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Carrie longs to be loved by her parents, but the love her father shows her is against the law. And the one guy she thought that loved her turns out to be a jerk. Will things get better? Are will everyone in her life have to pay for the pain they have caused her? And will she make her own self pay for the things that have taken place in her life? View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Carrie Earnest wanted for once to be wakened by her alarm clock. But again like every morning she was wakened by the yelling of her parents. Her theory was they did this deliberately because neither one had wanted her in the first place. She couldn't explain why they kept her, or maybe deep down she knew but didn't want to face it. She felt she had enough pain to deal with without dwelling own things she couldn't fix.

The phone rung. Carrie hurried to answer it, hoping it was Connor her boyfriend. "Hello," she said. A slight smile came to her lips. Smiling was something that didn't come easily for her since she was so monopolized. She had always been a loner and kept to herself, accept when she was with Connor her one true love. Yet lately he had been so distant. She knew why too. He had been nagging for awhile to have sex with him, but she didn't want to. She took a deep breath, hoping she could by chance hang own to him.

"How about me and you skip school today and go hang at the mall?" Connor asked.

Carrie let out a squeal with delight. Anything beat going to school and being made fun of. Which occurred everyday of her adolescent life.

"I take that to be a yes," Connor said.

"Yeah." She put her hand over her left ear. Her parents yelling seemed to be louder, and their harsh remarks echoing through the walls. "I'll meet you at the end of the driveway," she told him.

Carrie ran a comb throught her hair and dressed in her khaki pants and black sweat shirt. She never been one to care about appearance. Nobody in her family thought she was pretty, not even her own mother, Brittany Earnest. The only one that paid her any attention was her father, Tanner Earnest, and he only did it in one way. But Carrie didn't even want her father's attention or his affection. She just wanted him not to even care about her at all if he couldn't do it like a father was suppose too. Every night she laid in her bed waiting for him. She felt like he was an animal, and she was his prey.

It started as a growling sound in the pit of her stomach. Suddenly the dry heaves came out of no where. She ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. She wiped her face, she stared at herself in the mirror. What she saw frightened her. She didn't even no who she was anymore, actually she wondered if she had ever known who she was. That scared her even more.

Carrie ran down the steps two at a time. She had hoped she could ease out without being noticed, but she failed. Her dad came toward her,his arms out stretched. She grimaced as he embraced her.

"Leaving without telling your dad bye?" He asked.

That had been the plan she thought to herself.

"Take it back up stairs," Brittany snarled at her husband.

Tanner turned toward his wife. Why?" He asked. "You want give me any."

Brittany looked at her daughter in disgust. Her mom knew what her father did to her every night. But she never tried to do anything about it because she thought that Carried asked for it.

Tears streamed down Carrie's face as another fight escalated. She hurried out the door and ran down the gravel driveway, hoping that Connor was waiting so she could escape the nightmare for just alittle while. But she knew even awhile was not long enough.

When she reached the end of the driveway she was out of breath. She watched as Connor got out of his beat up truck. His sandy brown hair blew in the wind as he walked her way. Connor was very muscular, which made him a great athlete. She loved the dimples on his cheeks when he smiled at her. He grabbed her in a tight embrace, and kissed her hard on the lips. He pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Carrie pushed him away. "Stop it!" She yelled. She ran ahead and jumped into the truck.

Connor got in and slammed his door to. She could tell that he was angry with her. He cranked up and began to drive away. Carrie hung her head out the window to glup in some fresh air, but all she got was a nostril full of fumes. She stuck her head back in gasping. Connor snickered and drove faster.

"I wished you would get some decent transportation," Carrie said. She popped a breath mint into her mouth.

"And get rid of this priceless possession?" The brakes screeched as he came to a stop.

Carrie started to open her door to get out. Connor had other plans. He reached over her and pulled the door back to. He kissed her once again on the lips, and then trailed down to her neck. She pushed him away once again and jumped out of the truck, and headed toward the mall. Apprehension swept over her as he came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist.

"What's your problem?" He asked.

"Nothing. I just don't want to." Carrie thought for a moment to just tell him how her father comes to her everynight, sometimes in the day and rapes her over and over. She caught her breath and choked back sobs that threatened to come. She couldn't tell him, he would blame her too, and she couldn't handle that. "Let's just go inside," she said as she gave him a small peck on the cheek hoping that would satisfy him, but it only seemed to irritate him.

He kicked a rock across the parking lot. "I should have just gone to school," Connor told her.

She turned to face Connor and saw a few of his friends had come up behind him. "Just go then,"Carrie told him.

"Yeah man, come hang with us?" T.J. Burton said. He was the biggest bully in school.

Cherry Cassidy, T.J.'S girl friend walked up to Carrie. She ran her fingers through her long curly black hair. "What kind of pants are these?" She asked. She sniffed the air. "Carrie didn't take a bath last night," she added.

All the others sniffed the air and held their noses. Thomas Huber farted again. Everyone laughed. He walked up to Carrie and pulled her into his arms. He puckered his lips and came down toward her's. She opened her mouth and bit down own his lower lip. "Ouch!" He yelled. He grabbed Carrie and shoved her down.

