckled but there was a sort of nervous tint to it. "Here, let me help you up," she added, gently helping Skye up by her shoulders. Skye used Rachel as support and whimpered when she rubbed her bruises against Rachel's arms. "Hey, what happened to you?" Rachel said when they were both standing.

Skye's vision had gone back to normal and she was regaining her steadiness. "Nothing happened to me, I'm just really tired." She told Rachel around a smile. It was true, Skye was tired, but even so, the rest was far off.

"Well, you should go home and get some sleep than; I would hate to see my best friend having a bummer of a birthday because she's tired. Happy birthday, Skye, it's about time that you are seventeen, geez girl, I felt like I was crazy old." Rachel said, her perky personality slipping out.

"I'm good, Rachel, Bryan's here with me; but thank you, even though you didn't need to mention it." Skye said in response, an actual smile tipping around her lips.

"Yeah, he's out there waiting for you, I'm sorry that I wasn't the one to hangout with you on your 'special' day. We could have had some good fun." She grinned and played with her curly hair; the curl bounced when she pulled it down and let it go. "Bryan's a good guy, I'm glad that it was him who took you out, you definitely needed a break. How are things at home? Things with Johnny," She let the words hang as a question, the name sending chills down Skye's spine.

Skye was forced to lie, forcing the words painfully out of her mouth, "Things are not all that bad, Johnny's been a good help for Mom, and he's a great guy." She swallowed hard on a lump in her throat, the lump from thinking about both Bryan and Johnny again. "Rachel, there's nothing wrong with you having your own plans, though, Bryan has done an excellent job with giving me a good time; besides, I don't really even need a whole lot of celebration and you know that." She suddenly couldn't smile but she also couldn't frown and go back to thinking about both men.

"Good, that's very insightful." Rachel let go of her hair and tapped Skye's shoulder. "Skye, you really need to think about your birthday as something more, but I guess if you want to push it away like it's nothing then go ahead."

"Thank you, Rachel, I didn't know that I needed your permission but it's good to know that I am free." Skye said mockingly.

Rachel laughed abruptly and patted Skye on the back. "You bet, but I should get going, I have someone waiting for me. It was good seeing you, Skye. I will call you soon, okay?" She said kindly, hugging Skye with a gentle force.

"I don't even want to ask who the guy is now, do I?" Skye remarked, hugging Rachel back. Rachel pulled herself away her hands still on Skye's shoulders, and shook her head playfully. "Good-bye, Rachel, be careful."

A smirk crept up Rachel's lips and she leaned in as if telling Skye a secret. "Oh, trust me, I'll be careful." She winked and strutted away from Skye, waving daintily before she left the restroom.

Skye chuckled at how free-spirited Rachel could be; although, she sometimes envied it. Rachel always had been carefree and gentle, a kind and beautiful character. Skye remembered what Rachel had said about Bryan and she sighed heavily, he was waiting for her. She grabbed her purse and started to leave the restroom.

A couple scurried past Skye on the way out, laughing mischievously and holding hands. Skye looked after them before making it clear out of the restroom, and all that she saw was the couple passionately throwing each other against the stall and making-out.

Skye rolled her eyes and walked clear away from the restroom. She glanced around the club and could swear that it had gotten even more crowded, though it didn't seem possible. She looked around for Bryan but when she had no luck, she went over to the bar and sat down, exhaustion weighing her down.

A few stools down, the blonde pretty-boy from earlier on sat, his head bent down as his hands held a glass of soda. The moment Skye laid her eyes on him she lost her breath, she couldn't believe that she was only a few feet away from him, as close as she had wanted before. She was somehow utterly drawn to him; although, she didn't know if it was because of his looks or because of the vibe he set off.

The boy tilted his head up and chuckled. Skye wondered why he was chuckling, the bar was dull, and there weren't any drunken drinkers around to fire things up, so why would he possibly laugh? Suddenly, a thought dawned on her and she examined him closer-he was slightly looking at her.

Skye drew back, shamefully embarrassed, and felt that her cheeks were flushed. She kept her eyes on the counter, trying her best not to look at the boy, and sucked in a sharp breath. The boy enchanted her though, with his fascinating emerald eyes that were shadowed by shaggy golden-hair and his smile that took her breath away. He entirely took on the definition of beautiful.

The boy stood up from the stool he was in and walked behind Skye-which made her uneasy-only for him to end up taking the seat next to her. She didn't dare to look at him, didn't dare to give in to the charming smile and bright eyes. The boy grinned and laughed more audibly when he noticed that she had scooted in the slightest away from him. Skye let herself fall under temptation and she looked at him, his charming grin hitched high and showing his very white teeth. He really is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen before. She thought passably.

He raised an eyebrow and his grin turned into a smirk, almost as if he could read her thoughts. He scooted closer to her until she was practically off of the stool, the only thing that held her up was her own hands that gripped underneath the stool. She stared into those memorizing eyes, her expressions almost resembling a timid animal. The boy did the next best thing to get to her: he dropped his hand to her leg.

