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Introduction to No Soul Love

Novel By: Stevenokathy45
Young adult

My scary introduction to the book I'm writing.
It's about an Angel that fell along with Lucifer and many others at the beginning of time. But, when the time came for him to go all the way down to Hell, he rejected the idea and begged to stay on Earth. God and Lucifer came to a conclusion that he could if he followed the guidelines. He must keep everything he is a secret. Check. He can't tip the balance unless he is willing to tip it back. Check. And, to gain his soul, something he has to have to survive on Earth, he must not fall in love within his first lifetime. Not check. Now that he's lost his soul, it has to go somewhere. And Lucifer knows where. Now, that the girl he loves has two souls she has to burn them off. The problem is, is that his soul was ment to live on forever, so she is now doomed to reincarnate each time she dies. Every several lifetimes, Noanimo is forced out of his burning cage in Hell, and straight into the arms of Angela. She knows he's her end. He knows she's his beginning. The only problem is Hell is know chasing both of them, since it's figured out that the loophole has been created and acted upon. Angela not only knows the future, as usual, but now remembers her past. Remembers him. View table of contents...



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It was so beautiful......so mesmerizing. My face was glued to the window while I saw miniature white designs, white as royal lace, as breakable as a web, and as beautiful as a diamond. I stared at it with my hand under my chin until my lids couldn't hold themselves up.

Then, I had a dream, I was in a white graveyard. The headstones were white, the ground was white, and the long corset dress i seemed to be wearing was a perfect white. I was running through it, I was calling a name. The name flew off my lips like it belonged there, I could feel my voice and my heart, I was saying the name. I was screaming it, softly saying it, begging it as if it were a prayer.

do you remember how people would over exaggerate and say that it felt that nobody could hear them when they screamed right in their faces? Well, i literally couldn't hear even my own voice. My heart pounded, echoing throughout my entire body until it consumed it. My veins pounded, my boned quivered, and my skin shook with the strength of that single heart. In the dream I remembered a saying...no it was a song. Just as I reached a certain bench....it had to be that bench, I felt it.......I collapsed onto it, and I heard his voice. I couldn't tell you what he sounded like even if I wanted to. It was more like I felt his voice. The second his first words came, I immediately calmed down. All my shivering and pounding, my quivering and shouting; it was all gone, I was suddenly so calm.... In my I thoughts: Maybe I should just close my eyes.... Just for a second.... I am so cold. I wasn't till then that I noticed that I was freezing.


When I see you

It erases all of my fears

Soon we will be together

Please let me dry all of you tears

Let me see into your beautiful eyes

I'll die beforeI have to say goodbye

Time will never erase

All of what we have

I will search this world for a sign of you face

I'll do anything to see that your saved

They think that lonely is peace

But they can never make our love cease

Soon I will be in your arms

And forever you will be warm

Oh don't cry my sweet angel

Oh stop crying, please for me

Please hear my voice hang on for our love

Oh please don't die, my dove

Time will never erase

The first time I saw the soul behind that beautiful face

Death has never separated

The music we have created

Oh my dove

Do you hear the sweet tunes of our love

Oh dearest you cannot leave me

Because I can't live without you

Oh sweetheart this love is all I'll ever want to be

Because I don't know what I'd do

Look at my softening eye

Now live don't you die

You are my everything

Without you I'm nothing

Darling I'm mesmerized

By how you have yourself disguised

Turn off the mean

Show me the woman you've let me seen

The only thing that makes me be

Is the fact that you love me

My head jerked up in surprise. Mostly because, in the middle of my science class, stood the face I had just dreamt about. The jet black, crumbled hair that fell into those emerald eyes just like I was. He was tall,a good 6 foot. His shoulders were spaced a ways apart, accentuating his skinny, lean waist. He wasn't perfect though, for he had knobby elbows and knees. He was wearing a Train t-shirt and jeans. With a belt. That's definitely new.

Then my blah of a teacher, Mrs. Cardom, said "Students this is Noanimo, he is a foreign exchange student from Italy, so please be nice in introducing him to our school." She said it warily, pushing her wide glasses up the bridge of her nose and fixed he permed bangs. It was that moment the moment he looked at me. It was the same moment that look of surprise and bliss entered his formerly unreadable face. And at that moment, when those green eyes met my boring blue ones, everything went black. I have I secret. I secret that would make you scream.

I can see the future. A future. Of me and the boy whose name means No Soul in the language of the Angels. One of pain and sadness. One of lose and failure. One of the ends of the many paths that I somehow always end up on. And him. He put me in a straight shot of it all. But I was born of an Angel and a human. My soul is now matched by my blood. So, now I remember. He was my beginning. But no matter what he will be my end. When my vision had finally cleared, I found that I remembered little of my vision. I just remembered elegant letters scrawling across my vision. I wasn't in my seat, I was in fact on the floor. Most people left me there and didn't even looking worried. That's because I was diagnosed with epilepsy though I assure you that that is definitely not what I am.

I am merely a psyche, at lest that is what I call myself since I have never met anyone like me. The only person that did seemed worried, was Animo. He looked down at me, his knees brushing my elbow on the floor. I sensed a danger so I said "Get away from me!" But it really wasn't that kind of danger. It was a kind of danger that made me want to say " Kiss me." Which is impossible, because the last and first boy I kissed went up in flames. We were swimming in his pool.



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