"Let me see," Emma Sky said, pulling a tissue from her purse. "Weird dough," she added.

"You alright man?" Connor asked.

Carrie couldn't believe her ears. She cleared her throat. Connor turned and looked toward her. He didn't help her up, nor did he ask if she was okay. "Can't you take a joke?" Then he turned back to his friends. "Sorry about this," he said.

Cherry twisted her leptosome body around to face Carrie. "What do you see in her? She's so drab."

"Yeah, and see stinks too," Emma said.

The others laughed. Includding Connor. Carried headed toward the bus stop. "Hey!" Connor yelled."Where you going?"

Tears slid down Carrie's face as she sat down on the bench. Connor sat down beside her."Just go hang with your friends."

"Babe don't be like this,"Connor said. He placed his hand between her legs.

A cold sweat broke out on Carrie's face. He had never seen this before, but she almost had an evil look on her face, it was in her eyes. She took her hand and placed it between his legs. She took hold of his penis and wretched it hard.

"Stop it!"Connor yelled as he slapped her hard across the face. The whole time his voice was in a high pitch tone.

The bus pulled up and Carrie ran into the opened doors and took a seat in the far back. She was still holding her cheek, shocked that he had hit her. She glared out the window as Connor and the other speeded by the bus, his truck leaving a cloud of smoke in the air. Carrie hung her head and cried. She prayed a silent prayer that nobody would ask her what was wrong. But when she looked up she saw a nice looking boy coming her way.

"Hi there," he said. "I'm Corey,"he added.

Carrie looked out the window at the passing cars. The young guy sat down next to her and place his hand on hers. She began to shake violently. Some one yelled, "She's having a seizure!"

She stood and pushed her way by Corey. She headed to the front of the bus. Her legs gave away halfway and she fell to the floor. Carrie tried to pull herself up, but failed. An old man with a weak voice asked, "little lady you okay?" His larynx bobbed up and down when he talked. His hands shooked as he reached out to help her up. Corey had come up behind the old man.

The bus came to a stop. She was on the verge of passing out. She crawled to the door. "Let me out," she moaned. "Open the doors!" She screamed. The bus driver opened the doors and Carrie crawled out. She looked up and saw Corey standing next to her as the bus drove away.

"Hey, you okay?" He asked as he knelt beside her.

"I'm fine," Carrie said as she came to a sitting position.

"Let me help you up."

Carrie scooted away from him.She tried to stand, but couldn't. "I'm fine."

"Okay Ms. Fine," Corey said. "But if your fine how come you can't stand?"

She couldn't hold it in any longer, she blurred everything out. "Because I'm raped everynight by my father. My mom blames me. And my boyfriend who I thought loved me---------------." She couldn't finish, she just started crying all over again.

Corey rubbed his chin with his hand. He once again tried to pull her close, again she scooted away. She tried to stand again and this time was able to. Corey stared at her with qestioning eyes. "Let's talk." He stepped back, giving her alittle space. "I didn't catch your name?"

Carrie walked away from him, her legs feeling like jello. "Leave me alone." She choked back a sob. "Trust me I'm no good." Then she headed for home, leaving Corey standing there all alone.

The sunhad gone in and a little drizzle began to fall. She wished she could just evaporate, just turn to a vapor and vanish. The darkness that filled her soul grew worse everyday. She didn't no how much more she could take. She heard a familiar sound. She turned to look down the street, waiting for the noise to get closer. Sure enough Connor's old pick up rounded the curve on two wheels. He came to a stop right in front of Carrie.

"Hey babe, need a ride?" He asked as he took a long drag off his cigarette. He blew the smoke into Carrie's face, causing her to cough. The others popped up from the back laughing.

"Leave me alone!" She yelled as she picked up a large stone, it took all her strength to raise it up. "I'll throw it!" She yelled. "I'll break your windsheild if you don't leave me alone!" Her voice quivered as she talked.

T.J. jumped down from the back. "Try," He ordered.

Carrie took a deep breath as she threw the stone. Glass flew everywhere as the stone hit. She took off running through the woods, praying they wouldn't follow.

"We're through!" Connor yelled.

Once again the tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She stooped down behind a tree to catch her breath. When she finally got home it was dark out. Her mom and dad was at the back door when she came in. They both stopped and looked at her, then started back fighting. Carrie looked at the suitcases sitting by the door.

"We're getting a divorce,"Her mother said. "Stay or go, I don't care what you do, either way your on your own."

Carrie's father came closer to her. "Come live with your old man?"

"No!" Carrie yelled. "I'll stay here."

Her father walked up to her and mubbled in her ear,"I'll be by everyday for you know what."Then he left.

Her mother looked at her, slapped her just because she could and then walked away.

Carrie walked out to the deepest part of the pool. She jumped in and sunk to the bottom. She wondered if she had the guts ro end it. She watched as bubbles rose to the surface. She saw nobody coming for her rescue, and time was running out.



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