Skye flinched back and squeaked, the slightest movement kicking her off of the stool; only, she didn't fall, because strong gentle hands braced her steady, those warm hands belonging to the boy with the emerald eyes.
There was only a thin line that separated them and both could feel each other's breath against their faces. Skye hadn't even realized that her hands had grabbed a hold of the boy's shirt in instinct. After a moment of the two staring into each other's eyes, the boy pulled them both upright, only to have laughed when he got back up. He signaled the bartender for another drink and stared ahead of him.

Skye's heart was pounding, and it wasn't only from almost falling-she knew that it was from the experience of just being so close to someone like him. She wanted to apologize but she felt stupid, she tried to find words to explain, but she honestly didn't understand what had happened herself.

That was when the boy had done something entirely unexpected. He kept his eyes straight ahead, but words came from his mouth, "Do you enjoy falling off of stools or something, or are you just prone to getting boys to catch you?" his deep and harmonious voice asked, a grin dancing around his lips.

Skye had been taken aback by his dreamy voice and the words only caused her to blush a deep red, but she still tried to scramble up something to say. Clearing her throat, she opened her mouth to speak, but they boy turned his gaze upon her and raised an eyebrow, stopping her. He didn't say anything though, and Skye took that as a sign that it was her turn to speak, but suddenly she was mute, afraid to open up. She finally mustered something up, "Actually, I think you're mistaken. I slipped because you were invading my space." She said incredibly clearly despite the nerves that were at high alert.

The boy laughed and shook his head, the hair on his head falling perfectly back in place. "Was I really invading your space? You seemed to like it," he said, his voice seductive and edgy. The smirk grew and he raised his eyebrow more as he leaned slightly closer to her.

She sucked in a breath. Did he really just say that? She thought in disbelief. "Yes, you were. And don't even think for a minute that I liked it." She partially had lied though, she did sort of like it.

"I think that you did, so you don't have to hide it. But, would you like for us to start over anyways?" He said sweetly, the soft and kind tone was such great refreshment to her over the harsh and angry tone she would get from
Bryan and Johnny so regularly. Skye nodded her head in response, she didn't care to speak out loud. "The name's Jules," he extended his hand and Skye hesitantly shook it, feeling the heat spark throughout her entire body.

"Skye," she replied, "interesting meeting you."

"I think that is has been very nice meeting you. And, for the record, you have a very pretty name, just like everything else about you." He winked and grinned, almost as if to himself.

Skye was taken aback again; she couldn't believe what she had heard. She didn't know what to say other than, "Um-thank you." She choked on the words, utterly confused. He was flirting with her-actually flirting with her-Skye Taylor, the quiet and frequently unnoticed girl. The only thing that she could figure was that he was either, one: very playful and flirtatious with every girl, or two: he was completely messing with her head. He hadn't only given her a second glance, but he somehow made the move to talk to her.

"You're quirky, you know that? But it's in the best way possible; I just can't seem to figure you out." He was full of surprises. "Want me to let you in on a little secret, though?" He said as he leaned in closer to her.

"Sure, since you so gracefully pointed out that I'm quirky." She scoffed.

The boy-Jules-laughed and pointed his finger casually at her. "Don't let a guy distract you, ever, okay?"

"Okay, whatever you say, hotshot." She mumbled, laughing at his blatant attempts at getting her to blush. So far he was winning; he had already made her become as red as she had been when Bryan had lashed out at her.

"Ah, I think you've got the right idea, but let me tell you something. 'Hot' doesn't even come close to describing you," he let the words hang in the air to get a reaction out of her.

She raised her eyebrow and let out a quiet huff.

"You're far beyond that," was all that he said before he got up, dropped the money on the counter, and started walking away.
If Skye hadn't contained herself she would have let her jaw drop to the floor, she couldn't come to terms with what he had told her. Flirting no longer covered what he had done. She wanted to call out to him but she had no idea what to say or do.

Jules turned around and looked at her, "I'll see you around, stool girl." He called out to her, the words trailing out in a seductive way that left Skye practically drooling over him. The grin he had given her before he had left and gotten lost in the crowd took her out of concentration. She hardly even noticed that he had said her name when he left, the name that sounded as if it was destined to pass through his lips. She was in awe, entirely shocked and overwhelmed with a warm feeling of delight. She had been left completely mesmerized.

All of the delight and warmth vanished in the blink of an eye, though, when she felt strong and rough hands grip her shoulders, pinching the skin and bone. She let out a cry and pain overtook the warmth that had been there moments before, and the wave of oppressing fear poured into her body again. She knew those hands; she knew who was behind her. Bryan.

Warm breath brushed down through her hair and sent shivers racing down her spine. "I think that we need to talk, beautiful." Bryan's whispered warningly, the tone dark and sickening.

Skye could hardly breathe, everything flashed before her eyes as she thought about what Bryan would do. There was no telling what he would do, but considering the dangerous anger implied in his voice, it wasn't going to end well for her.

I've really done it this time.


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